Double Standards or Confusion? Is Nacee Now A Gospel Artiste Again?


Not too long after the release of his hit song ‘Boys Boys’ featuring Guru, musician and engineer Nana Sei, popular called Nacee, came under heavy criticism about his stand in the industry…

People who affectionately knew him only as a Gospel Artiste begun asking questions and thought he had over the years been categorised as a Gospel Artiste by all, his handlers were quick to respond that their artiste is NOT a Gospel Artiste.

Publicist, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, is recalled saying that his artiste is a ‘musician’ and NOT a Gospel musician on the #CeRshow on Sunny 88.7 FM in May last year

His comment was to shed more light on the ongoing debate at the time about whether Nacee was a Gospel artiste or not.

According to Arnold, “Nacee is a creative musician and NOT a gospel musician, adding that some people perceive him as a high life singer whilst others consider him a Gospel Singer.”

Now Nacee himself in an earlier interview on Kasapa 102.3 FM’s Entertainment show said “I am a musician and every good musician writes from his heart, soul and spirit about what you feel and things surrounding you. I have gone through a lot in life so when I write my songs it is not about one particular genre or gospel, secular or whatever….” when he launched his single ‘Me Ne Wo aaa’ (You and I).

Later also in a discussion on Gospel360 on AccraFM, Nacee again made it explicit that “he is NOT a Gospel artiste”.

Few months down the line and we’re in the VGMA season and boom what do we see? Nacee is nominated in ‘Gospel Artiste of the year’ as well as ‘Gospel song of the year’. He is also nominated for ‘Hip-life Song of the year’.

Firstly, how is that possible? How is Nacee nominated for ‘Gospel artiste of the year’ when he has on countless occasions said he is NOT one.

Who nominated him for Gospel Artiste category and why?

Or is it a case where VGMA themselves nominated him for Gospel Artiste category, which i highly doubt. However, if that is even the case, why has Nacee not called for a revision in that Category so his name is taken out, since he has categorically said he is not a Gospel Artiste? Does’nt accepting to be nominated as a ‘Gospel Artiste of the year’ negate your claim of NOT being a Gospel Artiste?

From my little research, I’m told that when submitting one’s nomination form, you decide which category you wish to ‘compete’ in.

So my second question is “Why will Nacee and team submit him for the ‘Gospel artiste of the year’ category when he has CLEARLY stated on countless occasions that he’s NOT a Gospel Artiste?

Does VGMA simply permit anyone to be nominated in any category of their choice? Based on their music…?

So E.L can go for Gospel artiste of the year category next year because he has released a “Gospel song” (Ayeyi) this year? Really?

…Or Ebony and team could have gone for Gospel Artiste of the year too… since she seems to even have a much popular ‘Gospel song’ than Nacee’s?

Obviously there’s this side to the debate, that asks, so how do you determine who a Gospel artiste is… and that, it is the song that determines where one can be nominated. That in the year under review, if i release a number of songs with different genre’s; hiplife, gospel, etc, then i can submit to be nominated in whichever category i wish for…

Is that the case? I believe not and this is why…., Let’s take a keen look at VGMA’s definition for just Gospel Artiste(s) of the Year (since that’s what is under discussion now)

It says The Gospel Artiste(s) of the Year is the Artiste adjudged by the Academy, Board and the General Public as the Artiste(s) with the highest audience appeal and popularity in the Gospel genre. The Artiste(s) must have released a hit single/album during the year under review.

This clearly shows that the “Person” comes first, then the song… thus, if it was a maths equation, the “Person” recognized by Academy, Board and the General Public as with the highest audience appeal and popularity in the “Gospel Genre” is taken into consideration first, or in this case Solved First.., before we move on to solve the equation of whether his content (song) is eligible or not.

So in this case, why and how was Nacee considered to be a Gospel Artiste in the first place? What is a “NOT Gospel Artiste” person doing in a category for Gospel Artistes?

All these leads me to just one question…. is Nacee too scared of the ‘Heat’ in the Hip-life category such that he still wants to compete on seemingly “softer” grounds?

Or is my big brother accepting his fate now as a “Gospel Artiste”?



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