Selecting the right shoes for your outfit


Selecting a shoe for an outfit is very important in putting an outfit together. Your pick can make your look tacky if not selected right.
Here are a few tips to help you with your selection

1.Stay away from gold, silver or sequined shoes when you are going for a day look. They are only suitable for night looks. When the sun reflects on them it actually hurts the eye. I may be exaggerating but its the hard truth!

2.Another tip is to match detailed or embellished outfits with shoes that have little or no detail. You do not want your shoes to compete with your outfit and you don’t want to give people too much to look and hence you loose the beauty of your outfit.

3.Whenever you wear a plain outfit, nude, black or white wear brighter shoes to give your outfit a pop of color or wear patterned, funky or detailed shoes to create a trendy and stylish look.

4.Avoid strict color matching. Especially head to toe matching of colors. Like a red blouse, red skirt and red shoes coupled with a red bag. You do not want to be associated with “Madam High Heel”. But if you really want to, remember the fashion police cant actually catch you with anything. Its just too much for the eyes to comprehend.

5.Avoid wearing boots here in Ghana. It does not seem to fit in the wardrobe options for the kind of weather we are exposed to. Not even in the raining season! Its still a big NO!

6.Whenever you wear stiletto or extremely high heels, pair them with clothing that already elongate your legs. Like pencil skirt, slim pants, midi skirts/ dresses, black pants etc. Stilletto heels creates the illusion of further length making your legs look more slender and attractive.

7.Avoid heels with T-straps or Ankle straps if you have short legs. Straps have a way of cutting the leg, making it appear shorter than usual. Lesson: All short people should stay away from strappy heels.

Wearing high heels without pain!
The men would like to take some notes for their wives, sisters,mums and girl friends.
Every shoe loving woman at one point or the other asks this million dollar question. How in the world do i wear high heels without the pain? Is it even possible?
Well yeah!

Make sure you are wearing the right size shoe.
Our feet size changes over the years especially when we gain weight or after having kids.
Have your feet measured for length and width to help get the right size so your shoes can be comfortable.

The thicker the heel, the better and the thinner the heel, the graver!.  Choose what works for you.

Take short steps, lean back and take breaks, this totally helps.

Whenever a gentleman opts to help you up or down, dont hesitate to give him your hand.

Never walk fast in high heels. It makes you look like you are in too much of a haste, but heels are supposed to make you look classy and graceful.

Wear not so comfortable or “painful heels” when going over your daily activities at home. Its hard and it makes you feel funny and silly at the same time but you become a master in those shoes in  a day or 2 of trying.
Try these tips and thank me later.
Catch you on my next post.

BY: Belinda Asiamah-Host of Stitch and Style on Christian Entertainment Review Show on GN TV

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