This are the great benefits of owning new pair’s of sandals.

Do you have a problem with sweaty feet?
If so, its probably because your feet can’t get reach enough air while they are inside your shoes.
That is not an issue when you have a pair of sandals.
When you wear sandals, your feet. Will be able to breathe and feel some fresh air as you walk around town.

In the same vein as the point above,sandals provide comfort and support all day long your toes won’t be cramped up inside a stuffy pair of dress sandals.
Make this season of comfort by stopping @asantewaa classic wear’s today and select your type of sandals for your feet.

Women shoes can be a hassle to put on sometimes when you are in a rush,you probably don’t have to take a seats and carefully put your shoes on one at a time.
That is not an issue when you wear sandals.
Just step out the door.
Once you get back home for the day,simply ship your sandals right off,kick back and relax.

Speaking of looking stylish,there is no better way to do so that by wearing sandals.
Don’t sacrifice comfort for style
Buy a pair of sandals today and make a fashion statement among friends.


Weather you are buying sandals to let your toes breathe, to look your best etc.
Be sure to browse our page wide selection of sandals in Accra @asantewaa classic wear’s

We carry vast selections of women sandals
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