STITCH & STYLE: What to pack for a weekend getaway


Well it’s summer and the time of the year where most people go on a short vacation or weekend trips to cool off, relax and restructure how they want the rest of the year to look like.

Today I’m bringing you the most ideal packing list you can  ever wish for, to have a fulfilling, engaging and a phenomenal getaway with the boys, the girls, the family or the spouse.

1. 2 pairs of pants. One for the day of the trip and an extra one for any other activity. Pants are always the go to item for a short trip to help keep a light bag and to serve as great options when you arenot able to pack enough clothes

2.A pair of jeans shorts. It’s summer and you have to let loose. To the ladies, It doesn’t have to be booty shorts but a versatile one with a good length mainly something a little above your knee or halfway or better still on your thigh.

3. As many as 4 to 6 blouses are ideal. One thing I always advice is to overpack the right things (like tops) so you don’t run out of clothes when something comes up. And once you have 2 pairs of pants, you are always covered when it comes to buttoms.

4. A maxi dress. Who goes on a weekend getaway without a maxi dress??!! This is a must have item on the list. For the beach, early morning breakfast or just to simply wear it and live in the freedom it brings knowing that you are on vacation!

5. A simple evening dress for dinner for the ladies and a nice rolled up sleeve shirt and pants for the guys. What’s a getaway without a good dinner time. Go prepared.

6. A pair of heels for “just in case” scenarios. You just never know.

7.A pair of sneakers for hiking, the safari or forest tour or just to add an umph to your outfit. A pair each of slippers and sandals to complete your other looks.

8.A swimsuit for the ladies and shorts for the guys. Getaways always come with swimming. PS. Even if you can’t swim, stand in the water for selfies or lay on the bed for photos. It helps with relaxing and.creating memories.

9. A beach hat, a cowboy hat, caps, sunglasses, sweaters, shawls and scarfs are great items to travel with. These items come in extremely handy and you wouldn’t want to forget them when packing for a trip.

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