We now beg for money to bury gospel musicians – Anita Afriyie

Anita Afriyie

Gospel singer Anita Afriyie has stated that the current crop of gospel musicians are struggling to get the required financial benefits associated with their craft because their predecessors failed to lay a proper foundation because they allowed pastors and other event organizers to use them freely.

According to her, because they failed to make the needed money out of their God-given talent while they were very active in the industry when they finally die and money is needed for their burial, their families and some industry players usually have to beg, something she describes as sad and unfortunate.

The ‘Adehye Mogya’ hitmaker also added in interview monitored by that a section of them in the industry who have their eyes opened, lightened on these issues and realized money is good are being targeted by pastors and tagged as people who are working against the good of ministry of God.

She ended by stating emphatically that she will never give up the good fight which she has started to make sure they (gospel musicians) get their due just like the secular musicians because they also have families and people who depend on them.



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