In an era where female Gospel artists have been criticized for the way they dress, with their critics claiming it is ungodly, but it seems some of them have had enough of the name-calling.

One such personality is Rita Nkansah popularly known as Ritaqueen who in an interview with The New Publisher, asked all critics to keep quiet because the God they served liked beautiful things.

“Honestly, I think it is time people understood the work of God and how things were done. Who says God does not like beautiful things and which other way can you tell people of his best if you do not look good yourself? God is good, He likes things that are appealing so there is nothing wrong with us looking good and dressing well,” she said.

For Ritaqueen, looking good is a way to convince people about God’s blessings and goodness. “When you are going to evangelize, you need to look good and give the person you are talking to a reason to believe that where you are is a better place.

”For me, I believe in looking good all the time, but also modest. So you can look good and not overdo it. If you go wearing tattered clothes with your face and hair looking messy, how will they believe you? How will you even convince them?” she stated.

She added that Gospel Musicians like Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Hanna Marfo, Cecelia Marfo among many decent dressed artists are people she looks up to whenever she gets to the wardrobe to put on some clothes.

Of course, everyone has his or her own style, but as the saying goes practice what you preach since the gospel explains itself as the teaching of Christ so as our gospel musicians are teachers of the gospel and their looks and dressing must depict their title as a gospel musician.

She concluded by also adding, ”I think we must always consider the type of dress we wear, and we must also be mindful of the kind of content our music preaches because many look up to us.”

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