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Jesus is Still in the Healing Business’: GA Man Says God Healed Him of COVID-19 by Breathing into His Lungs

GA Man Says God Healed Him of COVID-19 by Breathing into His Lungs- Christian Gospel Hype

Clay Bentley, of Rome, Georgia, tested positive for the coronavirus on March 6.

“So the doctors checked me and they said, ‘Wait a minute. We came in yesterday. You were in worse shape than you’ve been in since you’ve been in the hospital. And we come in here this morning and we don’t have hardly any fluid in your lungs at all,'” Bentley noted.

Two days later, he was released and sent home.
And that’s not all. Bentley suffered from rheumatoid arthritis before contracting the COVID-19 virus, and now he says that’s gone too.

“I mean it’s like he healed me of everything within me,” he said. “Jesus is still in the healing business. His word in your mouth will move mountains.”

Suzy Bentley’s mother passed away several years ago on March 17.  She says the enemy tried to tell her that she would lose her husband on that same date.  However, on that date, Bentley came home from the hospital.


Source: ChristianGospelhype

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