Gospel singer, songwriter, and worship leader, Joe Mettle, has advised that it is okay for one to compete with others in the industry in which they find themselves but it is never okay to compete with other people’s image.

Speaking on the Springboard Hangout Show aired on eTV Ghana, he shared with the presenter, Mrs. Comfort Ocran that one can only be recognized for what they do if they stay true to their own image and not try to walk in other people’s images; because one can never do better as another person, but only as themselves.

“When others are doing something that makes you feel competitive, it should rather push you to be the best version of yourself because there’s a reason why they are being patronized over you. It’s because they’re the best at what they do so you can compete in the industry but don’t compete in the image. Allow your image to be original and be the best at what you do”, Joe Mettle advised.

The gospel minister noted that there will always be competition, however, it is important to allow that competition to “push you to be better”.

He made an instance with how Ghanaians were pushing him to put out more projects as soon as possible after he won the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. According to him, although that was a competition to him, he did not allow himself to be pressured by the competition but rather he went at his own pace and worked to put out his album ‘Bo nor ni’ and thankfully, that also gained the recognition it needed.

On that note, he urged people to be careful only to entertain healthy competition. The competition drives them to focus on themselves and bring out better versions of themselves, not competition that causes them to focus on the competitor.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye.

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