Counsellor, Consultant and Inspirational speaker, Amos Kevin-Annan, has asserted that love is best appreciated by the people who seem or happen to deserve it the least.

Speaking on the Springboard Hangout Show which is hosted by Comfort Ocran on eTV Ghana, he reported that often times in our mind, when we relate to people, we may feel that they are undeserving of our love and therefore, we deny them that.

He advised against this and said, “We must come to a point of appreciating the fact that loving one another is actually a human trait because to that extent, you’re going to dignify them in how you speak to them, how you conduct yourself around them and how you validate or invalidate them”.

According to the counsellor, if we invalidate another person, we end up dehumanizing them but when we validate them, then we elevate them to the status in which we find ourselves. By so doing, “the maxim of love your neighbor as yourself begins to find expression in what you’re doing”.

Pastor Kevin-Annan emphasized on the importance of seeing people as our equals and loving them as we love themselves because on his accord, we only get treated how we treat people and if we love others, then we will not treat them as we do not want to be treated.

He concluded that simply seeing others as our equal makes us heed two strong advises from the Bible that say “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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