Kobby Salm bags 10 nominations at 2021 Ghana Urban Gospel Music Awards


The nominee’s for the 3rd edition of Ghana Urban Gospel Music Awards were released on Wednesday, 8th September, 2021.

Urban Gospel Artiste, KobbySalm received nominations in 10 categories in the 3rd edition of the Ghana Urban Gospel Music Awards.

He earned these covetable slots with his hit songs like Jejeli, Obiara Nse Wo & Gye Yen So including his debut album “IN THE MIDST OF COMFORT” which has all these singles on.

Kobby Salm Bagged Nominations for the Event Act Of The Year, Rap Artiste Of The Year, Most Popular Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Music Video Of The Year, Afro Pop Song Of The Year, Songwriter Of The Year, Collaboration Of The Year, Record Of The Year including the biggest which is Over All Artiste Of The Year.

The latter part of 2020 and 2021 has indeed been good to fast rising Urban Gospel Artiste Kobby Salm. From his album concert, the release of his hit single “ASEDA” fast forward to his nominations at The VGMA, 3music Awards & NGMA respectively.

Following his exploits and work input over the years without doubts, he is the hottest when it comes to the new phase of gospel music now.

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Love is best appreciated by the undeserving – Ps. Amos Kevin-Annan


Counsellor, Consultant and Inspirational speaker, Amos Kevin-Annan, has asserted that love is best appreciated by the people who seem or happen to deserve it the least.

Speaking on the Springboard Hangout Show which is hosted by Comfort Ocran on eTV Ghana, he reported that often times in our mind, when we relate to people, we may feel that they are undeserving of our love and therefore, we deny them that.

He advised against this and said, “We must come to a point of appreciating the fact that loving one another is actually a human trait because to that extent, you’re going to dignify them in how you speak to them, how you conduct yourself around them and how you validate or invalidate them”.

According to the counsellor, if we invalidate another person, we end up dehumanizing them but when we validate them, then we elevate them to the status in which we find ourselves. By so doing, “the maxim of love your neighbor as yourself begins to find expression in what you’re doing”.

Pastor Kevin-Annan emphasized on the importance of seeing people as our equals and loving them as we love themselves because on his accord, we only get treated how we treat people and if we love others, then we will not treat them as we do not want to be treated.

He concluded that simply seeing others as our equal makes us heed two strong advises from the Bible that say “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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Prophet TB Joshua The Prominent Nigerian Televangelist Dies At 57


Temitope Balogun Joshua, a famous Nigerian preacher, televangelist, and founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has died at the age of 57

The Church confirmed the news of his passing in a statement on Sunday morning, six days to the birthday of the pastor born in 1963.

According to the SCOAN, “On Saturday 5th June 2021, Prophet TB Joshua spoke during the Emmanuel TV Partners Meeting: “Time for everything – time to come here for prayer and time to return home after the service.”

It regrettably announced that “God has taken His servant Prophet TB Joshua home – as it should be by divine will. His last moments on earth were spent in the service of God. This is what he was born for, lived for, and died for.

It added, “As Prophet TB Joshua says, “The greatest way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive it””.

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Diana Hopeson To Host Dr. Sonnie Badu, Diana Hamilton & Joe Mettle On The May Edition Of DH Golden Music Seminar Slated For 31st May


Veteran gospel musician and CEO of GHMusic Publishing and Management, Diana Hopeson is set to host the May edition of her monthly ‘DH Golden Music Seminar’.

Aimed at equipping persons in the gospel music space with the requisite knowledge on the topic “Maintaining your anointing as a front liner in Christ” the seminar scheduled for Monday, May 31st, 2021.

Joining Mrs Diana Hopeson for a round table chat on the said topic is reigning VGMA gospel artist of the year Diana Antwi Hamilton, 2017 VGMA artist of the year Joe Mettle and 2014 VGMA gospel artist of the year Dr. Sonnie Badu.

Find zoom registration link below;
You are invited to a Zoom meeting. When: May 31, 2021 12:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

By: Gospelhubgh

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Diana Hamilton, Kofi Kinaata named 2021 brand ambassadors for Enterprise Life Ghana


Ghanaian gospel musician Diana Hamilton and Fantse Rap God, Kofi Kinaata have been appointed as the brand ambassadors for insurance company Enterprise Life Ghana.

This comes a day after Diana posted an artwork of herself and Kofi Kinaata with the caption: “Okay! We’ve got life!! Watch this space and let’s go!!! #WeveGotLife #KofiKinaata.”

Most people who took to social media to comment on the artwork could not hide their excitement as they thought it was an upcoming song between the two talents.

Speaking at the unveiling which took place at Advantage Palace on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, Diana expressed her gratitude to the company for reposing trust in her brand.

“I’m super excited about this and I am believing that the joining of these three brands is going to be fireworks. I’m grateful to God and thank you so much,” she said.

On his part, Kofi Kinaata said: “The fact that Enterprise Life’s hallmark is excellence and Team Move also dedicates excellence to music-making, I’ve fallen for this.”

Diana Hamilton, known for her inspirational gospel songs has songs such as ‘Mo Ne Yo’, ‘Work in Progress’, Adom’, among others.

Kofi Kinaata is also famed for his thought-provoking lyrics in songs such as ‘Confession’, ‘Things Fall Apart’, Sweetie Pie’, and ‘Behind The Scenes’.

About Enterprise Life Ghana

The Enterprise Life brand is based on the concept of “The Thoroughbred”. The thoroughbred is a horse of outstanding pedigree with an inherent disposition to the best, born of outstanding parentage, excellence was just their nature.
Enterprise Life was incorporated in the year 2000 with the initial shareholders as Enterprise Insurance Company, a listed general insurance company in Ghana, African Life a South African Life Insurance Company, and the International Finance Corporation, the commercial wing of the World Bank.
Enterprise Life operates as a specialist Life Insurance Company, providing affordable and innovative, life assurance products designed to meet the needs of our policyholders and the general public.



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The Curious Tale of Sonnie Badu: The Lion & The Frog


Gospel Minister, Sonnie Badu, took center stage on not just social media trends but also on the radar of traditional media over the last week. There’s scrutiny on entertainers or celebrities but for some reason, the level of examination on the Minister of the gospel is intriguingly high. Here is a man who is scolded for the very little things like sending a congratulatory message to Kuami Eugene for winning the VGMA Artiste of the Year.

The trolling and ‘dragging of Sonnie Badu on social media could be tagged as a normal phenomenon in this digital age but there’s a looming danger that could mess up the reputation, relationships and most importantly the psyche of those involved if not checked; the penchant of Ghanaians always in a rush to lay judgment without any checks. Ghanaians are quick to lynch you on social media the moment any random person yelps ‘Thief, Thief,” without they find out what the fellow stole.

The other danger that looms is the alacrity with which traditional media picks trending stories from social media without any proper checks and splatters them for consumption.

What Went Wrong?

The crux of the controversy was the fact that, the gospel artiste had attained 3 different degrees in a spate of 4 months and interestingly, the news was projected as though it was the artiste and Minister of the gospel who has touted such feat.

The fact is; a random person on social media by the name, Manuel Mensah, was intrigued by a photo of Sonnie Badu posted on the latter’s social media and decided to do checks to ascertain the veracity of such certificates.

According to him, he was motivated to do the digging because he was befuddled with Sonnie Badu showcasing his certificates on social media. His unsolicited investigations led him to the US Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the response he got was that the firm was not aware of having any connection with the Institution that offered the degrees to Sonnie.

Without hesitation, Manuel jumped on social media to share his research achievement with the rest of the world. Not only did he share his research findings, he passed such scathing judgment – claiming that, the certificate-issuing Institution doesn’t exist, which means the degrees were fake.


After the expose’, social media was awash with severe backlash of Sonnie Badu, with persons calling him out and scathing him without mercy. He was heavily ‘dragged’ on social media, with even fellow entertainers, debasing him.

What was most disturbing was how traditional media outlets, as seen in recent times, picked the story from social media and run with it – without subjecting the story to any requisite checks, allowing further abuse of the gospel artiste.

There came some of the most ridiculous headlines; “Sonnie Badu Busted,” “Sonnie Badu Caught In A Lie,”, “Sonnie Badu’s School Doesn’t Exist” and ‘Sonnie Badu’s Degrees Are Fake” etc.

He’s a Talkative

There are some commentators who opined that Sonnie Badu’s responses to his critics exacerbated the issue. His response of ‘Lions Don’t Respond to Frogs’ was directed to Manuel, the guy who went digging but of course, it was blown out of proportion and used to lambast him further.

Yes, his responses to some of his critics did elongate the matter but the fact is, some of these celebrities are built differently; they are exposed, opinionated, engaging and they don’t hesitate to ‘clap back’.

The likes of Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson, DKB, Nana Aba Anamoah, and Sonnie Badu among others are built that way, they speak their minds and would not be bullied by trolls. Sonnie is not talkative, he knows his rights, speaks his wisdom, and won’t allow himself to be trolled unnecessarily.

Energy Never the Same

Days after the rhubarb over the degrees commenced, Trinity University, the institution that offered Sonnie the degrees issued a statement, an account that sought to bring some sane closure to the confusion.

In the report, it was realized that the school does exist, accredited to Commission of Christian Education Institution, legally recognized and that the degrees and credits earned are those in Christian Service. It also stated that, Sonnie did not attain the degrees in a spate of 4 months.

Interestingly, when the statement from the school was released, almost all the critics went quiet, they lost the energy they utilized in bashing the Gospel Minister. The energy was never the same; it has never been. The same energy they use in criticizing is always not the same when the truth comes out. 

Mindset of Ghanaians

In another leg of vitriol against Sonnie, a video of him explaining the reasons he is not staying in Ghana was under scrutiny. According to him, he is not residing in Ghana because of the mindset of its people – their attitude of being overly negative and not wanting the best for each other.

What is wrong with his resolution?

There are countless number of Ghanaians residing overseas who have varied reasons for not wanting to stay in Ghana. Reasons that vary from economic hardship to social injustice to job search to the negative mindset etc.

In fact, there are now social media sensations who have made it part of their branding to compare the living standards with the foreign countries they presently reside into Ghana and they are being hailed.


Stop the Showcase?

The silliest of all the criticisms I heard over Sonnie Badu was that, he should stop showcasing his stuff on social media. This is laughable!

How does anybody projecting their personal stuff on their social media platforms affect your ability to eat and ease yourself? How does it affect your ability to sleep well at night and wake up soundly? How does Sonnie Badu splattering his certificates on his social media pages affect your fuel gauge in your car? How?

For the many that are encouraged by such exhibition of achievements and strides made in his life, they do not complain, instead, they are emboldened.

It is social media, everybody can have a platform, what you choose to do with yours is solely your business, so long as it doesn’t infringe on another’s rights, doesn’t affect anybody’s sensibilities and is not criminal.

Source: Entertainmentgh



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Patience Nyarko’s ‘ Meye Nyame Dea ‘ Should’ve been in VGMA Best Gospel Song category – Dan Lartey


Showbiz pundit and CEO of Remedi Entertainment, Dan Lartey is surprised at the inclusion of two songs; Kofi Kakari’s ‘Who Say God No Dey ‘ and ‘Jejeli’ by Kobby Salm in the Gospel Song of the year category for the 22nd VGMA .

Speaking on Showbiz 927 on 3fm with Chrystal Kwame-Aryee, the outspoken analyst argues that the two songs are not popular and shouldn’t have made it for the category.

“When you talk of Gospel song of the year, popularity comes to mind and how Popular were those two songs; Jejeli and Who Say God Nodey ? Those songs don’t deserve to be in the category” he noted.

Instead, Dan Lartey however pointed out that songs like Patience Nyarko’s ‘Meye Nyame Dea’ and Joyce Blessings’ ‘Y3nda n’ase ‘ deserved to be in the Best Gospel song of the year category.

“If you ask me to take those two songs out and add two, I will go for Patience Nyarko’s ‘Meye Nyame Dea’ and Joyce Blessings’ ‘Y3nda n’ase ‘ and even Jayana’s ‘I believe’ or Rose Agyei’s ‘Na God”; these four songs did better than ‘Jejeli’ and ‘Who Say God Nodey’

CATEGORY DEFINITION: Gospel Song of the Year.

The Gospel Song of the Year is the song adjudged by the Academy, Board, and the General Public as the most popular Gospel Song released in the year under review. The song must have generated the most excitement during the year.

The VGMA board has however said it deliberately included those two urban gospel songs, arguing the urban gospel brand though popular within the church has not been given the needed attention in the past.

Reacting to the explanation, The revered pundit said the reason given by the VGMA board does not hold water.

“It’s gospel song of the year, Whether Urban, whether traditional, whether awoyo, it’s gospel music . If it’s highlife, if it’s being sang in Ga, Ewe, whichever language that it’s being sang in, it’s still highlife, so it’s not about it being urban Gospel or Traditional Gospel “ he opined.

Nominated songs for ‘Gospel Song of the Year include :

1.Blessed – Akesse Brempong ft. Joe Mettle

2.Favour Everywhere – Celestine ft. Evelyn Wanjiru

3.Adom – Diana Hamilton

4.Jesus Over Do – Empress Gifty

5.Yesu Mo – Joe Mettle

6.Jesus – MOGmusic

7.Jejeli – KobbySalm ft. Okey Sokay

8.Who Say God No Dey – Kofi Karikari

3fm’s weekend entertainment show, Showbiz 927 is live every Saturday from 1 – 4 pm.


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WhatsApp Image 2021-03-13 at 8.33.36 PM

The anniversary started on Monday 8th March 2021. The week-long programme was a revival service dubbed KADOSH. Several anointed Men of God preached the word of God to edify the Church. The highlight of the programme was on Saturday 13th March 2021 where invited Bishops, Apostles, and Pastors from all over Ghana came to assist in ordaining 6 Pastors and One Lady Pastor of the Church.

During the ordination Bishop Hansel Adjei Frimpong of the Fruitful Family International Ministry, Accra who delivered the summon said, the fivefold Ministry God ordained was to edify the church. He reiterated the need for Pastors to edify the Church and for every Christian to win souls.

He touched on the need for Service and submission and use the prophet Samuel in the Bible as an example to the Ordinands. He quoted Hebrews chapter 5 Verse 4 and emphasized that you can not call yourself into the ministry of God except God calls you. He charged the ordinands that the work is a service to man because of the love they have for God.

The Obuasi Municipal Chief Executive and the Obuasi East District Chief Executive in a joint solidarity message were very appreciative of the contribution of Covenant House Chapel through its Founder Apostle George Kingsley Amoako. He said, the church through its activities of good teachings, social development etc. compliments Government developmental efforts in society.

There were congratulatory messages for ordinands from family and friends. They were Lady Pastor Mrs. Emelia Amoako, Pastor Ing. Eric Ofori Broni, Pastor John Esson, Pastor Evans Quansah, Pastor Alfred Abekah-Sekyi, Pastor Ben Mccarthy Mensah and Pastor Emmanuel Prince Amartey. They came from the four branches of Covenant House Chapel in Accra, Kumasi and Obuasi.


Covenant House Chapel was inaugurated on Sunday March 10th, 1996, then Calvary Covenant Church (CCC) was born in the double classroom of Corner Memorial Methodist Primary School, near the Golf Course in Obuasi. Apostle George Kingsley Amoako, one of the three pioneers of Yovac ministry, has since been the Founding and Senior Pastor. The other pioneers are Board Chairman Mr. Anthony Evans Abeiku Williams and Rev. Chap Awuah.
In 2001, the Church was finally incorporated as COVENANT HOUSE CHAPEL after a protocol brawl over the name clash at the Registrar General’s Department in Accra. In the same year, the church relocated to her own premises at Ridge near Confidence Guest House, at Obuasi.
The Church has expanded its territory with four branches in three cities. The Accra branch of Covenant House Chapel, Prayer House, was started in November 2010 and is located at Haatso-Ecomog. It is being shepherded by Rev. Chap Awuah and Associate Pastors, Ben McCarthy and Emmanuel Prince Nii Amartey.
The Church also has a local branch, Peniel Temple, at Brahabebome in Obuasi, shepherded by Pastor Evans Quansah and Pastor Alfred Abeka Sekyi. Our Kumasi branch, Berea Temple is located at Santasi and is shepherded by Pastor John Esson.
Happy Anniversary!!!



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Joyful Way Incorporated launches new podcast


Joyful Way Incorporated has launched a new podcast “The Joyful Focus Podcast”, bringing a fresh approach to its long-held commitment to training, mentoring, and coaching the youth and the young-at-heart.

The podcast features candid conversations about the joys, challenges, practice, and application of the Christian faith.

The production of the Joyful Focus Podcast, draws from the ministry’s deep resource of members with various professional backgrounds ranging from family life, youth counseling and church leadership, to music production and performance, to accomplished business and career people.

Commenting on this podcast launch, the Vice President of Joyful Way, Michael Sowah said, “through this podcast, we hope to practically speak to issues, address questions or challenges and share in our joys and testimonies. Above all, these conversations seek to awaken us to the life and wisdom of the Bible and its applications in our everyday walk.”

“We all need a great deal of encouragement on this journey of life.” he added.

The podcast, from 8th March, will be available on Apple podcast, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Google podcasts with new episodes released bi-weekly. As the podcast becomes available on more platforms, many more people will have access on their platforms of choice.

About Joyful Way Incorporated

Joyful Way Incorporated is a non-denominational ministry of young people committed to evangelism through gospel music and other social impact projects.

Notable among its initiatives are its senior high and tertiary school oriented programs, rural medical outreaches, rural reading clinics, community outreaches, and musical concerts.

Established almost 50 years ago, the ministry now has 13 gospel music albums to its credit.


Source: Obed Afari Kumi

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[ Rock of Ages ]- Canada-based Gospel Artiste Nana Mensah is Out With a New Single


Hailing from Rexdale, a little town in Toronto, Canada, Nana Mensah grew up through the struggles and came up from the trenches. Michael Nana Mensa, colloquially known as Nana Mensah, has learned to lean on Christ through the trial and tribulations life has offered up. With his music, he wants to share his testimony to the world and let his generation know that they should not lose hope and faith in the lives that they live.

Collaborating with the talents of Slimflex, Nana Mensah puts forth the soul pervaded, rhythmic fusion of, “My Rock of Ages.” In the vibrant up-tempo instrumentation of this single, we are offered the cascading sound of golden saxophone notes, that pair brilliantly with the lively ambiance of the percussion.

ou can feel the overflowing emotion that is transmitted with a sizzling passion as you become fixated on the vocal performance of Nana Mensah. Guiding us through the winding roads of his cadences as we capture the raw quintessence that lays in the depth of greater meaning behind the lyrics produced, Nana Mensah emphasizes his love for the Lord.

Watch Video

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