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Invasion of Thigh-high slit dresses in Churches – Esther Gyimah


Permit me to address one of the things that are gradually becoming normalised in our churches since we keep seeing it. And today, I call upon all women church leaders to rise up and lovingly put a stop to it before it becomes uncontrollable.

Thigh-high slit dresses have moved from the red carpets at celebrity events and from care-free parties into our churches. The back of dresses have not been left out as slits reach as high up as right under the butts.

Ladies, if you cannot wear these clothes to a job interview where there is only a human panel, how can you imagine and actually pull off wearing this into the presence of The Most Holy God?

I will not endorse wearing clothes that show your thighs outside anywhere because our God is everywhere right? But the sanctity of the “House of God” should prevent you from entering such a place with clothes like these.

I remember part of my younger days at the Church of Pentecost Darkuman North Assembly where Mama Kate Tenkorang of blessed memory would walk over and literally cover your legs with a cloth or handkerchief if you were bold enough to come to church with a dress that exposed any little part of your thighs.

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These days many leaders say nothing! They dare not do anything to “embarrass” a woman in church. Some ladies genuinely need big sisters and mothers to help them make better choices. Let us rise and help.

One day soon, you will enter church and see an almost naked woman seated in front and it will be their right to wear “nothing” to church.

With love,
Esther Gyimah


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Do You know the benefits of wearing foot sandals?


This are the great benefits of owning new pair’s of sandals.

Do you have a problem with sweaty feet?
If so, its probably because your feet can’t get reach enough air while they are inside your shoes.
That is not an issue when you have a pair of sandals.
When you wear sandals, your feet. Will be able to breathe and feel some fresh air as you walk around town.

In the same vein as the point above,sandals provide comfort and support all day long your toes won’t be cramped up inside a stuffy pair of dress sandals.
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Women shoes can be a hassle to put on sometimes when you are in a rush,you probably don’t have to take a seats and carefully put your shoes on one at a time.
That is not an issue when you wear sandals.
Just step out the door.
Once you get back home for the day,simply ship your sandals right off,kick back and relax.

Speaking of looking stylish,there is no better way to do so that by wearing sandals.
Don’t sacrifice comfort for style
Buy a pair of sandals today and make a fashion statement among friends.


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Riohs Originate graduates new fashion students

(Riohs Graduate Show 2018 ) 02

Riohs Originate, one of Ghana’s leading fashion institutions has recently graduated its 2018 fashion students in a night of fashion, opera and awards.

The event which took place at the Providence Events Center, La, Trade Fair saw about 62 designers display their talent and creativity to a packed room of guests, industry players, media and the general public as their creativity and hard work strut its way through the runway to the admiration of many attendees.

The 8th edition of Riohs Originate Graduate Fashion Show which was produced by Debonair Afrik, did not disappoint as usual as students pulled off yet another remarkable show.

The night had a blend of runway shows, opera and awards in an effort to give the attendees a complete atmosphere of fashion, good music and recognition.

Riohs Fashion Show is an annual event organized by the institution to award graduates who have successfully completed their intensive six months Fashion Design and Illustration course. They are trained in everything relating to fashion with the aim at churning out talented and highly skilled fashion designers.

Already in its 8th year, Riohs Originate fashion show has become one of the largest gathering of undergraduate fashion show in Ghana and continues to be an unrivalled platform for the promotion of emergent fashion talent.

Established in 2010 by Richard Ohene Sika, Riohs Originate is a Creative art and Training Institution which trains all kinds of people and turns their talent into an admirable and viable business.

At Riohs, they aim to arm students with the prescribed tools, experiences and training needed that will grant them global passports and sustenance in their chosen fields of study.

Riohs Originate has so far received notable recognitions such as Most Promising Fashion School of the Year in 2016 by Afroma Awards, Best Fashion Institution in 2017 by Fashion Ghana Awards amongst others.


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STITCH & STYLE: What to pack for a weekend getaway


Well it’s summer and the time of the year where most people go on a short vacation or weekend trips to cool off, relax and restructure how they want the rest of the year to look like.

Today I’m bringing you the most ideal packing list you can  ever wish for, to have a fulfilling, engaging and a phenomenal getaway with the boys, the girls, the family or the spouse.

1. 2 pairs of pants. One for the day of the trip and an extra one for any other activity. Pants are always the go to item for a short trip to help keep a light bag and to serve as great options when you arenot able to pack enough clothes

2.A pair of jeans shorts. It’s summer and you have to let loose. To the ladies, It doesn’t have to be booty shorts but a versatile one with a good length mainly something a little above your knee or halfway or better still on your thigh.

3. As many as 4 to 6 blouses are ideal. One thing I always advice is to overpack the right things (like tops) so you don’t run out of clothes when something comes up. And once you have 2 pairs of pants, you are always covered when it comes to buttoms.

4. A maxi dress. Who goes on a weekend getaway without a maxi dress??!! This is a must have item on the list. For the beach, early morning breakfast or just to simply wear it and live in the freedom it brings knowing that you are on vacation!

5. A simple evening dress for dinner for the ladies and a nice rolled up sleeve shirt and pants for the guys. What’s a getaway without a good dinner time. Go prepared.

6. A pair of heels for “just in case” scenarios. You just never know.

7.A pair of sneakers for hiking, the safari or forest tour or just to add an umph to your outfit. A pair each of slippers and sandals to complete your other looks.

8.A swimsuit for the ladies and shorts for the guys. Getaways always come with swimming. PS. Even if you can’t swim, stand in the water for selfies or lay on the bed for photos. It helps with relaxing and.creating memories.

9. A beach hat, a cowboy hat, caps, sunglasses, sweaters, shawls and scarfs are great items to travel with. These items come in extremely handy and you wouldn’t want to forget them when packing for a trip.

Stitch and Style by Belinda Asiamh

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Selecting the right shoes for your outfit


Selecting a shoe for an outfit is very important in putting an outfit together. Your pick can make your look tacky if not selected right.
Here are a few tips to help you with your selection

1.Stay away from gold, silver or sequined shoes when you are going for a day look. They are only suitable for night looks. When the sun reflects on them it actually hurts the eye. I may be exaggerating but its the hard truth!

2.Another tip is to match detailed or embellished outfits with shoes that have little or no detail. You do not want your shoes to compete with your outfit and you don’t want to give people too much to look and hence you loose the beauty of your outfit.

3.Whenever you wear a plain outfit, nude, black or white wear brighter shoes to give your outfit a pop of color or wear patterned, funky or detailed shoes to create a trendy and stylish look.

4.Avoid strict color matching. Especially head to toe matching of colors. Like a red blouse, red skirt and red shoes coupled with a red bag. You do not want to be associated with “Madam High Heel”. But if you really want to, remember the fashion police cant actually catch you with anything. Its just too much for the eyes to comprehend.

5.Avoid wearing boots here in Ghana. It does not seem to fit in the wardrobe options for the kind of weather we are exposed to. Not even in the raining season! Its still a big NO!

6.Whenever you wear stiletto or extremely high heels, pair them with clothing that already elongate your legs. Like pencil skirt, slim pants, midi skirts/ dresses, black pants etc. Stilletto heels creates the illusion of further length making your legs look more slender and attractive.

7.Avoid heels with T-straps or Ankle straps if you have short legs. Straps have a way of cutting the leg, making it appear shorter than usual. Lesson: All short people should stay away from strappy heels.

Wearing high heels without pain!
The men would like to take some notes for their wives, sisters,mums and girl friends.
Every shoe loving woman at one point or the other asks this million dollar question. How in the world do i wear high heels without the pain? Is it even possible?
Well yeah!

Make sure you are wearing the right size shoe.
Our feet size changes over the years especially when we gain weight or after having kids.
Have your feet measured for length and width to help get the right size so your shoes can be comfortable.

The thicker the heel, the better and the thinner the heel, the graver!.  Choose what works for you.

Take short steps, lean back and take breaks, this totally helps.

Whenever a gentleman opts to help you up or down, dont hesitate to give him your hand.

Never walk fast in high heels. It makes you look like you are in too much of a haste, but heels are supposed to make you look classy and graceful.

Wear not so comfortable or “painful heels” when going over your daily activities at home. Its hard and it makes you feel funny and silly at the same time but you become a master in those shoes in  a day or 2 of trying.
Try these tips and thank me later.
Catch you on my next post.

BY: Belinda Asiamah-Host of Stitch and Style on Christian Entertainment Review Show on GN TV

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