It’s an insult to say I don’t pay presenters and DJs – Celestine Donkor


Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor, has said she finds it insulting that someone would say she does not pay radio presenters and Disc Jockeys (DJs) to promote her music.

She said she has a hardworking team that handles her brand and that the team is good enough to do all that is required to make her music sell.

Her comments were on the back of an encounter she had with radio presenter, Andy Dosty on social media weeks after she released her “Thank You” song.

She had posted on Facebook that some Christian media companies refused to play the song because she collaborated with Efya and Akwaboah Jr, artistes known to be secular musicians. Andy Dostydisagreed with her on the post and suggested her music was not being played because she does not pay.

But reacting to Andy Dosty’s comments on Onua 95.1 FM’s entertainment talk show, Anigye Mmre, Celestine said the comments are not in good taste.

Andy Dosty is not part of my team, Celestine Donkor’s brand is one of the brands in Ghana that has a solid management team,” she said.

“The calibre of people in my management team he Andy Dosty is not even part of them, so for him say I don’t pay it’s an insult,” she added.

Source : 3news

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Celestine Donkor doesn’t pay payola and that’s why her song is not being played – Andy Dosty


Ace Ghanaian DJ and radio presenter, Andy Dosty has replied to Celestine Donkor’s statement that her new song ‘Thank You’ is not being played because she featured some secular musicians.

In a recent post on Facebook, Celestine Donkor bemoaned some Christian media channels have declined to play the song and a section of industry players have said they do not like the song due to the featuring of secular musicians.

The ‘Agbebolo’ singer described their actions as primitive thinking.

Reacting to this in an interview with Caleb Nii Boye on Star FM, Andy Dosty questioned whether Celestine paid these DJs or presenters to play the song.

He stated that Celestine Donkor didn’t pay them and that’s the reason why the song was not played.

The renowned media personality stressed that the song would have been played if she paid payola.

Andy Dosty added that her utterances will make Efya and Akwaboah feel bad.

Listen to his reaction below:

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Don’t be jealous of your colleagues – Cindy Thompson to young gospel acts


Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician Cindy Thompson, now Cindy Quainoo has advised young gospel female artistes not to be envious of their colleagues.

She noted that the voice to minister is given by God for gospel artists to glorify Him so no need to be jealous of one another.

Thompson also urged them to put their trust in God and not in their voices since one’s vocal ability can fail at any time.

“I see myself as a vessel of God. I believe in God and I believe in the gift He has given me. I don’t put my trust and faith in my voice. My faith is in God. Let’s keep our faith in God who gave us the gift,” she said.

Sharing her testimony about the 2020 Women In Worship, Cindy Thompson eulogized her colleagues’ veteran musicians who were also featured and described the ministration as a Spirit-filled and impactful night.

She witnessed something unique about female gospel music legends. She said each gospel music legend is special in her own way. They love, understand, and cherish themselves.

“Women In Worship event has been a great thing and I took the invitation seriously.

“Our mothers [Gospel music legends] are unique, they love themselves, they understand themselves, and cherish themselves which I adopted them. All of us are women and we have the voices but God uses each of us in a different way. The day we were performing God used all the legends in a different way.

“I want to take this privilege and opportunity to advise our young artistes not to be jealous of anyone. God didn’t give you the voice just like that.

“The time many would fall in love with your music has not come yet so don’t rush, have patience, and believe in God. Never think that they are leaving you behind. Believe in the Holy Spirit,”  Cindy Thompson told the young female gospel artistes.

According to the award-winning gospel minstrel, young gospel musicians should befriend and be led by the Holy Spirit in their music journey and not lean on their own understanding.

“When you befriend the Holy Spirit, He will give you the desired song. Let’s love God and do His will and not put our faith in our voices but put our faith in the God who gave us that voice,” she added.

Cindy Thompson who shot to fame with her song “Awurade Kasa” as it was used for political gain by the New Patriotic Party in 2000 claimed young gospel artistes should eschew competition with their own colleagues when ministering on the same platforms.

Many have claimed that gospel musicians in the country are not united which is gradually bringing divisions among members of the industry.

This claim by Cindy Thompson could possibly be the current situation of the gospel fraternity.

Most young gospel artistes could possibly be oblivious of how backbiting and disunity are gradually crippling the industry and shifting the focus of spirit-filled gospel ministrations to just showmanship.

Organizers of the all-female minstrels night of worship experience, Women In Worship on January 7, held a Dinner Night for the legends to climax the 2020 edition.

Young gospel female acts such as Jayana, Selassie Brown, Ruth Adjei, others dined and ministered with the gospel female legends on the same stage.

It was a fulfilling night for the young artists as they were advised to allow the Holy Spirit to take center stage of their gospel ministry.

On the night, the female gospel legends laid hands on the young female gospel artists to bless them to also take up the mantle and continue with the task ahead.

The 2020 edition of the Women In Worship event witnessed eleven (11) legends on stage ministering back to back hit songs inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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I’m now a head pastor at one of Obofuor’s churches – Perpetual Didier reveals


Gospel singer, Perpetual Didier, around May last year, came out to say that per what she has experienced from Reverend Obofuor, she can boldly say that he is a true man of God and not an idol worshipper as some Ghanaians say.

It looks like there has been some development since then, as she has now broadcasted that she is currently a head pastor at one of the Koforidua branches of the popular Reverend’s churches.

Interviewed on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After-Drive show, she explained to host, DJ Advicer how it all came about.

“It all started during lockdown when he started to have his church service on television to keep people going through those hard times. I went to his end one day and he told me about the virtual service he had started. I also have that divine talent which I believed I could use to help the program so when he told me about it, I just had to support with my musical talent and that is where it started”.

Perpetual recalled that she used to sing for Rev. Obofuor during his virtual church services and it was just after lockdown that he told her that God had ordained her to be a pastor and thus, made her head pastor of one of his church branches at Koforidua.

Asked whether she makes good money from her new career, she replied that things are going well, and added, “The Bible says anyone who takes up God’s work has taken up a good job so definitely, I won’t be made to work for nothing”.

Source: etv Ghana

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Philipa Baafi Releases ‘Hallelujah’


In order for families to stay intact and to continue the trust in God in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic across the globe, the ace gospel musician, Philipa Baafi, has released a single track, dubbed: “Hallelujah”.

The release of Hallelujah tract also coincide with the world’s remembering the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Philipa Baafi believes joining the commemoration of Jesus with the release of ‘Hallelujah’ would afford all to celebrate and reflect on the birth and the life of Jesus.

According to the celebrated musician, Hallelujah is the title track for her 10th studio album which also includes the ‘It is Well’ single which was released on her 40th birthday earlier this year.

Speaking on what motivated her to compose Hallelujah song, Philipa said “I hope Hallelujah encourages you and your family not to give up during this period of the pandemic and economic downturns”.

“My desire for you is to understand that regardless of your situation, the death and resurrection of Jesus gives us the confidence to be ushered to the throne of God. So, dearly beloved, you have no limitations now, the Grace of God abound for you. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who live in Christ Jesus”.

With 21 years in the music industry, Philipa has showed that she is not done yet and still has more to offer in the industry.

Her rendition on ‘Hallelujah’ is so captivating and powerful and once again, reveals the musician’s unique voice.

The song itself which was produced by the celebrated engineer Sha, is a perfect blend of highlife played in a contemporary manner.

The second song released by the celebrated musician ‘Agye Yesu Nkoaa’ has a more youthful appeal since is quite of a departure from a typical Philipa Baafi song.

Church choirs and schools will relate to this song very well

These songs are available on all digital platforms and is currently receiving a very warm reception globally.

About Philipa Baafi

Philipa has churned out 9 studio albums and 3 singles in the music industry within 2 decades.

She has over the years produced several chart toppers such as ‘Go High, ‘I Go Dance’, ‘Nkwa’, ‘Last Stop’, ‘Awurade Sore’, ‘Nhyira ba’, ‘Me Gye Medin’, ‘Dee Eba Wonsem Afe Yi’, ‘Mogya N’akasa’, ‘Ebenezer’, among others.

She has touched millions across the globe with inspirational songs and her splendid performances.

Outside of music, Philipa Baafi, who is an Occupational Therapist, is also a final year Physician Assistant Student at Radford University in Accra.

Her academic ambition is to become a specialist Gynecologist.

She is a member of the Church of Pentecost and fellowships with the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC), West Hills Assembly with her husband, Kwame, and their two kids, Adom and Sika.

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24-YEAR-OLD Gifty Frimpong ordained as youngest PASTOR in the Assemblies Of God Church


A 24-year-old student of the University of Cape Coast Medical School, Gifty Frimpong has been ordained minister of the gospel in the Assemblies of God Church.

Her ordination comes days after she completed a four-year intensive studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, South Campus at Kormantse in the Central Region. She is the youngest person to be ordained minister of the church.

As part of her ministerial endeavour, Pastor Gifty Frimpong is expected to undergo one-year of service at the Jehovah Jireh Assemblies of God Church at Adenta Japan Motors, near Lakeside Estates, in preparation for the work ahead.

Addressing the graduating students during the ceremony, the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Ghana, Reverend Professor Paul Frimpong Manso, acknowledged the sacrifices that both faculty and students had made over the years, especially in 2020.

“In spite of the challenges, you have weathered the fierce storm to graduate. As gospel ambassadors, you have been trained and equipped with all you need for successful ministry work.

“The seminary has given you a broad knowledge enough to allow you to adapt to a wide range of real life ministry situations,” he said.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong Manso admonished the graduands to brace themselves up for low and high moments but encouraged them not to renege in their resolve to live above reproach in serving Christ Jesus.

“I can promise you that you will never go astray or have problems with any authority, as long as you stay within the context of scripture.

“Some of you will start your ministry work from the scratch. Others may be assigned to already existing churches and yet some of you will be assisting your senior ministers.

“Some of you will pitch your tents in the urban centres and others in the rural areas. Wherever you find yourselves, I expect nothing but the best in your respective endeavours,” the superintendent said.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong Manso also urged the graduating ministers to desist from unnecessary comparison and competition and not follow charlatans.

“I mean the modern day magicians and fetish priests who are parading and masquerading the streets as prophets of God. Be true and honest men and women of God and not 419 ‘God of man’,” he stressed.

The President of the seminary, Reverend John Kwabena Boachie, for his part, said one of the ministerial challenges of the end time was how some servants portrayed themselves as emperors and kings.

He said such ministers ruled as lords over the flocks which God entrusted into their care.

In a statement at the ordination ceremony, Pastor Frimpong thanked God for the blessing and protection given to her through the four-year training.

“I thank God for his gift of life and his mercy upon my life. I am determined to win more souls for Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God,” she stated.

The head pastor of the Jehovah Jireh Assemblies of God Church, Reverend Dr Joyce Frimpong, who is also the mother of Gifty, said she made a promise to God that should Gifty be protected from her infant stage to adulthood, she would be offered to God to serve Him in all the days of her life.

“So Gifty has deepened her relationship with God as she begins to serve Him and win souls for His Kingdom,” she noted.


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‘I give credit to God for shaping my life’ – Martha Ankomah


Actress Martha Ankomah has associated her success and sustainability in the movie industry with her decision to put Christ Jesus at the center of all her affairs.

The actress in an interview monitored by on “Okukuseku the Talk Show” with Emelia Brobbey intimated that she has never regretted giving her life to Christ as that has shaped her life for the better.

Martha explained that she has made a conscious effort to glorify God in all her endeavors and for that matter, she will preach the word of the gospel to her social media users and friends at any given opportunity.

The staunch Christian, recounting her transforming journey with her maker said, “It all started at a young age, our parents made us go to church before we could watch our favourite TV program. I must confess that going to church helps, the more you study Romans 3:23 and the rest, it shapes your life. I am proud to have given my life to Christ at a young age.”

Fans who follow the actress on her social media accounts including Instagram are always blessed on Sundays with a photo of her at church testifying that she never misses the opportunity to be in the house of the Lord.

“God has shaped my life and I give credit to Him. I have people who say I always take pictures on Sunday, but If I don’t lift the name of God high, where should I do that? I have over 2.3 million people following me on Instagram, what am I doing with them? Why don’t I share the word of God I hear from church with them just to lift someone’s spirit?” she added.

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I am not willing to let my marriage collapse – Celestine Donkor


Gospel musician Celestine Donkor says she does not foresee divorce in her 15-year marriage with her husband.

According to her, she does not see divorce as an option, and she would do anything to keep her marriage.

Reacting to the recent divorces that have plagued many gospel musicians’ marriages, Celestine said she is not willing to allow that to happen to her. She was speaking to Delay in an interview when she took her turn on the show.

Many top gospel musicians have had their marriages shockingly come to an end, with many openly fighting each other on social media and spilling all sorts of secrets and trading insults at each other. Quite recently social media was thrown into a frenzy when gospel musician Joyce Blessing and her manager husband Dave Joy started trading insults and curses at each other over the collapse of their marriage.

Asked why it seems like most gospel musicians are divorcing, Celestine Donkor said being in the spotlight can sometimes have a toll on the marriage, especially when the celebrity status gets into the head of the artiste. She said as a musician or someone in the spotlight, you have access to better opportunities, people, contact, etc., and when one does not take care, it may affect their relationship with their spouse.

She, however, said for her, she would rather work on her marriage than allow it to collapse on her.

“I don’t see divorce in my future, for me, I am not willing to let that happen, I will do whatever it takes, I will do my best to make my marriage work…marriage is no joke, it is a game for matured people. Marriage has no formula because what may have caused the divorce of one marriage may be the same thing that strengthens another’s. I always say if divorce is possible then working it out is also possible…” She told Delay.

Celestine Donkor has been married for 15 years and is blessed with three daughters.


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Parliament passes Creative Arts Bill


Parliament has passed the Creative Arts Bill into law after successfully going through all the various stages on the floor of the House.

With the passage, the government now has the power and authority to help give a strong backing to institute the creative arts fund to be accessed by stakeholders of the arts industry.

The Creative Arts Bill will also serve as a framework to regulate the country’s creative economy, including music, film, advertising, PR, architecture, fashion and tourism, among other related sectors.

It comes a year after Nana Akufo-Addo announced in his state of the nation address that the government was finalising the bill. Akufo-Addo’s statement was reinforced by Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture Barbara Oteng Gyasi when she promised to get the bill passed before the end of her tenure.

“For me, it’s very critical. If I don’t do anything at all between now and the end of the year, I will at least ensure that the bill is passed into law. It is a promise and I’m going to work hard at it,” she told the Accra-based Joy FM.


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The Bible doesn’t condone ‘negative’ prophesies – Celestine Donkor


Award-winning gospel musician, Celestine Donkor has spoken against what she describes as ‘negative prophecies’, saying the Bible never mentioned it.

According to the reigning VGMA’s female vocalist of the year, modern-day prophets must find a mature way of communicating to their members what God has revealed to them as it is stated in the Bible.

“I don’t doubt prophecies at all, I don’t, I only feel that there has to be a mature way of communicating what God has revealed to you because one of the things I have never read in the Bible Jesus did was to give negative utterance to any human being, I never encountered it – not even once, like you are going to die but rather he said that you will not die”, she said in an interview with Mzgee on TV3’s New Day.

She stressed that prophecies are not to put fear into the individual but rather power and sound mind to help them positively.

“Bible says that let the poor says I am rich, let the weak say I am strong, so I believe that if you see somebody dying, you will call the person and speak life into the person and don’t even let the person even hear that this is what you saw because it put fear in them and fear is demonic.

“Bible said the spirit of God does not give us fear but power, sound mind and self-discipline, so anything you are communicating to a member of your church and it will not give them sound mind, is demonic and I am totally against given those negative prophecies but rather find a way to communicate to the person for him to know there is a need for him to pray because we all know there is darkness in this life, but to tell the person he is already going to die puts him close to the coffin, and I think it is not healthy”, she added.

Source 3news

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