We shouldn’t define gospel music as a genre – Eric Jeshurun


Ghanaian gospel musician and songwriter, Eric Jeshurun Okyere says describing gospel music as a genre means one is placing a limit on the word of God.

According to him, gospel music is about the message one sends across in a song and that can be in any genre the songwriter or singer feels comfortable with.

He made this known in an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s DJ Advicer, host of the Ayekoo After Drive.

“We have defined gospel music as a genre but I don’t think gospel music is a genre of music. You can have gospel rap or gospel afrobeat because of the message the songs carry.

He reiterated that gospel music is not worship or praises but about the message. Eric stated that so far the song talks about the birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Christ, then it qualifies as a gospel song regardless of the genre.

The musician expressed his uneasiness with gospel music being classified as a music genre.

“Gospel music should not be classified differently from RnB and Funk. Gospel is not a genre of music”

Jeshurun Okyere is currently promoting his new album titled, ‘Healing Streams’.

By: Joel Sanco

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Don’t Give Up And Don’t Feel Entitled – Nii Okai Admonishes Emerging Gospel Artists


“How do I make it in the gospel music industry as an emerging artiste?” and similar questions have always been on the lips of young gospel singers who are starting a music career. Anytime the opportunity presents itself, most of the already established and recognized mainstream singers try to impart knowledge from the point of their own experience.

Great worshippers and “Mokobe” singer, Ernest Nii Okai, a man highly revered to have played a major role in our now contemporary gospel music also added his bit in an interview recently as he spoke about hard work, the never give up spirit, and trusting the process without the feeling of entitlement whatsoever.

Nii Okai stated that, though himself and KODA started way back at a very young age, the only thing that mattered to them the most was the burden to reach out through music.

He added that as young artists in our day and age, people will despise you, and it’s normal, but one must be focused enough to overlook them and to work hard.

According to the “Revival” singer, he has realized that most young ones feel entitled to certain kinds of rewards or platforms or even awards as they grow gradually in their ministry. He added that expecting quick results (the fast-food process) to a very large extent doesn’t always happen.


“Don’t be heartbroken that you were not nominated, don’t be heartbroken that your friends voted for someone instead of you. Don’t let those things play with your emotions and your heart” Feel Free, make your mistakes, make attempts”.

Finally, he admonished that, the rewards that come with the ministry should surprise you instead of chasing after them with the feeling of entitlement. Trusting the process, being diligent, and persevering in the midst of many other similar gospel artists who wants their works to be heard is the sure way to go.



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Sonnie Badu Becomes The Dean And Professor Of Music At Trinity Int. University Of Ambassadors (Pictures)


Trinity International University of Ambassadors welcomes the Founder and Senior Pastor of US-based RockHill Church Dr. Sonnie Badu into his newly appointed role as the Dean and Professor of Music.

Dr. Sonnie Badu whose impeccable love for the art and music has led him to the pursuit of knowledge including his latest as Honorary Doctorate in Musicology saw this as another opportunity to be used as a medium of blessing to impact the next generation.

“Humbled … to @trinityiua thank you for this honor and I pray God uses me to add to what you already have achieved … Now let the hard work begin … In order to achieve this and make this faculty one of the best in the world, I will be bringing a few trusted legends together as lectures” – He shares on Social Media.

The event which took place over the weekend places the highly respected Ghanaian Gospel star at the peak of his music career, a well-recognized position, and a higher influence in the African gospel industry.

In August 2020, BoomPlay recognized Sonnie Badu’s achievement on the platform as the most-streamed Ghanaian gospel artiste for his album Colours of Africa: Live in London. This is an album that earned a million streams and for his single Baba garnering a total of 500,000 streams.

Sonnie Badu has been off the active music scene as a result of other responsibilities (which obviously includes being a founder and Pastor a Christian denomination), but he recently made a strong reminder that is not gone entirely in his latest release “Pillar of Fire”.

We wish him all the very best in his new role!


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Diana Hopeson To Launch New Album “Hope Vol. 1” On September 27 – Pre-Order Now


Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Hopeson will on September 27, launch her very latest project “Hope Vol. 1” as part of activities laid out in commemorating her golden jubilee celebration. The venue for the launch is Megleant Hotel at Pantang Junction in Accra.

The album titled ‘Hope Vol 1’ which will be distributed digitally with the help of Ghanaian music streaming service, Aftown is currently available for PRE-ORDER HERE.

Diana’s Golden Jubilee celebration started on ​​​​​Sunday, August 30, 2020, when she turned fifty (50). On the same day,  activities for the celebration were launched.

After the album launch on Sunday, September 27, 2020, there shall also be the launch of an autobiography on Diana Hopeson​​​ on Sunday, October 25, 2020.​

The Golden Jubilee activities include industry seminars​​​​ and a Christmas Pageant​​​​​.

The celebration continues next year with activities such as Epiphany​​​​​​, Valentine Special​​​​​, GHMusic Publishing Artistes on Parade​​.

The climax of it all will be the Women in Creative Arts Honors​​​ scheduled for Friday, July 23, 2020.

Diana, who is a former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) is known for gospel songs such as ‘Winner’, ‘Nyame Ye Odomfo’, ‘Jesus Says Yes’, ‘Egbe Na Momo’, among others.


Credit: Citinewsroom

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Don’t hold on to the wrongs people do to you – Rev Lenny Akpadie


Ghanaian gospel artiste, Rev Lenny Akpadie has shared a ‘passionate’ advise to Ghanaians and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

The “Jehovah” hitmaker who recently celebrated his birthday in the studios of Kasapa FM with entertainment host Eddie Ray had this to say;

“Don’t be bitter and dwell on the negative things people do to you, they did it to Joseph and many others but in the end, God glorified himself in their lives”

Explaining further he stated bitterness is killing a lot of people silently as they have been holding on to the wrongs people have done against them for a very long time making them stagnant in life.

“People will wrong us in our regular day to day lives, we must develop a habit of forgiveness so we can set ourselves free from the captivity of bitterness so the blessings of God can fully manifest in our lives.”

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Honour OJ for his depth of music knowledge – Larbi Martinson


German-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Larbi Martinson has said in an interview that Ghanaian Gospel Artiste, OJ is so versatile that he prays he will grow much more older than Agya Koo Nimo to be a resource figure in the future. He said this during an interview with KOB of Gospel Billboard on Instagram live. He said the “maye ss wo pen” hitmaker’s type is rare to find and that he needs to be respected.

He further added that even though he’s a musician, but there are musicians and there are musicians and OJ needs a special award. The German-based Ghanaian gospel musician added that because of OJ’s depth of knowledge in music, he needs to be honored as a musician. He made this known after he said “ I cannot stand on a stage with OJ because his depth of knowledge and skills will weigh me down”. Even though he believes that he has also impacted generations with his gospel songs, he’s not matched with OJ. “ when I’m singing and he’s there, I fumble. I bet you “said Larbi Martinson.


Aside OJ’s great performance in his career, Larbi Martison testifies that OJ is very calm all the time but strong-willed and also open to everyone. He welcomes his heart to people and shows love to them. He continued that OJ is a kind-hearted brother and for that, he loves him.

Larbi Martinson is a full-time gospel musician who hails from Aburi in the Eastern Region. He has been in the music industry for so many years and impacting generations with his songs like “Kronkron” and “Adom” just to mention few. He’s demonstrated his versatility and service by singing back-ups for most of the celebrated gospel musicians in Ghana including, Casey Twum, CSP Kofi Sarpong and many others and have done many live worships. He’s now based in Germany and still continuing with his career.

Source: gospelbillboard

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Play with your husband’s potbelly and stop craving six-packs – Counselor Oduro


Renowned marriage counselor, Rev. Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has advised husbands to be content with their wives and vice versa.

In her interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’, the counselor underscored the need to marry based on character instead of mere physical appearance, stressing that beauty will wither as changes in the body is inevitable.

“As we all grow together, some of the men, their bellies get big. When we met them, they had six-packs. Six-packs can never be there forever. It’ll change. When the belly comes, what do you do? You play with it as a mature woman. So if me too my belly comes, play with it as a mature man,” she advised.

The counselor further said: “If I have to give birth, I’ll change after childbirth. I have three kids; my husband shouldn’t expect me to have the same breasts. I can’t be the same; I’m growing and changing. So if the man is not mature, that is when she starts comparing you to one university girl who doesn’t know anything.”

Although she is not against glamorous weddings, Mrs. Oduro said it should not define what a successful marriage is. According to her, extravagant weddings only projects the flashy side of marriage. The union, she emphasized, requires two mature human beings than toddlers who only aim at making merry.

She said: “Marriage is not a party. It’s not just about having ten bridesmaids… Those things are just a fallacy, excuse my language. It’s not about your wedding; it’s about how you ended the marriage. How can the woman stand as the helpmate when she enters and the man doesn’t have the money anymore?

“If you’re going to marry a woman because she is beautiful, she has shape, when it goes down, you need to live with somebody who’s got a good character. Can she stand with you when nothing is working? That is what we call marriage.”

Source; ghanaweb

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Video: Pastors love sex more after preaching, they experience special annointing after good sex – Counsellor Charllote reveals


“If you want a group of people who love sex then i can tell you it’s Pastors”, these were the words of Counsellor Charllote Oduro when she appeared on Okay Fm’s ‘ekwansodwodwo’ hosted by Abeiku Santana.

As monitored by, the Reverend minister who also doubles as a pastor’s wife and relationship expect stated that most often, after a ministration by a pastor, they often yearn for lovemaking and sex.

She added that any pastor who enjoys good sex has a different and special anointing.

Giving an insightful information about sex, the lady counsellor explained that sex is carnality for unmarried people but with couples, sex is communion and covenant hence sex is good for Christians.

Watch video below:

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There would’ve been more deaths across the world if Gospel music did not exist – Nacee


Renowned sound engineer, Nacee, has asserted that if gospel music did not exist, death tolls across the world would have been higher than is recorded now.

He said during a phone interview on Happy FM’s social and religious programme ‘Nsem Pii’ that there would have been lots of suicides and even issues escalating from politics and governance but gospel music has helped to hold people down as well as control suicides and petty fights.

“Gospel music is just like a pastor preaching to you at church. Gospel musicians get inspiration from these preachings or from the Bible or someone’s story so if they record that in a song and it is played on this platform, for instance, your audience will hear it and if one of them is suicidal, he could change his mind”, he said.

He mentioned, in accordance with this that a gospel musician’s stand is even more delicate because they need more support to spread the gospel to larger audiences so as to save more lives and encourage peace through their music.

Nacee furthered, “Gospel music has helped people to realize that there is God and that we must believe in Him. Gospel music has helped to bring families together, settle people’s differences and it has helped people in their religious life and with their connection to God”.

Source: Happy 98.9FM

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I cried a day after marriage – Monica of Daughters of Glorious Jesus


Monica, one of the members of gospel music group Daughters of Glorious Jesus has revealed that she shed tears a day after a man took her to the alter.

It was not as though she was not happy about the marriage; the sight of her group members [Edna and Cynthia] made her emotional to the extent that she could not control her tears.

“We [Daughters of Glorious Jesus] had stayed together for so many years. And it was the first time I had slept with a man under the same roof. So, they had come to inquire from me what happened. I was sad when I saw them,” said Monica in an interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’.

Edna, a sister to Cynthia disclosed that Monica is their sister-in-law because she is married to their brother.

Chronicling how the love journey begun, Edna mentioned that the brother used to give Monica money for soap since she dedicated her time to wash their clothes whenever they returned from events.

“We noticed our brother was giving her an amount that exceeded what she actually needed for soap to do the laundry. He could give her five times the amount,” Edna recalled but stressed they did not know he was their brother at the time.

Monica is married to Rev. Yaw Owusu-Ansah, the Accra West Regional Overseer of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International.

He is an eminent broadcaster whose award-winning socio-religious programmes which were aired on some of the most listened-to national radio stations in Ghana have blessed innumerable people from all walks of life.

His outfit also reaches out to prisoners and the unreached souls in villages and towns across the length and breadth of the

source; ghanaweb

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