Joe Mettle To Embark On Regional Tour With 10th Anniversary Edition Of Praise Reloaded Concert


Gospel artiste, Joe Mettle is set to rock Ghana with the 10th-anniversary edition of his self-anchored Praise Reloaded concert. The concert, organized by Joe Mettle Ministries, has grown over the years to become one of Ghana’s biggest and most looked-forward-to gospel events which brings together many people from and across the world for a worship experience. Praise reloaded is also positioned as a Centre of Excellence in gospel music in Ghana and Africa.

Watch an excerpt from the press launch.

This year’s anniversary edition of the event is themed The Kadosh and will commence with a regional tour across four regions in Ghana starting with Takoradi on the 15th of May at the Breakthrough Family Ministries International(Windy Ridge), then to Koforidua on the 29th of May at the ICGC Jesus Temple(Koforidua Gallaway). The Praise Reloaded train then makes a stop at CCC, Kumasi on the 5th of June, before climaxing with the grand finale in Accra on the 29th of June at the Perez Dome.

THE KADOSH seeks to resound and create an atmosphere of worship to the King of Glory and to celebrate the goodness of God for a successful 10 years of Praise Reloaded.

Artistes billed to minister alongside Joe Mettle during these tours include KODA, SK Frimpong, Luigi Maclean, Soul Winners, Akese Brempong, Ceccy Twum, Bethel Revival Choir, MOG, Ohemaa Mercy, Kofi Peprah, Ntozoko Mbambo, Nathaniel Bassey, Diana Hamilton, and the Love Gift.

Other activities lined up to celebrate the 10th anniversary include an album release (THE KADOSH), a worship and music seminar, school and community outreaches, a walk with Joe Mettle and friends, and a dinner night with patrons and partners of Joe Mettle Ministries.



Ticket information, venues, and dates for these events will be duly communicated.

For more information ,please contact us on +233-204 663 409 or +233-244 371 044,



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Bishop Agyin Asare Becomes An Archibishop, Hands Over Leadership To Rt Rev Ohene Benjamin Aboagye


The founder of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has been elevated to become an Archbishop and has handed over the Presiding Bishop position to Rt. Rev Ohene Benjamin Aboagye.

Following a consecration service at the Perez Chapel, Dzorwulu branch on April 2, Agyinasare noted that the change forms part of the Church’s new structure to reflect the current realities and demands of the worship center.

Archbishop Agyinasare will however Pastor the Dome.

“Following my announcement last year of changes in our operational architecture to reflect current realities and demands of our church, I have accepted the new role of Archbishop of the Perez Chapel International.”

“Upon my elevation as Archbishop, please be informed that I am relinquishing the position of Presiding Bishop. As Archbishop of Perez Chapel International, I shall continue as the Prelate of the Dzorwulu Branch, (Perez Dome), and would continue to take charge of regular Sunday Church Services and all other activities as I have always done,” he noted.

He added that he will devote more attention to visiting other branches across the nation to ensure a greater presence in “our national network of branches while ensuring that I am sufficiently present at the Dome.”

Welcoming the new role Bishop Ohene will play, Archbishop Agyinasare lauded the new Presiding Bishop and his efforts towards growing the church over the past years.

“It is my greatest pleasure to announce our new Presiding Bishop, Rt Rev Ohene Benjamin Aboagye. From today, he is given the authority and mandate to shepherd this great organization for the next three years. I have no doubt that he would excel. I ask all of you to cooperate with him to lead us on our development and growth trajectory over the period and what God has purposed for us as a church,” he said.

By the nature of this new role Rt. Rev Ohene would not be pastoring a local church dedicated to him but would oversee all our Perez Chapel International branches in Ghana and abroad.

About the Perez Chapel

The Perez Chapel International has a Pentecostal and Charismatic orientation and believes in the totality of the Bible.

The Perez Chapel International, formerly known as the Word Miracle Church International, started in Tamale, Northern Ghana on 29th March 1987.

The Perez Chapel also has over 106 churches in the city of Accra, with its headquarters in Dzorwulu, Accra. The Church currently has almost 600 churches in 22 countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Perez Dome, a 14,000 seater auditorium regarded as the largest auditorium in Ghana and the 13th largest auditorium in the world, is the leading branch of P.C.I.

By the beginning of 2020, the Perez Dome had over 20,000 worshippers in two services. The senior pastors of the Dome are Bishop Charles and Rev Mrs. Vivian Agyinasare.


Credit: Asaase Radio

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Lady Receives Instant Healing On First Day Of “Sawla for Christ” Crusade


Hagar Dortiery, 19, was instantly healed of a chronic eye condition on the first day of the “Sawla for Christ” crusade being organised by the Evangelism Ministry, in partnership with the Sawla Area of The Church of Pentecost.

The spectacular event took place yesterday during a healing session held to climax the opening day of the mega crusade at the Modern Ghana Park, Sawla.

Speaking to PENTECOST NEWS on the sidelines of the event, Hagar, a Senior High School graduate and a member of the Changbalyiri District of the Church, said that she had been suffering from a strange eye condition which had persisted since her early childhood.

According to her, anytime it recurs, her eyes begin to itch terribly and swells for weeks before it comes back to normal.

She said that every effort to remedy the condition had proved futile so she had resigned to the fate of living with it for the rest of her life.

Narrating her miraculous experience, Miss Dortiery said that she came to the crusade ground with a “normal” eye and took part in every aspect of the service.

Later in the service, the Evangelism Ministry Director, Apostle Dr. Amos Jimmy Markin, invited all persons seeking divine healing to step in front. He further directed them to put their hand on the part (area) of the body where they had the problem as he prayed.

Hagar was one of the hundreds of people who responded to the apostolic call in faith by stepping forward and she covered both eyes with her palms.

“Although, it was not time for the condition to recur, as the Evangelism Director began to pray, suddenly my eyes started to itch intensely,” she said.

Hagar said that this time the itching was worse than she had ever experienced. But it totally stopped after Apostle Dr. Jimmy Markin had finished praying, she recounted.

“Why I call this a miracle is that, usually when my eyes begin to itch, it does not stop until it swells for weeks; this time it has completely stopped, yet my eyes did not swell,” she said.

Hagar is confident that the Lord has healed her of her condition and is grateful to Him for confirming His word with signs and wonders.

Miss Dortiery was not the only one to receive the supernatural touch of the Lord. Mrs. Lydia Torso, a mother of four and a member of the Nyange District of the Church, who suffered a hearing impairment was instantly healed as well.

According to her, about a week ago, she felt a sharp pain in her ears and could no longer hear with both ears. She quickly reached out to a Deacon of her assembly to pray with her. After the prayer, Mrs. Torso could partially hear. But, after the healing session, she testified that both ears have opened and she can now hear clearly.

Other spectacular events were also recorded on the opening day of the crusade. Among them was Cynthia Darlara, who testified of being instantly healed of a chronic stomach condition. Hannah Amoah, who had a heart problem and also suffered from recurring abdominal pain, was instantly healed of her ailments.

Linda Gandaari complained of some pains in her leg, for which reason she was unable to stand for more than ten minutes. However, after she was prayed for, she could stand for a longer period without feeling any pain.

Anastasia, an epileptic who always suffered an embarrassing attack whenever she was around people said that, for the first time in her life, she did not have an attack despite being in the midst of the thousands of participants gathered at the Modern Ghana park for the event.

To God be the glory.


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[Out Now] Lady Ophelia drops Official Music Video of Her Latest Song ”M’aseda Nnwom”


Sensational Ghanaian gospel artiste, performer and songwriter, Lady Ophelia has finally released the music video to her latest song titled “ M’ASEDA NNWOM” a song she has dedicated to the glory of God as thanksgiving.

M’ASEDA NNWOM ” a TWI word which literally means ‘My Thank You Song ’ taken from (Psalm 145:18). When the peace of Christ rules in our hearts, thankfulness overflows. Even in the darkest of times, we can praise God for his love, his sovereignty, and his promise to be near us when we call.

The songstress graced the song by releasing a stunning video to clearly aid in telling the meaning of the song. The multi-talented fast rising musician in her new banger, appreciates the grace of God in her life.

Lady Ophelia’ aim is to spread the gospel of Christ through life-changing music, reaching out to Ghana, Africa, and beyond.

”M’ASEDA NDWOM” was written by Lady Ophelia and produced by Shadrach Yawson at Shaa Studio.

The song is available on all digital platforms. Stream below.

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Ghana’s royalty collection, distribution system heartbreaking – Akesse Brempong


Gospel recording artiste Akesse Brempong has described as heartbreaking, Ghana’s royalty collection and distribution systems for musicians.

According to him, Ghana is behind in royalty collection for musicians.

He bemoaned the fact that South Africans after playing his songs pay him royalties but Ghana has not for the past seven years.

Speaking on the Church Groove on Class91.3FM on Sunday, 6 March 2022, Akesse Brempong said “When I think about the royalty collection and distribution systems in Ghana, I get heartbroken. I get heartbroken in the sense that the institution, the body, GHAMRO, has been in existence for a long time but it appears that systems-wise, we’re way behind so much so that we cannot even have locks, a system to monitor.

Sharing his experience, Akesse Brempong noted that it baffles and shocks him that “a few weeks back, I got a call from GHAMRO saying that some royalties due me from South Africa have come to them. South Africa sent my royalties to GHAMRO, so my royalties due me were sent to me through GHAMRO. Then I go to GHAMRO to do the needful. I got there and asked them, ‘so South Africa is sending me royalty and my country, the country I live in, I have not received royalties for seven years?’ So, you can imagine.”

He said due to the problems of royalties, young musicians want to invest in systems outside Ghana, adding, “that’s why the last time they were lambasting Wiyaala for not doing certain things, and what did she say? She doesn’t care because the systems here don’t help us. If systems are put together, the musicians will be better off, the musician will invest in himself, the industry will grow, so, let’s invest in systems that will help the music industry grow.”

He bemoaned that “when I hear about musicians who have retired and they have health challenges and they are on the radio asking for money and begging, I weep.”


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Jayana’s KARA EXPERIENCE 22 well graced


Gospel artistes billed to minister at the maiden Kara Experience served the vision well as they delivered a top-notch spirit-filled ministrations on Sunday, 27th February, 2022 at the Christian Praise International Centre [CPIC]-Annor-Yeboah Cathedral, Pigfarm.

Themed, “I’ll Testify of His Goodness” – Psalm 71:15, the maiden edition pulled many music lovers to the venue to have an experience with God.

The worship experience began with powerful ministrations by hosts of promising gospel ministers comprising Matkay Dancers, Adom Gyimah, Israel Ofori, Selassie Brown, charging the atmosphere.

SP Kofi Sarpong ministered powerfully when he was announced as the surprise artiste to mount the stage.

The main ministrations commenced as Kobby Mantey, Aduhemaa, Kofi Karikari, Ceccy Twum and Jayana led the audience into an atmosphere of worship as many were touched by God’s power.

Present at the event was Bishop Prof. Owusu Jackson-CPIC Chairman, Prophet Francis Adrah, Prophet Nigel Gaise, Pastor Selasie Addae, Stacy Amoateng-Ex. Director Angel Broadcasting Network, Patience Nyarko, Celestine Donkor, Abena Serwaa Ophelia, Minister John Winner and host of others.

Kara Experience was put together by award-winning gospel minstrel JAYANA and her team.

Kara Experience was hosted by gospel minstrel Alexandrah Aboagye. Red carpet was also hosted by Abena Fila of Kasapa Fm and Jaykay of HSTV.

See more photos below.

Source : myrepubliconline

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“It got to a point where my friends and I stole from the offering bowl to drink and smoke”-Nii Addo Addo.

American-based Gospel minister Nii Addo Addo revealed on ‘BREAKOUT’ that despite the fact that he was brought up in the Presbyterian church, his love for the desires of the flesh, especially marijuana, was exceptionally high.

The Anointed Worship Leader said, to be easily found in his local community in his youthful days, you only needed to use his chronic smoking habit. He quickly mentioned though that in spite of his bad attitude, he had the work of God at heart –  he was still regular at church, even if it was just to have fun.

He further intimated that his attitude was so bad he was one time suspended from the Presbyterian church for misbehaving. Nii Addo further stated that he was entangled in all sorts of bad behavior because of peer pressure, and they love to taste and see what the world had for him.


Fifi: So why did you allow peer pressure to engulf you that way?

Nii Addo: peer-pressure – everyone was doing it so I also wanted to give it a try.  A certain strength of character is needed to influence someone who is addicted to bad behavior; if you are not strong and you try it, they would rather pull you to their side.   The moment you get into it, it becomes difficult to come out, and gradually it becomes part of you.

Speaking more on his love for the church, he alluded to the fact that he would even sometimes minister under 99% alcohol or weed influence:

“There was one time I led praise in church under 99% alcohol influence. After the service, a pastor approached me and said all I did was entertain them and not a minister.

That was when my transformation began. The Pastor’s words drove me to start a Youth Club in my neighborhood, which I called ‘Anointed Youth Club’. Although this club was mainly for communal purposes, God used it to transform some of my friends and me.

He further added that he almost jumped from the 6th floor of a building under the influence of drugs, but an unknown voice whispered to him to stop. The fascinating part of Nii Addo’s story is that he was taught how to smoke by his uncle.

Minister Nii Addo narrated his transformational life story in an interview on The Gospel Drive Online with Fifi Folson on Kristocentric station.

According to the Minister, he almost went insane one day after returning from his usual weed joint but was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he received treatment.

How he ended up in jail only 3days after arriving  in America is not what you might think.


Source: kristocentric

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Charles Osei, popularly known as Charlie Keyz is a keyboardist, arranger, composer, Music Director, and producer with close to two decades of music experience as well as working with several well sought after gospel artistes in Ghana and internationally gears up to release his new album on 4th March 2022.

He’s delighted and excited to share this album “SECRET PLACE” with you birthed from a place of fellowship with God. These are songs that will refresh your spirit and stir up your desire to stay in constant prayer and fellowship in the Father’s presence.

The album features two very prominent artistes in the Ghanaian gospel music space thus; Joe Mettle and Ceccy Twum, who have over the years lifted the banner of Jesus high with their voices and ministries.

“Secret Place” which has a total of eight powerful songs is aimed at helping any believer in that place of prayer seeking God’s face in a very conducive atmosphere to make their requests known unto their Father in heaven.

The album “SECRET PLACE” is set to be out and available on digital portals worldwide on March 4, 2022. For more details, please follow CHARLIE KEYZ on all social platforms.




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Joe Mettle to celebrate 10 years of ‘Praise Reloaded’


One of Ghana’s leading gospel musicians, Joe Mettle, has announced he will, in June this year, celebrate ten years of his famous song ministration show dubbed ‘Praise Reloaded’.

According to him, this year marks the tenth-anniversary celebration of the programme.

Mr Mettle took to the Ayekoo Ayekoo mid-morning show hosted by Nana Romeo on Accra 100.5 FM on Thursday, February 17, 2022, to announce plans for the celebration of the anniversary.

He said that, as part of the anniversary, there will be Praise Reloaded organised across the 16 regions and, in some few countries, outside the country.

He added that this year is a big one for Praise Reloaded in Ghana.

Touching on his fan base outside Ghana, Joe Mettle revealed that the United States of America is second followed by the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Europe, South Africa, and Canada in that order.

“It is amazing how I’m being monitored by gospel music lovers in Nigeria”, he added.


Source : classfmonline

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E-Levy: Why the rush? – Nii Okai to gov’t


Veteran Ghanaian Gospel Artiste Nii Okai has added his voice to the masses on the controversial e-levy policy.

He has questioned the sudden rush to pass the e-levy and advised the government to take a critical look at its public relations which can make or unmake them.

Responding to a question posed by Rev. Thompson Sakyi on the Church Groove on Class 91.3FM, Nii Okai noted, “But why the sudden rush to do it? Why? Because there must be a reason and anything that is not really well thought through is bound to face all forms of oppositions either before, during, or after implementation. So for me, I’ll say if it is good, time will tell so take your time and engage and get people on board, but don’t rush.”

Nii OKai is out with an album titled “Revive Us”.He also has “Breaking Seal” and “Mokob3” as two new singles. The main opposition National Democratic Congress and a cross-section of Ghanaians are against the 1.75 percent levy which will affect electronic transactions. Several calls on the government to drop the proposed tax has fallen on deaf ears.

The government has explained that the upsurge in the use of e-payment platforms, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been an impetus for the introduction of the levy.

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