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Love is best appreciated by the undeserving – Ps. Amos Kevin-Annan


Counsellor, Consultant and Inspirational speaker, Amos Kevin-Annan, has asserted that love is best appreciated by the people who seem or happen to deserve it the least.

Speaking on the Springboard Hangout Show which is hosted by Comfort Ocran on eTV Ghana, he reported that often times in our mind, when we relate to people, we may feel that they are undeserving of our love and therefore, we deny them that.

He advised against this and said, “We must come to a point of appreciating the fact that loving one another is actually a human trait because to that extent, you’re going to dignify them in how you speak to them, how you conduct yourself around them and how you validate or invalidate them”.

According to the counsellor, if we invalidate another person, we end up dehumanizing them but when we validate them, then we elevate them to the status in which we find ourselves. By so doing, “the maxim of love your neighbor as yourself begins to find expression in what you’re doing”.

Pastor Kevin-Annan emphasized on the importance of seeing people as our equals and loving them as we love themselves because on his accord, we only get treated how we treat people and if we love others, then we will not treat them as we do not want to be treated.

He concluded that simply seeing others as our equal makes us heed two strong advises from the Bible that say “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”.

By: Maureen Dedei Quaye

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Sonnie Badu Receives Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award In USA


USA-based Ghanaian pastor and musician, Sonnie Badu has been awarded.

He was given a lifetime achievement award from the US President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Vice President.

The renowned man of God was elated in a video

He captioned the video: “Another great honor bestowed upon me. I am truly humbled to receive a presidential life time award from #Biden and #Harris … This particular one is dedicated to my son. And to @tiuauniversity thank you for making it happen… I love you. #PresidentialLifeTimeAward #GlobalImpact.”

Congrats to Dr Sonnie Badu!


kindly click on the link to watch the video

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Apostle Agyenim Boateng joins Plan B 104.5 FM


Renowned Ghanaian radio preacher Apostle Agyenim Boateng is back on the airwaves after an exit from Kasapa Fm. Apostle Agyenim Boateng announced that he has officially joined Plan B 104.5 Fm to continue his live worship and morning radio program.

Apostle Agyenim Boateng is set to host ‘’Aseda Mmere’’ every Monday – Friday 10 am to 12 pm. In a post sighted on Facebook, Apostle Agyenim expressed his appreciation to God and to all his followers for praying and supporting him. He wrote ‘’ Hi family. Let’s give thanks to God for his loving-kindness. The new name is Aseda Mmere’’.


Some pictures from the official unveiling of Apostle Agyenim at Plan B FM

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Apostle Agyenim Boateng part ways with Kasapa Fm


Renowned radio personality/preacher Apostle Agyenim Boateng has taken an exit from Kasapa Fm after 6 years of life-changing impact on the airwaves. The ‘’Anidaso’’ live worship host announced his exit from the radio station with an undisclosed reason on Facebook.

In a post on Facebook, Apostle Agyenim wrote ‘’They said they can’t work with me again, glory to God. God has never failed me in my life, why they said that is only known to God, Keep smiling, no situation is bigger than God”.

This has come as a shock to everyone due to Apostle Agyenim’s impact at Kasapa Fm, He has assured his listeners and followers to remain calm as he prepares to announce his new radio station. Apostle Agyenim Boateng believes that God has ways of making his plans come into fulfillment, and as such, He remains hopeful for a new station to continue making an impact in the lives of believers.


Watch this space for more updates from GospelhubGh

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Church service forced to end after congregants demanded to know why their pastor has pot belly


An unnamed pastor from Utawala, Nairobi had a rough time trying to explain to his flock the strategies he uses while fasting.

It is alleged that believers who fellowship in his church had doubts whether he fasts because his potbelly kept on increasing despite him urging them to always fast.

On a material day, congregants had flocked the church to full capacity. However, before the service commenced they started asking the servant of God some questions.

“Excuse me Reverend, before today’s service begins, there is something we would like to ask from you.” One of the congregants started.

The pastor became shocked because he didn’t know what they wanted to enquire from him. However, he still allowed them to proceed to ask their questions.

“Reverend, you’ve been asking us to fast steadfastly. I personally fast five times a month and my body can tell it all. Look how skinny I have turned to be.” The man started

“We’ve been following up on your health progress for a long while and developed doubts whether you fast. Unlike us, you are always nourishing and even your potbelly has significantly increased.” The man continued

Some of the congregants bursted into laughter and their faces could be seen glowing.

“That’s very true. You’ve always been increasing yet that’s the complete opposite to us. Kindly advice us on the strategies you use so that we can also be like you” Another congregant said.

The pastor was left confused and without words to speak he slowly returned to his seat. While still seated, he condemned them for mocking him. “I didn’t tell you not to eat, so stop accusing me falsely.” The pastor said to them.

The congregants on the other hand started walking out of the church leaving him alone with his wife.

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Pastor Brian Amoateng Fills UPSA auditorium with Thousands of Ghanaian Youth at IYES.

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Thousands of young people gathered at the just ended 7th edition of the International Empowerment Youth Summit (IYES) which was held at the University of Professional Studies auditorium here in Accra. The two days conference was held on 12th and 13th of August 2021, and hosted various participants all over the country.

The conference commenced with an uplifting message from Pastor Brian Amoateng, the founder and president of IYES foundation. He encouraged the youth to look beyond the criticisms and work towards achieving their dreams. He also admonished young people to not waste their youth but rather make the best out of every opportunity given to them.

The vice president of the Republic of Ghana Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia who was also the special guest of honor for the conference joined the conference via zoom with a message of assurance to the youth about the governments effort to provide the needed support the youth needed to succeed. He also encouraged the youth to make good use of avenues made available to them as future leaders of the nation.  He also thanked Pastor Brian Amoateng for the IYES summit and its impact on the Ghanaian youth.

The conference saw a  host of other speakers including Hon Okudzeto Ablakwa, Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Patricia Obo Nai, Jackie Appiah, Freedom Jacob Caesar, Oboubia Darko, Nana Mcbrown, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, Dr. Frank Ofosu Appiah, Pastor Daniel Amoateng, Pastor Samson Amoateng and many others.

Participants were inspired with amazing messages from the various speakers and were thrilled with powerful song ministrations from Diana Hamilton the reigning VGMA artiste of the year and a host of other guest artistes.  There was an opportunity for questions and answers were participants were able to interact with speakers. Former participants also shared their testimonials from previous years of IYES and how it has impacted their lives.

IYES seeks to empower and equip the youth on a crowd section of relevant topics from seasoned ministers of God, entrepreneurs and professionals who have influenced and impacted lives. IYES has served as a platform to inspire and empower Ghanaian youth.

Source: gospel2me

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A believer has rights to do whatsoever he so wishes – the Bible says all things are lawful to the believer but also not all are expedient for him to do. This is because the very life God lives is what HE gave the believer. The same spirit that flows from God through HIS son Jesus, also flows through the believer and it is the reason we are entitled to all the riches in Christ Jesus as believers; atleast Prophet Prince Manasseh Atsu explains that very well.

Nothing is impossible for God to do and so is the believer but God doesn’t do everything or just anything so the believer who resides as a member in the body of Jesus cannot also do everything or just anything. Bible calls those that walk according to the word of God children of light and calls those who don’t as the children of darkness. The gospel of Jesus is higher, bigger, greater, and more tangible than secularism.

The systems of the present world is controlled by Secularism(which is filled by the three things that defines an unbeliever(someone who has not accepted Christ as their Lord and personal saviour): 1. Lust of the flesh 2. Lust of the eyes 3. Pride of life(riches, fame, power, vanities of life, etc) Prophet Prince Manasseh Atsu has mentioned alot of important things to know in different sermons and one of them is: ‘The most important thing to know about the word of God is that; the Word(Jesus, John1:1-3) is God.”

Therefore whatsoever God does is done by and through the word. God doesn’t do anything without HIS word so HE lifted HIS word beyond(above) all things including heaven and all of HIS names. The Word of God in person(Jesus) and in all other forms indeed cannot be subjected by man as a tool of licentiousness to qualify, regularise, normalise, legitimize or sanitise an action, word, deed, intent or behaviour that the Word of God clearly calls sin or evil. In simple terms a man cannot come under the umbrella of God and then later use his name to redefine what God calls sin or evil to be good.

There are many entities speaking today, at every split second there’s a new word out there that is coming from all kinds of sources in this our world and generation where secularism reigns. Every entity speaking or giving any kind of word whether physical or spiritual is winning souls for a particular course. These words or messages coming from all these sources compete with the Word of God sometimes in the life of the believer and where care and diligence is not upheld, the believer may end up poisoning the true Word of God with the words of deception and lies from all the other sources.

You can put into perspective all the commercials you see from the media to billboards, pop-ups, tele-marketing and social media links that engulf your space on a daily; including the ones displayed everywhere you find yourself. Are all the claims being made in those commercials true? Are the services being advertised truly giving value for money as purported in those commercials? Your guess will definitely be as good as mine! Don’t let anyone redefine the Word of God for you in any form or context. Go for the true Word of God and keep it only. Anything else is either diluted, poisoned or a wrong representation of God.

So as a believer the moment you drift from the narrow path(God’s way) to the Broad path(everything goes way) then you cannot manifest your mandate, glory, praise and intended purpose or destiny for whatsoever you’re called for – to do. God has a destiny for all things HE created and handed over to us. Until we use them rightfully, we are just out of God’s way. When man tries to redefine the pathways to experience God’s glory which is given us by Grace, what he does is not spirited by God or from God. Whatever he does is by himself no matter how it is branded, smeared, sandwiched, brandished or presented with the name of God, it is still not from God because that is not what HE has given or said in HIS word. It is not what HE gave.

For instance, God is love and HE created love for us all. There’s the Agape love which Christ expressed by dying for us. There’s the erotic love that is intended to exist between the married couple yet the devil and his cohorts have tried from the beginning of creation to corrupt love by generating selfish desires in people – called ‘lust’. This stirs unholy and selfish sexual desires in the sons and daughters of men to do shameful, disgusting things that do not express love or define it in the will of God. In other words, lust can never be the definition of love because it is pseudo, corrupted or evil. It doesn’t fulfill anything good in people but rather comes to drain the life, peace, joy and hope of people. It is a tool of deception that deceives to steal.

The family system is under attack today because the systems of this world that is founded and spearheaded by secularism is trying so hard to redefine it. For instance, the definition for marriage some two decades ago is no longer what it is today. Some lifestyles and actions that were unacceptable including ‘language’ in the last decade have been legitimised through many social concepts and constructs. The issue of Gender and its definition is still a subject in contention that has brought about alot of division in the world today.

In the end, remember whatsoever you choose to do will put you in a certain category; light or darkness – truth or falsehood – reality or vanity. One thing that separated the believer from the unbeliever is the Holy Spirit. This is because the Holy Spirit teaches us through all truths. Truth is what helps us to do right and live right so when the truth is missing then all other things existent without it is false no matter how good they appear and the results they may be giving.

The unbeliever, carnal or natural man can have everything in God’s creation except the Holy Spirit. When our works go through the fire of God, it is only those that are spirited and were formed by the Holy Spirit that will stand. All other works inspired by self-will, lust of the eyes, flesh and vanities of life will be burnt. We are the results and products of what we believe and do. Don’t copy blindly something that is founded or created by ungodly unbelieving people or systems and defend it with the gospel of Christ Jesus. It won’t work and even if it does it is dead works.

By: Listowell Acquaye (@chosenyesuba) | 2021

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“One And Only” Singer Carl Clottey To Release A New Song Of Affirmation “Nkunim”


Carl Clottey, a name that is gradually warming the hearts of many gospel music lovers is yet to release another wonderful piece of work he titled “Nkunim”, a faith-based declarative song set for release on Tuesday, July 27.

The worshipper and songwriter is assuring all believers that there is still a victory in Christ Jesus in this upcoming single in line with the Scriptures as recorded in 1 Corinthians 15:57 – “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

“This beautiful masterpiece is a song of Declaration and Affirmation that God’s Word over your life and Destiny will surely come to pass if only you believe” – Carl added.

Carl Clottey is well known for his hit songs “ Aforebo“, “One And Only” “Deedew”, Ngbooda ft Belac360″, and the most recent one “Di WO Hene ft Naana Asiedu“. With a versatile approach to music, Carl Clottey has become one of the finest songs writers in the Ghanaian gospel fraternity with a unique style that commands worship and deep thoughts.

Watch “Di Wo Hene” by Carl Clottey below;


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Phil Thompson, MOG, Propa Ochimana And More To Grace Tehillah Experience 2021


Every year, patrons of Ohemaa Mercy’s Tehillah Experience look forward to the event with great anticipation, and this year, the build-up to another wonderful edition has begun.

Last year, Tehillah Experience could not come off as a result of the pandemic, but this year, the team is ready with adequate preparation with a promise of deep praise, worship, and the move of God, something the annual event has been known for.

In a press launch held Tuesday, July 13 at the Airpot West Hotel in Accra, Ohemaa was happy for a comeback as far as Tehillah Experience is concerned. She was very elated for what God will be doing in this year’s edition.

Watch: Efe Grace’s Powerful ministration at the press launch

According to the “Ote Me Mu” singer, the theme for this year’s edition is “Behind The Veil”. She explains that the experiences of God glory is for everyone and no more hidden behind the veil as in the days of old.

Scheduled for Sunday, August 8, at the ICGC Calvary Temple at 4pm, Ghanaian gospel legend, Ohemaa Mercy would be joined in worship by a legion of spirit-filled Ministers including USA-based hitmaker Phil Thompson, Nigeria’s Prospa Ochimana, Ceccy Twum, Michael Stuckey, MOGmusic, Francis Amo, Uncle Ato and Obaapa Christy.

Source: Worshippersgh

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Recording studios were hard to find when I started music – Yaw Sarpong


Gospel musician, Yaw Sarpong has described recording songs in years past as difficult.

Sharing his musical journey on the E Vibes show, the ‘Wo Haw Ne Sen’ hit maker says he believes things are much easier today because of the introduction of technology.

“Before, to get someone to record a single track was not that easy. This is because there were no studios around, there was just one in Accra and one in Kumasi so it’s very difficult to record. Today, the story is different. We have a lot of studios in houses so it’s not like before,” he told Becky.

Over 40 years of doing music, producing 26 albums and still counting, the lead singer for the Asomafo band have made waves in the gospel music industry.

His songs have been an inspiration to many in all corners of the country.

With a strong passion for singing, Yaw Sarpong in the early stages of life joined the Methodist singing group at Asuofua (in the Ashanti Region) where he was discovered by one Medical Doctor who also wanted to form a music group in 1971.He recorded his first album in 1981 titled Adesrede (Request) and second album between 1983 and 1984.

E Vibes is a weekly programme that delves into the background of the country’s celebrated personalities who are doing tremendous work in their chosen field of work cutting across sectors.


Source : myjoynews

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