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Jayana – TIME


Ghanaian gospel artiste, Jemima Annor-Yeboah, popularly known as JAYANA has released another soul-inspiring song titled ‘TIME’.

TIME motivates Christians to wait on God’s perfect timing. In times of trials and tribulations, God’s TIME grows one’s faith as they are forced to wait and trust in God and it makes certain that He, and He alone, gets the glory and praise for pulling His people through.

The new single is produced by DaveJoy Production and the music video was directed by PLAYMAKER MEDIA. The on written by Joyce Blessing.

TIME is on all digital platforms for download.

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“I’m ready to be an ordained Pastor but ..” – Joe Mettle


Multiple award-winning gospel artiste Joe Mettle has expressed interest in being an ordained pastor if it is the will of God.

The musician says he will not hesitate to be called an ordained man of God but will not rush it.

He believes that decision is a spiritual one that requires a lot of prayers and direction from God.

Joe Mettle told Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that he is already doing God’s work but the difference is that he has not been ordained.

But he stressed, he will never say no when God directs him to take up his work as an ordained pastor.

Meanwhile, he has called for restructuring, of the Copyrights Office to ensure musicians get the best from their work.



Source: christonsem

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If your husband travels for more than three years, leave the marriage – Pastor advises


Rev. Nyansa Boakwa, a man of God and host of Happy FM’s religious programme ‘Nsem Pii’, insists that if a man travels and stays as long as three years away from his wife, the marriage should be dissolved.

He said on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ during a discussion about ‘Masturbation’ with host, Adwen, the Love Doctor that masturbation is wrong and should never be done whether alone or on phone with one’s partner.

“If you’re even living with your wife and for a period, you haven’t had sex, that is not marriage. So if you’re listening to me and you’ve allowed a man to marry you only for him to leave your side for ten years, you will be here alone till you grow old and die. Leave that marriage,” he exclaimed.

Per Rev. Nyansa’s view, marriage is only valid when there is a consummation of the marriage, and when the man and his wife share the same bed. He also noted that in marriage, the least number of times a couple should have sex within a week is four or five times.

“If you marry a woman and you have to travel, take her along. If you leave her behind, marry another wife there and let her also marry someone else here,” the pastor further added.

Source: etvgh

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Marry out of vision and not love- Sonnie Badu to women


Popular Preacher and Head Pastor of Rockhill Church, Dr Sonnie Badu has advised ladies against marrying because of love.

According to the man of God, women have to be strategic when it comes to marriage.

“As a woman, you just don’t go into any marriage because you are in love. He bought me a gift and he’s so nice, amazing, he takes me out, he takes me to dinner and I’m in love…no no no baby boo turn, your destiny has everything to do you have to be strategic” he told his congregation during his “She Woman Conference.”

He also added;

“If you make a mistake and you choose or you accept from the wrong person based on his romance and not his vision. A lot of young ladies go for romance and not vision…carry on. Very soon he’ll start borrowing money from you…he’ll tell you to use your credit card in debt and by the time you realise you’ve had 2-3 kids…waste of time.”

By: Gospelhubgh

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MOG, Daughters headline ‘Celebration of his Grace’ concert


The organizers of the annual gospel musical concert dubbed “Celebration of His Grace” have said preparations are far advanced to host this year’s event to entertain gospel music fans in the country.

Slated for September 20 at the National Theatre in Accra, the concert, which would be streamed live on all the social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube, would be headlined by one of the urban gospel artistes, Bernard Amankwah, who is credited with several hit songs including like Presence, Almighty and The Glory Has Come.

The purpose of the event according to the organizers is to win souls for Christ and to extend the love of God to humanity, as well as provide a platform for Christians to have fulfilled praise and worship time with God.

It will witness performances from gospel giants like MOG and Daughters of Glorious Jesus who will thrill gospel music fans to their satisfaction.

The list of all the artistes billed to perform at the event would be unveiled on the second week in August, the organizers told BEATWAVES.

They promised that gospel music lovers who would grace this year’s event would be treated to some good and danceable songs from all the artistes billed for the event.

In an interview, the headline artiste, who will perform for over two hours on stage, described the concert as an event designed to fulfill the spiritual needs of people.

Mr. Amankwah, who would perform alongside his 11-man band, hinted that the concert was an outlet for many who had also been blessed to turn up and rejoice with them.

He noted that “God has been faithful to us and I believe that the time has come for us to showcase the excellence that we are also made of when it comes to the arts.”

He added that, “Celebration of His Grace Concert”, was not only for his ministry (His Presence Ministry) but also for the countless number of Ghanaians, who had also been blessed by God, to come and show gratitude to the almighty.

Asked what patrons should expect on the day, Bernard said they should come to the venue assured of an experience of a lifetime.

Source: Daily Guide Network

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How God changed Nigeria’s Nathaniel Bassey’s story in 2017


Nathaniel Bassey is a gospel artiste, born in Lagos in 1978. He is popularly known for his song, “Imela”, “Onise Iyanu” and “Olowogbogboro”.

He is the brain behind the #HallelujahChallenge, where he worships God for an hour, from 12:00 mid-night to 1:00 am. He streams this event on his Instagram page and invites others to join him. In less than a month, the event had over 600,000 viewers. The HallelujahChallenge for 2020 was held from 4 to 24 February.

Bassey started his musical career in the church where he joined the Rhodes Orchestra and played the Trumpet for two years. Bassey was just a trumpeter until he composed a song during the visit to Stella Obasanjo, the late wife of a former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. In 2018, Bassey was one of the leading artistes at Nigeria’s biggest Christian gathering, The Experience.

Few days back, he spoke with popular Lagos Pastor, Tony Rapu, on Instagram live chat and he revealed much about his life and career.

Everyone calls you Nathaniel Blow, how did you get that?

I served in the City of David for a long time (for over 10 years). I served as a trumpet player to my late mentor, Pastor Esko, and he asked us to put together a blast called Trumpet Blast. We would normally close out service with a trumpet blast. He would read the benediction and when he was done, he would say to me Nathaniel Blow and I would just sound the trumpet and that happened for years. People would call me Nathaniel Blow and I thought it was a very prophetic name to hold and there was no need to re-invent the wheel. So, my e-mail is Nathaniel Blow. My Instagram rage is Nathaniel Blow. My Twitter handle is Nathaniel Blow, so I think there is something prophetic about the name, so every time they call me I just have to blow.

Were you in the old Freedom Hall, at all?

No, I joined just immediately City of David started at Lagoon.

Tell us about Halleluyah Challenge: How did you come into it and what happened to make you phenomenon in the world?

Years ago, before Pastor Eskor died, he began a series on Halleluya. He did an extended study on Halleluya, that Halleluya was actually a lifestyle. It was a very interesting study. We would even dress like it literally. Halleluyah means to be foolish before God, and that was years ago. Years came and gone, I went to Isreal in 2017. I normally go to Isreal with some friends every year. We usually worship there morning and night for about 7 to 8 days and then we go on-site visit (tour).

One of those nights, a friend of mine began to prophesy that God was going to move mightily in our lives. Pastor Banjo said God was going to do a new thing, and that the spirit of God was about to change the face of the earth, and then we came back. I remembered that you have to work with every prophetic word; you don’t just let it pass by. So I came back around April and I decided I would breakthrough men. So I organised what I call a Tongue Challenge and I said who was interested to join me and we did that for a couple of hours and that ran for like a month. So, we sometimes had 400-700 people who would join and the very last night, I said why didn’t we gather somewhere in Lekki and pray and worship in spirit, and people came, it was massive. Just as I was celebrating, that we had finished, I just heard the Lord saying. “The whole of June 2017, based on Acts-16, 25 to 26, at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to Lord, and there was an earthquake and this came as a very strong word and then I announced Halleluya night from Tongue Challenge.

The first night, I was alone in my house, I was dressed casually in white singlet and the light was off and I began to praise and worship God and people started joining me. I had like 2,000 people joining me and the next day would be 7,000 and then 13,000, 15,000.

Then I had a few friends who asked me if they could come over to join me and bring some instruments like keyboards and so on, and that was how it exploded. The rest is history.

I listened to a message you released at a point about the difficulties you went through like you wanted to travel and you couldn’t get a visa, but here you are today. What message could you give to those who are waiting for God to give them big break?

I always use the analogy of a Cedar tree. A cedar tree is a very interesting tree. If you plant a mango tree beside a cedar, free, in a few weeks or months, you will see the signs of growth and in about a year you should be able to harvest. But it would take a cedar tree time to go down and find its roots.

That is my simple analogy. And when people see mango tree, it would be good for example because it would quickly bring fruits, while the cedar tree takes longer time to even let its roots go down and people would be asking the cedar tree “what is going on”?

But the reality is, the lifespan of a mango tree is just very short, but that’s not the case of cedar tree. Some researchers have discovered that some of the cedar trees that existed during the time of Jesus Christ time still exist.

When a cedar tree begins to grow, it grows non-stop, and it uses are numerous. But I thank God because I was able to accept those process. There were times I thought I was ready and my pastor would say, “yes you are gifted, you are anointed but there is no character yet. I came in a season where I enjoyed the process.

There was a time the church said it’s time to travel and I didn’t want to travel again because I was already enjoying the presence of God. I would just stay at home worshipping and weeping. My sister didn’t understand what happened. All these time, I didn’t know what was happening, except a particular day, I was at home playing the piano and I was just weeping before the Lord and I felt something like a blanket, resting on my head at No 12, Obiwunmi Street, Off Fola Agoro, Somolu, Lagos. It rested on my head and I know it was holy. I jumped out of the room and ran away. Later that evening, I was driving to the church and between CMS and Bonny Camp (I was driving in my KIA car) and my 3310 Nokia phone rang and then I picked it up, a man of God from the other side, who had never called before said to me Nathaniel: The Hand of God is upon you from today, conduct yourself accordingly. From then on I began to chase the Lord.

I just kept serving in the church. I would work with the children and I would put together a team. I began to do things outside my job description just to be busy. I would call my friend to pray night after night. So, we just had this fire burning.

And then Pastor Eskos left and I had to move to another parish where I was a music director and then the Pastor-in-Charge called me that I want you to lead the youth church, and just like that the song was born out of prayers like “Onise Iyanu”. When I prayed in the spirit I would hear Onise Iyanu and I would ask what does that means and I turned to an usher to tell me the meaning of Onise Iyanu because I don’t speak Yoruba. Olowogbogboro was during the Halleluya Challenge. Immediately, I look into a guy, I heard something like Olowogbogboro in the spirit. I could not pronounce it and I said it like that and people started typing Olowogbogboro and that was how the phrase just went viral.

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Jail Akuapem Poloo for her stupid, senseless nude picture with son – Music producer


Artiste manager and producer, Kwasi Ernest has called on Ghanaian authorities to deal with Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo after she posed nude with her seven-year-old on his birthday.

In a post sighted by, the CEO and Managing Director of Media Excel urged the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and activists for child rights to do anything within their power and punish Akuapem Poloo for her action.

He described her action as senseless and stupid.

Mr Kwasi Ernest was hopeful punishing Akuapem Poloo would serve as a deterrent to others.

“To the social welfare organization in Ghana, ministry of gender, children and women’s protection and female activist in this country if this young woman is not punished and jailed for this senseless and stupid act then I dare say our country no more has its sovereignty and cultural values intact, it started with twerking and people said she was looking for hype today u are all witnessing a crazy woman walking on the streets of Ghana calling herself a public figure and role model…we will see worse if we don’t tame our young women in Ghana calling themselves celebrities,” he wrote on Facebook.

His comment comes after reports that Akaupem Poloo has been invited by the Ghana Police Service following her action which has been condemned many people.


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UK Based Ghanaian Gospel Singer Niiella To Contest For Season 10 Of “Sunday Best” Gospel Music Reality Show


The reality gospel singing competition “Sunday Best” is back with the 10th season and Ghana is proud to have one of the finest female vocalist and UK based gospel singer Niella represent the nation as well as, Africa and The UK in this year’s edition.

Niella Danquah who has been phenomenal with her music and very known for her unwavering passion for musical perfection is gearing up for another phase of her music career on the “Sunday Best” stage to contests with other equally talented musicians for the top price.

“If you’re gonna do something, do it with your CHEST abi? I’m repping GHANA 🇬🇭 , AFRICA 🌍 , and UK 🇬🇧 HARD! 😵😵 @betsundaybest ” – Niiella shares on her IG page earlier.

The BET’s reality show is regarded as one of the well-produced and top gospel music-oriented reality shows and is set to hit your screens in six days’ time, starting Sunday, July 5 at 8 pm.




Season 10 welcomes back GRAMMY®-winning music legend Kirk Franklin as host; returning as judges are GRAMMY® winning songstress & host of “Get Up Mornings,” Erica Campbell, GRAMMY® nominated artist & star of BET’s “American Soul” Kelly Price and GRAMMY® nominated & multiple Stellar award-winning artist Jonathan McReynolds.

The Sunday Best for the past 9 seasons has seen incredible performances and top-notch vocal abilities exhibited by passionate singers vying for the top spot in getting RCA recording contract and more.

The 9th season was won by the magnificent and incredible Melvin Crispell, III who was on top of his game from start to finish in the competition, hence winning that mouth-watering recording deal from RCA.

Other Sunday Best winners below:

  1. Crystal Aikin (season 1)
  2. Y’anna Crawley (season 2)
  3. Le’Andria Johnson (season 3)
  4. Amber Bullock (season 4)
  5. Joshua Rogers (season 5)
  6. Tasha Page-Lockhart (season 6)
  7. Geoffrey Golden (season 7)
  8. Dathan Thigpen (season 8)

Wishing Niiella the very best in the competition!

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Prophet James Osei Amaniampong Donates His 3 Months Salary To Feed Some Hungry People In Kumasi


Prophet James Osei Amaniampong, the Asokwa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, has committed three months of his salary (April to June) to provide one hot meal for some vulnerable members and non-members within the Asokwa Area of the Church.

The gesture by the Asokwa Area Head started from May 15 to June 3, 2020, where about 1,500 people were fed. The beneficiary communities include Ahinsan, Sokoban, Kurofofrom, Nyameani, Kuntanase, Adwampong, Kaase and Abidjan-Nkwanta.

Explaining his motivation for embarking on the gesture, Prophet J. O. Amaniampong said that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought untold hardship to many families and individuals.

According to him, eating a hot meal has become difficult for some people, hence his resolve to provide one hot meal for such individuals in the selected communities. He encouraged other ministers of the Gospel and individuals who are in the position to help to assist the needy.

During the distribution of the meals, the team linked up with the pastors in the selected communities who helped to mobilize the people in their communities to receive the meals. As part of the exercise, the gospel was shared with the recipients, and many gave their lives to Christ.

The beneficiaries, including the aged, adults and children, expressed their joy and appreciation to Prophet Amaniampong for the kind gesture.

Prophet Amaniampong is known for his unique spirit of giving. He has on several occasions donated huge sums of money to support church projects in various districts of the Church. He has donated his property to the Church to be used as a district mission house in support of the work of God.


By: Gospelhubgh

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The Church of Pentecost launches mobile app.


The Youth Ministry of the Church of Pentecost has launched its first ever mobile application.

The colourful ceremony which was held at the studios of PENT TV, was part of the National Youth Week Celebrations held from Monday 15th – Sunday 21st June, 2020 under the theme, “Grounded in Christ, Possess the Nations”.

Delivering the welcome address, Pastor Ebenezer Hagan, the National Youth Director indicated that the app was developed as a strategy to help produce a mighty workforce for Christ out of young people, who will champion the ‘Possessing the Nations’ agenda of The Church of Pentecost, which is aimed at expanding the Kingdom of God on earth.

Giving a gist about the app, the developer, Daniel Owusu Ansah, Chief Executive Officer of Owatech Innovations, explained that Information Technology has become a potent tool to advance the work of God, hence the decision to partner with the Youth Ministry to develop the app.

Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, who launched the app, read from 1 Timothy 4:14 and 1 Chronicles 12:32. He expressed confidence in the ability and gifts of the youth. In his exhortation, Apostle A.N.Y Kumi-Larbi admonished the youth not to let anyone despise them because they are young. He entreated the youth to discern the times and pray to God for new ideas like the concept of the app to meet timely needs.

He concluded his message by asking leadership at the various levels of the Church to present the youth, who form about 42% of the Church’s membership with opportunities to utilize their God-given abilities and gifting.

Apostle Emmanuel Gyesi-Addo prayed for the various teams put together to help run the app. They are; Technical Team, Counsellors, and the Ambassadors for the App.

The first newsletter produced by School of Apologetics of the Youth Ministry was also launched alongside the app.

The various Social Media platforms of The Church of Pentecost Youth Ministry that is, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as well as the official website of the Ministry,, which had been given a phase lift were re-launched.

The Pentecost Youth App has features for real time communication with Counsellors and gives option to users who may decide to show or hide their identity.

It also has the yearly devotional guide produced by the Youth Ministry, The Streams of Living Water as well as the annual Bible Reading Plan the Ministry is using to promote the reading of the Bible from cover to cover among young people.

The Ministry’s media resources such as songs, sermons and other materials are available on the app as well.

The app provides real time notification to the youth about events. Also, there is a space for the marketplace where patrons could sell their products or buy through the app. Aside the flexible user profile management, there is the opportunity to make notes for future references and for sharing on social media.

The app also provides space for accessing all information on PENSA, the Church’s campus ministry, and for the ‘Home’ Youth Ministry contexts in the various Areas and Districts of the Church.

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