Mercy Chinwo Grabs The Best Gospel Artiste Award At Just Ended AFRIMMA 2020


Award-winning Nigerian gospel singer Mercy Chinwo grabs the Best Gospel Artiste awards at the just ended 2020 edition of the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).

A few hours after it was announced on the official Instagram page of AFRIMMA, mercy reposted and appreciated everyone for their support towards her gospel music ministry.

“THANK YOU JESUS 🙌🙌 ALL THE GLORY IS YOURS FOREVER🙏🙏Reposted from @afrimma #Afrimma 2020 Best Gospel Artist” – She wrote.

Mercy chinmo AFRIMMA 2020

Mercy contested in this category with some of the best gospel stars from the continent such as Joe Mettle – Ghana, Miguel Buila – Angola, Sinach – Nigeria, Icha Kavons – Congo, Winnie Mashaba –, South Africa, Diana Hamilton – Ghana, DJ Kerozen – Ivory Coast, Benjamin Dube – South Africa, and Tim Godfrey – Nigeria.

The African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) is an independent award scheme based in Dallas – US set up in collaboration with the African Union (AU) to celebrate the contribution of Music to the culture around the continent of Africa regardless of the genre.

The 2020 African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) which came off virtually on November 15 saw many artists across the continent take home numerous honors.

Congrats to Mercy Chinwo.



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The Untold Story Of Bishop Charles Agyin Asare And Wife As They Renew Their Marital Vows (Pictures)


It is the kind of epic love story you might find in a Christian literature or movie. A man meets a woman prior to a crusade. His heart melts like an ice block placed in the sun. He prays about it and more than three decades later, they are celebrating 35 years of marital bliss.

The beginning was not on a silver platter. Although she initially agreed to his proposal, she later changed her mind but he was so resolute to the extent of giving her the date and the time of getting married to her. It paid off.


“All these years with you feels blissful with you by my side. I remember this day like it was yesterday when we celebrated our 25th anniversary (10 years ago). I love you more each passing day.” – He wrote on Social Media”

Thirty-five years on and a pearl anniversary, the preacher is still married to the teacher and two became one – working together in the Lord’s Vineyard – touching and transforming lives. And on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of their marriage, they melted the hearts of many as they walk down the aisle again to renew their marriage vows

That is the story of Bishop Charles Agyinasare and Rev Mrs Vivian Agyinasare, Founders of the Perez Chapel, formerly known as the World Miracle Church International.

Childhood, education, and calling

The soft-spoken Bishop Charles Agyinasare was born on March 22, 1962 at Achiase in the Eastern Region to a soldier, Staff Sergent Andrews Asare (a Fante and Akyem), and Madam Elizabeth Arthur (an Nzema). He is therefore partly Fante, Akyem, and Nzema.

He cut his academic teeth in the Garrison Basic School before going to St Martin’s Secondary School.

He later got his A’ Levels at the Workers College, now the University of Ghana City Campus. His impressive CV also has All Nations for Christ Bible Institute in Benin City in Nigeria, Vision International University in the United States, an LLB at the University of London, and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). He also holds a Ph.D. in Theology from the Vision University in the United States.

He had his share of vices in marijuana, women, and truancy before he was arrested by the Holy Spirit in 1980.

When he was saved in 1980, he said he sensed two weeks later that he was called to preach. So he started working towards it by studying the Bible and immersing himself in prayer. By 1983, he was ready for full-time Ministry.

“When I was a kid, anytime we played, I used to act as a priest. I acted as a preacher and burying people. Later on, when I obeyed the call, then I had an encounter that made me hear a voice, which said I will heal the sick, raise the dead, and preach the kingdom.”

The televangelist said if he had not been called, his childhood dream was to become a lawyer.

Asked why he wanted to be a lawyer, he laughed for almost 45 seconds and said “let’s leave it there”. But when pushed he replied with a clasped hands,  “I wanted to speak for people. I always felt that I couldn’t stand watching while people are taken advantage of.”

From Proposal to Marriage

Marriage life started at an age many in Ghana would consider quiet young—23— for the itinerant preacher who interestingly met his wife to be in 1984 in Akim Oda in the Eastern Region, prior to a crusade.

“In 1984 as part of the advance team of Ghana Evangelical Society Crusade, I was chatting with her friends and she walked in. When I saw her, it hit me that this is it. She was somebody I just mellowed for,” he recalled with a smile.

Thereafter, his proposal came.  She told him two proposals were under consideration but she asked for time to think and pray about it. With time, she said yes and changed her mind again because she was a few years older than him.

But the confident young evangelist did not give up, as he put it, “I was confident I was going to win the election.”

“I wrote back to her telling her I will win the election and I’m coming on a particular date to finalise things. She felt that I may not be able to take care of her, but I had to reassure her that I would be able to do it.”


Today, the walls of tribalism that hindered inter-ethnic marriages in the past are gradually breaking down but in those days, Miss Vivian Dogbe was apprehensive because earlier, her parents had refused to give her hands to even people from her ethnic group.

“She wasn’t sure how her dad would take it. I am a Fante/Akyem/Nzema and she is an Ewe but surprisingly, he just accepted me without even seeing me. The day the dad met me, he said, ‘I don’t know you but I just like you’.”

Young and with not much to his name, Bishop Agyinasare’s biggest breakthrough in the Ministry came in Asamankese in the Eastern Region where a congregation of scores became thousands within a week.

Coincidentally, the daughter of a Mirror Reporter was healed on one of the days–the news made it into the newspaper and the name Agyinasare spread like wildfire.

When they got married in 1985, the man moved to his wife’s house. But four months later, the preacher was on the move to Bible School in faraway Nigeria to study crusade planning.

It is an episode in his marital life that he said he regretted and given the chance, he would rewrite that part of the script because it was tough for him and his beloved ‘Vivi’ as he affectionately calls the pillar behind him.


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Unsung legend Rev. Martinson Larbi


“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ” – Colossians 3:23-24

The growing demonstration of ingratitude that has for years bedevilled Ghana’s gospel industry and the non-recognition of legends are largely to blame for the inability of the industry to flourish as an important wing of God’s ministry.

Gospel music, in spite of the growing challenges, continues to serve as an important instrument to propagate the gospel courtesy the persistent contribution of some few individuals who have dedicated themselves to the task.

One name that stands out among the few unsung heroes who are working devotedly to sustain the momentum is the legendary Reverend Ferdinand Larbi Martinson. In fact, any account on the evolution and growth of Ghana’s gospel industry would be incomplete without reference to Rev. Martinson.

A teacher by profession, Rev Martinson, who hails from Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana, is now a full time gospel musician. Described by many as the “master of worship” the song writer, singer, instrumentalist, and pastor has spent decades in the gospel industry, leaving remarkable footprints on the successes of many musicians in the gospel fraternity.

Through his dulcet voice, creativity and dynamism, he has blessed the church and gospel music lovers with numerous powerful songs, many of which have become a major conduit for exaltation and invoking the presence of God.

Lifetime releases such as “wofata , kronkron, adom, tumi ye wode, ye meho nsenkyerehene, me dofo kesse, adom ara k3k3, adom nsuo among others have dominated worship songs ministered in our churches in the past three decades.

As a prolific songwriter, Rev. Martinson has written many inspiring songs for a number of Ghanaian gospel artistes, many of whom have become household names in the music industry in general. He has demonstrated his versatility and service by singing back-ups for almost all the celebrated gospel musicians in Ghana.

Award-winning gospel artists such as Elder Mireku, Jewel Ackah, Ohemaa Mercy, No tribe,Cecilia Marfo, Gifty Osei, Nicholas Omane Acheampong, Ophelia Nyantakyi, Pofessor Kofi Abraham, have all benefitted and continue to benefit from his exploits.

Although Rev. Martinson has enjoyed little recognition, beneficiaries of his talent and mentorship have recorded exceeding breakthrough in the gospel ministry and business, all of which reflects his selflessness and bigheartedness.

It is said that a true hero is not measured by the size of his strength but by the strength of his heart. Aside enduring a gruelling start in his musical career, Rev Martinson persisted in his quest to make an indelible impact in the gospel industry, a drive that is few and far between.

In one of his interviews, he recounts how he almost gave up on music after being disappointed by many gospel artists who benefited from his free-handedness and shot to fame.

“At some point, I took a painful decision to stop doing music after suffering a lot of disappointments. But what kept me moving was my father in music, Jewel Ackah who advised me to persist because we are working for God and not man… I am not interested in money. I am interested in serving God and using music to draw many people to Christ” he recounted.

The lack of unity among gospel artists has been identified as one of the pressing issues troubling the growth of the industry. Some industry players have underscored the need for gospel artists to regard themselves as having a common purpose and collaborate to advance the kingdom business. In an era where competition was keen among the gospel fraternity, Rev. Martinson defied the odds and featured Nicholas Omane Acheampong on a song – becoming the first gospel artist to do so.

Although he is not living in Ghana currently, he continues to lift the banner of Ghana and Christ around the world, leading choirs in mega churches and ministering to multitudes on diverse platforms. With five worship albums to his credit, Rev. Martinson also has a seven piece gospel group called “VOICES OF THE ARK”, touring the whole of Ghana to spread the gospel.

It is said that a country that does not recognise its heroes is not worth dying for. Similarly, an industry that does not accord its legends the needed acknowledgment may not be worth sacrificing for. Unlike the likes of Rev. Martinson who would give their all beyond reward, many others may hang their boots in frustration – a situation that could wreck the prospects of the industry.

The time has come for us to honour our heroes while they are alive and appreciate their contributions to the industry and the church at large. This should not be necessarily monetary. Sometimes a one-paragraph sentence touting their successes can be gratifying.

Follow Rev.Martinson

By Eddie Acquah


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How I overcome – The Eddy Koomson story


Born and raised in a musical family, Eddy picked his musical senses from his dad who played the organ and led the choir in a Methodist church where he grew up. At the age of four (4), he became the first-ever drummer in the church.

Moving on to high school, Eddy became music director for the School band just in the second year ahead of his seniors. Doubling as Music Director for the Spiritual Union (SU), Editor-In-Chief for the School Magazine team, and Drama Coordinator for the WDDC. It’s safe to say arts lived in him from birth.

He switched between instruments and picked up as a bass player in 2014 under the supervision of his well-known and renowned mentor, Opoku Sanaa now in Dubai.

His love for music is a thrilling one. Music has always been the live wire of his glittering prospects. To him music and art, in general, is but a life, a spiritual facet of his being.

It’s not a surprise that his story as a young lad creates melodies. The detail, therefore, completing the package with lyrics of testimonies to share and stories to tell. He has been instrumental in the music industry as a bass guitarist and music director & worked with great artists such as E.L, Simi (Nigeria), Trigmatic, Timi Dakolo (Nigeria), King Promise, Adina, KingzKid and currently for MOGmusic.

His maiden single which features MOGmusic is set to be released; June 17 which also happens to be his birthday, an amazing piece by all standards.
He also has a gift for us in the package of an EP in July. Comprising of 5 hymns, well arranged and features some of the greatest gospel artistes in the country. Fingers crossed as we await the surprises, he has in store for us.

Working with Eddy has always been amazing. Truly a trailblazer in his field. As a resourceful person, Eddy has created that aura of results, orientation and hard work. Here are a few words testifying to that.

“A hard-working and smart young professional. Always up to the task and creative in his approach to digital marketing and brand management.” – Opoku Sanaa, music enthusiast and entrepreneur said.

“Eddy has grown steadily in his career from my time working with him back in 2014. A brilliant young lad who’s always ready and willing to learn and try new things. He takes calculated risks and ensures all projects are completed on time.” – Stephen Boadi, CEO, Enable Growth Africa said.

Eddy currently works with Samsung Electronics, West Africa as the Digital Marketing Manager for Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon & Gabon.

At just age 22, Eddy became the youngest employee at PZ Cussons GH LTD, an arm of PZ Cussons Intl. with its headquarters in Manchester, UK, he became the Assistant Digital Marketing Manager.

In 2015, he won the best Facebook page at the Ghana Blogging Awards with Cussons Baby Ghana, in the same year he earned a Google Certification to become a certified Google Partner as well as a Hootsuite Academy scholar in 2016.

February 2016, he merited a Global Excellence in Marketing Award for brand building with the brand Cussons Baby Ghana.

In 2017, Eddy joined the global media agency Dentsu Aegis Network when he managed top brands as the Digital Media Planner and Strategist for iProspect. He managed reputable brands such us, Standard Chartered Bank, Mastercard, Biersdorf (Nivea), ABInbev among others.

Source: Eddy Koomson

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Joyce Blessing loses her social media handles, YouTube


Ghanaian gospel musician Joyce Blessing has revealed that she is currently not in possession of her various social media handles and YouTube channel.

According to her, she did not have access to her social media platforms but was finding ways of engaging her fans and followers to get them abreast of her activities online.

“I currently do not have my social media details but I am finding possible ways and means to engage my fans. That is most important to me now,” she told Halifax Ansah Addo on Okay 101.7 FM’s Best Entertainment show on Wednesday, 10 June 2020.

The ‘Unbreakable’ singer’s marriage has allegedly hit the rocks, causing her to part ways with her manager and husband, Dave Joy.

According to her, until her exit from the record label, she jointly owned Dave Joy Productions with her husband, with whom she has three children.

The ‘I Swerve You’ hitmaker, who admitted that she was facing some challenges in her marriage, said that solving her marital issues has been difficult and, thus, affected her music career due to the fact that her marriage was associated with her music business because her husband was her manager.

“We need to use the right channel to resolve the issues because it involves marriage and work at the same time,” she said.

She, however, noted that she was working on putting together a new management team of her own in order to continue her ministry.

Joyce Blessing, who is promoting her latest single, ‘Y’endanase’, stated that she had created a new YouTube channel (Joyce Blessing Unbreakable) where the new music video is available.

She also hinted at the release of her new album next month.

Source: ClassFM



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The entertainment industry has gone 20 years backwards – Kwesi Ernest


Kwasi Ernest, Artiste Manager and CEO of Media Excel Production has said that the creative Industry has gone 20 years backward so if there are ways and means in reshaping the industry it must be done slowly.

Speaking as a panel member on Hitz FM ,  the newly Film Classification Committee, he said that since the industry is now coming back to its methodical position it needs to be done slowly.

According to him, he feels the way the newly Film Classification Committee is handling their affairs seems to him as at a speed rate that might not work.

He suggested that the Film Classification Committee must first educate the people and Ghanaians for people to sympathize with their office before they bring in tight measures.

“But as it stands now they are trying to change the corrupt system in one month which will not work”

He ended that At least they need 6 months or more to put systems in place if they want the affairs of the industry and issues concerning it to be done fitly.


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I hate to hear ‘divorce’ – Stella Seal as she details how she survived the stressful journey


She prefers to use the fourth letter of the English alphabet ‘D’ instead of ‘divorce’ because it was never an easy moment when she experienced it.

Stella Aba Seal, a renowned gospel musician divorced 22 years ago but managed to keep it private for a decade because as a matter of principle, there is no need to publicise her private life.

“I was attacked by the ‘D’ word”, she responded when asked why she changed her name from Stella Dugan to Stella Aba Seal

“The first time I broke the news was on Bola Ray’s show. He said ‘awww… Stella, I’m so sorry…’ I said ‘oh Bola, it’s been 10 years’; he said ‘what!’.

The musician whose audience appeal reached a crescendo after the release of ‘Gyem Taataa’ said on ‘Restoration with Stacy’ that she recorded the song during the divorce process because she needed to seek the face of God in her difficult times.

“I recorded ‘Gyem Taataa’ during the ‘D’ process”, she said, triggering a statement from host Stacy for the sake of clarity.

“During the divorce process?” Stacy asked to which Stella responded, “During the ‘D’ process.”

She continued: “I don’t like that word because God says ‘I hate divorce’. He himself He doesn’t like it but sometimes, life pushes us and we have to make that decision.”

The silky-voiced songstress in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb intimated that it was not easy overcoming the pain associated with divorce but she eventually sailed through. What made it relatively easier for her, is her decision to cast her burden on God instead of whining.

“At that time when it was very intense, I made up my mind that I’ll never grant interviews. Secondly, I changed my phone number every 3-4 months so that people will not have access to me. I did that for some time until my emotions were stable,” she recalled.

“We have mountain top moments and we have valley moments. Any time I was going through a valley moment, I just shut the door and cried by myself. That saved me. I confronted myself just like David. David encouraged himself in the Lord. The Bible says the curse is the one who puts his trust in man.

“If I call you, what can you do? The fellow may be enjoying herself and can’t wait for you to end the call so she continues with her feast. It’s difficult to be alone but there is strength in being alone. It’s not easy but I’ve been able to manage it so you can,” she added.

Watch the full interview below!



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Abeiku Santana Throws Weight Behind Urban Gospel Music in Ghana


One of Ghana’s biggest drive time radio show hosts and multiple award-winning broadcast journalist, Abeiku Santana, has declared this month of June dedicated to Ghana’s Urban Gospel Music.

As one of the genres with the least support across the board, due to its relatively young state in the music history in Ghana and also it’s a diversion from the music norm or popular culture, this gesture by the Tourism Ambassador will be recorded as a great milestone by the stakeholders of Urban Gospel.

Abeiku made this known on his Instagram page and explained his reasons as follows;

Over the years the Ghanaian gospel music scene has seen a transformation from the traditional Highlife and Reggae rhythms to the fusion of the Hip-Pop element and culture.

Also, watch CERSHOW


Musicians who fall under this category mostly sing or rap in English with the lyrics more focused on praising God.

Since the birth of the Urban Gospel music genre in Ghana, Ghanaian Urban Gospel Rappers have been bringing their unique perspective of Rhythm and Poetry to an entirely new level.
Urban Gospel is now bagging attention and trends in Ghana as presently been acknowledged as a genre.

Also watch CERSHOW

In this Month of June 2020, Okay 101.7 FM’s biggest Radio Drive Time Show in Africa will throw more light on Ghanaian Urban Gospel Artistes that are currently creating a radical change with respect to Urban Gospel Music genre.

We are proud to be taking this initiative to support and push the urban Gospel Artist and give them all the publicity and attention this June.

Join me Abeiku Santana Aggrey on Okay 101.7fm every Monday-Thursday at 2pm and be part of an Unforgettable Urban Gospel Experience…. Everything is Okay

View this post on Instagram

Over the years the Ghanaian gospel music scene has seen a transformation from the traditional Highlife and Reggae rhythms to the fusion of the Hip-Pop element and culture. Musicians who fall under this category mostly sing or rap in English with the lyrics more focused on praising God. Since the birth of Urban Gospel music genre in Ghana, Ghanaian Urban Gospel Rappers have been bringing their unique perspective of Rhythm and Poetry to an entirely new level. Urban Gospel is now bagging attention and trends in Ghana as presently been acknowledged as a genre. In this Month of June 2020 , @okay101.7fm Okay 101.7fm biggest Radio Drive Time Show in Africa will throw more light on Ghanaian Urban Gospel Artistes that are currently creating a radical change with respect to Urban Gospel Music genre. We are proud to be taking this initiative to Support and push the urban Gospel Artist and give them all the publicity and attention this June. Join me Abeiku Santana Aggrey on Okay 101.7fm every Monday-Thursday at 2pm and be part of an Unforgettable Urban Gospel Experience…. Everything is Okay

A post shared by Mr Tourism Ghana🇬🇭 (@abeikusantana) on

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New Gospel Singer Bernice Bliss Features Kofi Kinaata On Maiden Single ‘None Compared God’


New gospel sensation Bernice Bliss has just released her maiden single that features Ghanaian high-life artist Kofi Kinaata.

A firebrand dedicated to spreading the word of God through music, Bernice who has over the past few years nurtured her talent is out with her debut single None Compared God.

Just like the title (None Compared God), the urban pop song which features Kofi Kinaata, winner of the Hybrid Song of the Year winner at the just ended Ghana National Gospel Music Awards seeks to exalt and glorify God for his unflinching love towards humanity.

With a very catchy hook, Kofi Kinaata adds a touch of excellence with his Fante infused rap style.
Speaking to the press, Bernice Bliss explained the choice of Kofi Kinaata saying; ‘Kofi Kinaata was a perfect fit for the song hence reaching out to him and he didn’t hesitate”

None Compared God was produced by PM Beatz with video direction by Tyroon Philms.

By: Gospelhubgh


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Another Collabo? Yaw Sarpong Features Kofi Kinaata On The Remixed Version Of “Joseph”


It is looking more like a season of secular artist collaboration for the legendary gospel singer Yaw Sarpong who recently released a successful single with Sarkodie titled “Ahobres3”.

Well, this time around, it’s Kofi Kinaata who he has partnered with for the upcoming remix rendition of one of his very popular hit songs ‘Joseph’.

The “Things Fall Apart” singer seemed very excited on the day of the recording as he tweeted this;

“Azaay morro we dey record the remix of Yaw Sarpong’s song “Joseph” (s3 Yehowa hyira wo aa). hope u remember that legendary song. They used to play it at dawn as we are kiddies. This one de3 I meet my meeter. E Dey gives me nightmares sef. Or u ppl say more vim?”

Kofi is catching the eyes of many gospel singers after his inspirational hit single “Things Fall Apart” with a couple of collabo’s to be dropped soon.

The new ‘Joseph’ remix will be one of the major features on Yaw Sarpong & Asomafo’s forthcoming album. Details of this album soon.

by: Gospelhubgh

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