Dear fellow church musicians, can we cease fire with verbal blasting on Rev. Dr. David Antwi… Can we show him our love and respect.
He was trying to correct an attitude, but ended up offending us.. But, hey! No disrespect.


I know we feel misunderstood and disrespected by our dear Pastor, and I’m sure Rev. Dr. Antwi feels the same too… He will feel misunderstood. It happens in life. But truth is we are very respected.

if respect is what we expected from the Pastor’s remarks on us, then lets show we’ve got it irrespective of how he said what he said.
Lets stop the insults, and verbal attack his worth.

It’s painful to be misunderstood…but don’t loose your respect in the process.

Remember this:
1. You earn respect when you also give it.
2. But you loss your respect when you withhold it from one who deserves it.
3. Respect begets respect. Honour breeds honour.

If you are worried that this is matter of wrong theology that spites musicians, i say to you relax. It’s not. He’s a learned senior pastor. His theology is sound. Listen to the full video.

But this statement on musicians remuneration, I think is a matter of church administration style and church volunteer management system. These things or perspectives vary from one church to another or one pastor to another. The conviction about which system is right.. Paying musicians of not paying will depend on what has worked with any particular ministry under discussion.

This I say to all musicians:
Lets go serve deeper, better and higher.

This will not stop you from going to church or playing in church. And this will not stop any pastor from preaching about commitment and sacrifice. It bigger than you and I.

We cannot stop each other when our target assignments is the same. The pastor and the musician are both God’s significant tools in advancing His kingdom.

Our persuasions may differ but faith our and convictions are one and of the same.


 By :Edwin Dadson

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Lynx Entertainment signs gospel artiste, first single drops on Friday

Sam-Oladotun-750×536 has gathered that Lynx Entertainment, for the first time, has signed a gospel artiste onto its record label.

The record label led by Richie Mensah has for the past years produced great artistes like Eazzy, Asem, OJ Blaq, Kuami Eugene, KiDi, MzVee, Ziggy, among others.

Last year, they signed music duo, Dope Nation.

The new gospel signee is Sam Oladotun (Ayjay Sam), the first runner-up of Citi TV’s music reality show, ‘Voice Factory.’

Samuel Oladotun Adjasoo, known Professionally as Sam Oladotun is a Ghanaian Gospel artiste born on April 11, 1996 to a Ghanaian father, and a Beninoise mother, in Lagos, Nigeria.

At the age of 15, the family moved back to settle in Ghana where he took up jobs like welding, barbering, decorations and a fitness instructor.

Even though he had the passion to sing, his focus at the time was learning how to drum.

Satisfied with his skill in drumming, he started ministering in churches.

His passion coupled with his talent led him to emerge as the first runner up of Citi TV’s Voice Factory Season Four.

They are set to release visuals for his first song ‘Who Am I?’ under newly signed label, Lynx Entertainment on Friday, January 24, 2020.


Source: GhanaWeekend

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Ghana will never have peace until KIA is changed to Kwame Nkrumah International Airport – Sonnie Badu


Ghanaian UK-based gospel artiste Sonnie Badu has stated that Ghana will never know peace until the Kotoka International Airport is changed to Kwame Nkrumah International Airport.

According to the multiple award-winning artiste, Kotoka is sitting at the gateway of Ghana and that is doing the country more harm than good thus the government should not hesitate in changing the name of the airport else peace will elude Ghana, GhanaWeb monitored.

“And he is sitting at the gateway to Ghana … well, you just solved the problem.. until the name is changed Ghana will never have their peace… The one who got us independence should have his name at the airport,” the artiste wrote on Instagram.

In the same vein, musician, Kwame A-plus described Gen. Kotoka as ‘Ghana’s main problem since independence’ and called Ghanaians ‘ungrateful’ for naming the airport after him.

He shared a photo of Kwame Nkrumah and Kotoka with the caption: “Ghana’s main problem since independence is this guy, general EK Kotoka, the guy who led the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah… I wonder why our airport is still named after him… It shows that we don’t know what we lost or appreciate what Nkrumah did for us. Ungrateful people.”


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Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall From Grace’ movie would be evermore seen as failed and flawed


With the enthusiasm we had to see the new movie on Netflix by Tyler Perry titled, ‘A Fall from Grace’, it would be in order to say that in as much as he is one of the most revered directors, he may just have lost his touch of audacity in this one. It’s fair for anyone reading this piece to say that the writer is a “Masterpiece Creature, a Genius not of this world”.

Aha! That same mindset on the first view – that anything from Tyler Perry is, should be or must be the best – was what we had until we had to see the movie twice, but my dear, we’re sorry to say that it was not nice!

We shall keep this brief and straight to the point, thus, let us start by asking, why does Tyler always make black African-American WOMEN look so desperate, bitter, trying to seek revenge blah-blah-blah in his stories?

We are not saying that Tyler isn’t great with most of his scripts but isn’t it becoming boring, appalling, and whatnot with same pointers years after years after years? And o! Let’s remind ourselves that in ‘A FALL FROM GRACE’, Crystal Fox was seen playing a role close to what we’ve just mentioned above. And for those who will be quick to fire back, permit us to ask, aren’t there marvelous, soul-uplifting, heroic roles that African-American women could be made to play from start to finish? It’s a given that the movie is on one level about elderly abuse, and on the other, about the apparent naiveté of older women who are desperate to be loved, even when it all seems too good to be true, but the inability of the director to serve a pungent balance story makes it look like, ‘it is a movie for idiots’ (Excusez Mon Française).

After repeatedly seeing the movie, celebrating it may come across as celebrating mediocrity simply because; the Plot, the Story line, the Acting, the Cinematography, the Lighting, among other things – all porous. There was no creativity in the movie, no matter the angle you sat on your sofa to watch. Pivotal moments in the movie were missing. No research was done. Potholes in the movie were conspicuous from start to finish.

If you have seen the movie once or twice or thrice, you may want to walk the corridor mathematically with us on this:

[1] How come the entire PROSECUTION didn’t talk about the MAN pushing the WOMAN over the edge? Couldn’t we have gotten a BALANCED STORY?

[2] How come the public defender, Jasmine Bryant (Bresha Webb) could not tell that the phone records were going to be brought up in the court, thus, covering that side so that she doesn’t look ‘stupid’ before everyone including the viewers?

[3] Do they want to tell us that Crystal Fox (Grace) flogs the living hell out of her ‘younger’ husband, Mehcad Brooks (Shannon) with a BATON, supposedly kills him with blood gushing out of his skulls, drags him to the staircase, leaves him to roll yakataaa and then at the end of the movie, just a BANDAGE was wrapped on Shannon’s head?

[4] The scene where all the elderly kept women simply showed that there was no iota of research done. The women in there were portrayed to have been there for years but their demeanor never sent the message.

[5] So in this age and time, we were made to understand that Shannon stole every dime without a blink and it had to take just the bank’s camera to catch him?

[6] The court scenes were simply preposterous. On our third time watching, we decided to have our Lawyer friend see the movie and all she could say was, “did they research on what really goes on inside the court room?”

[7] The opening scene had the Cop (Matthew Law) witness a woman commit suicide and getting to the end of the movie, he seems not to remember THE HOUSE from where the woman fell from?

[8] What in heaven’s name were the EXTRAS in the movie doing by looking into camera? Most of them were playing their roles like the typical African waka-pass.

We could go on and on but the truth is unpretentious – How did this movie end up on Netflix…because the movie was badly produced!

Over the years, we can attest to the fact that Tyler Perry’s productions are always interesting and instinctive but with ‘A FALL FROM GRACE’, the result gave us a panicky satisfaction.

Maybe just maybe, if this same work was produced by another producer (not of Tyler’s caliber), it would have been rubbished, called shitty and so much more, but since it’s coming from Tyler’s stable, it is excellent?

Without a shred of doubt, Tyler Perry with his movies has always marched impeccably towards imperial coronations, but this time his focus flirted…albeit, he is just human who may just need a good day of fresh new focus in the office – so as to regain his touch of audacity

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It’s The Experience with Diana Hamilton 2020


Sensational Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Hamilton comes through with the Accra edition of The Experience with Diana Hamilton 2020.

The event comes off on February 16, 2020 at ICGC Calvary Temple, Sakumono, 4pm with gates opening at 3pm.

Aside Diana Hamilton, other ministers are CSP Kofi Sarpong, Joe Mettle and Akesse Brempong and many more.

Tickets are selling at Single – GH₵ 40, Double – GH₵ 70, VIP – GH₵ 80 and Family of 5 – GH₵ 150. Dial 92050# on all networks for your tickets. Come and have an experience of a lifetime.


Source: KobbyKyeiNews

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Most Ghanaian pastors use psychology on their members – Ahokagya


Ghanaian popular mentalist known as Ahokagya, who read minds and also help people quit all manner of addictions has stated that most pastors use psychology to prophesy to their members.

In an interview with Attractive Mustapha, the fascinating Ahokagya said he does not believe in the Bible the general public especially the Christian sect uses, and explained further that there are different versions of the Bible with different books and chapters that is hidden from most Christians.

The mentalist, popularly called “the boy who knows” says he is ready to project Ghana internationally with his talent of the ability to read people’s mind and entertain as well.

Ahokagya therefore called on Ghanaians to stop supporting people like Shatta Bundle which he blatantly referred to as “foolishness” and promote good talents that will project the Ghana positively.

Watch the video below;


Source: AttractiveMustapha

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I Was Sacrificed To God By My Mum, Musician Nacee Cries On live Radio As He Shares Sad Story.

81705668.295 (1)

Ghanaian Gospel musician, composer and songwriter, Nacee Cries Uncontrollably on live radio with OB Nartey on vision 1 93.5fm as host of morning live worship.

According to the Efata wo hitz maker, his father died 3 days after he was born, so he did not see his father and this story really breaks him down anytime talks about it.

Nacee recalled how he became very sick from Infancy and his mother had to cry on him and had no option than to sacrifice him to the lord in the mist of uncontrollable tears.

An interview monitored by on vision 1fm,,, the host had to go on commercial break and console the Gospel musician because he was very emotional and tears were flowing all over his face.

Nacee is a multiple award winning Ghanaian Gospel Artiste who is currently promoting his new single track Nyame de Aba.

Source: TrendingFila

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“I Went On Hunger Strike Because Of Elder Mireku” – Renowned Music Producer Shares Story.

Renowned music producer Mr. Joseph Appiah popular known as Kwik action has shared a story of how he decided to go on hunger strike because of a ministration of the legendary Ghanaian gospel musician Elder Dr. Emmanuel Akwesi Mireku.
In a facebook post, Kwik action who is known for the production of some reggae and dancehall musician Samini’s classic shared a story of how he got missing at a Church Of Pentecost Easter convention at Koforidua only to be found by his parents when he was admiring the legendary musician’s guitar playing skill.
According to Mr. Appiah, the boss of S24 studios, he gained inspiration from Elder Mireku leading him to become a celebrated music producer who is currently touring the world.
In his post to celebrate Elder Dr. Emmanuel Akwesi Mireku, Mr Joseph Appiah popular called Kwik action wrote;
” At age 4 my Mother Juliana took me to Church of Pentecost Easter convention (KOFORIDUA JACKSON PARK)
I got missing and my parent started looking for me all over but I was nowhere to be found??? The M.C started announcement! A young boy is missing kindly alert us when you see him!
Lo! and behold! I was found just before Dr Elder Mireku playing his guitar!
My parent spotted me and they shouted KAY! what are you doing here? They tried dragging me away and that’s when my CHINESE KARATE started manifested , I had a good fight with them but they took me home anyways!
I went on hunger strike because I demanded to See Dr Elder Mireku playing his guitar to me!
I gained inspiration from the Man at first sight!
Today! I am here as a celebrated Music Producer touring the World!
Elder Dr. Emmanuel Akwesi Mireku, a recipient of Ghana’s highest national honour over the past four decades has released over 55 albums which have impacted into the lives of many people including the Ex-President of Ghana J.A.Kufuor who has publicly expressed his admiration for the ministry of the legendary Ghanaian musician who holds a honorary doctorate degree in sacred music.
Elder Mireku as he is popularly called is an Elder in The Church Of Pentecost where he has fellowshipped since the days of James McKeon the founder of the church. He is considered as the church’s greatest musician ever having churned out great gospel songs that will leave on till God’s kingdom comes.
Source: Christonsem
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Bethel Revival Choir Invades 2020 With A Continental Recognition


Contemporary gospel music group, Bethel Revival Choir, have commenced the new year with a striking attention.

The group have been nominated at the 2020 edition of the most prestigeous continental music award scheme, Maranatha African Continental Awards (MACOA 2020).

The contemporary gospel choir under the Global Evangelical Church (GEC), Kotobabi in Accra has over the few years, come from all odds to become a buzzworthy at the Entertainment Industry across board after blessing the industry with “Vovome” which had multiple award winning gospel performer, Joe Mettle.

The group captured the attention of the Ghanaian gospel fraternity due to their ability to ‘modernize’ traditional songs coupled with their amazing vocal delivery.

They had recorded outstanding performances at the gospel fraternity last year whiles they emerged winners in all three categories they were nominated at the 2019 edition of 3Music Awards, being, Gospel Song of the Year, Gospel Act of the Year and Group of the Year respectively.

In the same year, the group broke the spell that has been hanging around the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Since 2000, no gospel group had ever won the award of “Group of the Year” until the invasion of Bethel Revival Choir. These achievements of the choir catapulted them of becoming the people’s favorite and without being relent, they’ve permeated the new year with a continental recognition.

Being nominated at the “Best Gospel Music Duo/Band Marbeanatha Africa” category of the 2020 edition of MACO, Bethel Revival Choir will be competing with Ancers Music Group of DR. Congo, The Gratitude choir from Nigeria, Healing Worship Team from Rwanda and Joyous Celebration choir of South Africa.

Leader of the group reacting to the nomination expressed happiness, urged Ghanaians and music fans to vote in their numbers to enable the group win the category.

“This is a great achievement. To be nominated alongside Joyous celebration in Africa is an honour done us”.

Concerning voting, it is of two folds.
“First phase commenced on January 7 and ends on March 7. Second phase starts same day and ends on April 7 as well. We urge all Ghanaians to vote massively for Bethel Revival Choir” he said.

Maranatha African Continental Awards is designed to acknowledge authentic biblical worship music and to honour exceptional individuals from around the globe.

Source: AttractiveMustapha

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Roberto Firmino in tears as Liverpool teammate Alisson assists emotional baptism.


Liverpool and Brazil teammates Roberto Firmino and Alisson Becker broke down in tears as the goalkeeper helped the forward in a Christian baptism.

Firmino took to Instagram on Wednesday to share with fans a video of him during the ceremony, which was attended by a large crowd.

The video starts showing a singer accompanied by a keyboard player and a number of people watching.

Firmino then walks into a swimming pool with Alisson waiting for him, and is joined by his wife Larissa before Alisson aids him in dunking his head in the water to complete the process.

Firmino then embraces his wife and they both appear to cry, while Alisson can be seen in the background visibly emotional and wiping tears from his eyes.

Source: Mirror

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