Joe Mettle And Wife Welcome Their First Child, Sharing Baby Bump Photos


Award-winning gospel singer Joe Mettle and his beautiful wife Selasi Mettle welcome their very first child, sharing their joy and thanksgiving to God on social media.

Selasi Mettle has not been regular on social media as she used to for some time and has managed to stay off the public domain throughout the period.

The couple announced the birth of their child with posts on social media on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. Selassie first shared a photo showing herself with a baby bump photo. The photo had Selassie in a long dress holding her baby bump with her side to the camera.

Many commented on each of their posts, congratulating the couple and sharing in their happiness as they welcome baby 1. Making use of the opportunity, Selasi declares into the lives of everyone looking for the fruit of the womb. She writes;

“For anyone believing God for the fruit of the womb! Or if you can stand in the gap for anyone Declare with me. The God that visited Sarah with Issac and Hannah with Samuel May this God visit you today
God paid the price for your fruitfulness therefore receive your children in Jesus name. Any fertility-related sickness or disease in the body will disappear in Jesus name. We remove whatever is the root cause of bareness today”


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God saves me as I save children from the streets – Noble Nketsiah


Gospel artist Noble Nketsiah recounted how he survived thirteen accidents because of charitable acts to street children. He believes he has been saved on countless occasions because of his good ways.

Speaking with Cookie Tee on TV3 New Day morning show, the musician attributed his survival from the horrendous incidents to his charity works.

Noble Nketsiah explained that giving back to society has called the grace of God upon his life. He stated that the project for street children has seen about 27 students to both secondary and tertiary institutions.

“The project for street children started with just 28 persons. With time about 16 are now adults who have completed university, and others are in secondary school with support from people I wish to expand it. The project has impacted my life greatly and has brought lots of lessons to my life.

“As I speak to you now, throughout my career, I have had almost 13 accidents. About 8 of them should have seen me dead, but it was God’s miracle. I feel it is because of all these charitable acts that made God preserve me. So I can continue with what I have been doing for people. It has been a blessing to me, and it can only be the grace of God.


Me YonKo by Noble Nketsiah.


However, he added that his absence from the music scene was not a deliberate act. His engagement with the street project for the needy has taken up all his time and attention. He believes that music requires adequate time, and that is why he has been missing on screens.

“I have been in Ghana. It was not deliberate but is just something important that kept me away for a while. If you remember, I started a project for street children. So, after a while, the music was taking much more time and that also was another calling dear to my heart. I felt that I had also made time for the project to take care of it. By the grace of God, there are people who are capable to handle it now for me, so I am back.”

Noble Nketsiah is now on a media tour to promote his new Ep ‘The Christ’, with six new songs. He urges all lovers of gospel music to support and stream songs on all music selling platforms.

By Aaliyah Rony-Duvi||Ghana

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Speak with wisdom if you want to be respected – O.B Nartey fires Mr Logic


Controversial Radio presenter O.B Nartey has heavily chastised dancehall manager/songwriter Mr Logic for his overcritical judgemental opinion about the awards Diana Hamilton won.

Recently, Mr Logic has been critical of Diana Hamilton after winning top music awards, both in Ghana and abroad. According to him, a gospel artist or a Christian act should never receive nominations in any competitive awards scheme.
Mr Logic also claimed that all the awards in Ghana have been very replicative by rewarding Diana as the ultimate winner.

Reacting to the above claim on Anigye Mmere on Onua FM with James Clarke, the gospel presenter who doubles as a gospel advocate, OB Nartey said Mr Logic’s subsequent comments sound very juvenile to him.

“Let me state categorically, unreservedly without any fear or favour that, Mr Logic’s comments come as a juvenile one to us.
Sometimes when I hear him speak on this issue, I take it as a baby’s cry. Because he has no fact, no evidence, and he just speaks into the air.

“And for me, I don’t work with some of these conversations most often, and he knows about that. I put him aside. I don’t fix him into my conversations if it is a serious matter,” O.B Nartey fumed.

O.B Nartey further claimed Mr Logic has not provided any substantial claim nor factual analysis on why Diana Hamilton shouldn’t have won the three awards.

“If you are an astute industry player, you need to speak wisdom. I am not saying he lacks wisdom. All I am saying is, as a gatekeeper of this industry, you should speak with wisdom, and spice up their conversations with knowledge,” O.B added.

By Victor Kodom|Onua FM||Ghana

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Patience Nyarko Releases Powerful Songs ‘M’adansie’ And ‘He Can Never Lie’ – Listen


Ghanaian Gospel musician, Patience Nyarko, has released two new songs. The powerful songs are titled ‘M’adansie’ and ‘He Can Never Lie’.

Patience Nyarko sang about how her testimony will be like an ananse story to some people. She also testified what God can do for those who believe in Him in ‘He Can Never Lie’.

If you are a fan of Gospel music, these are songs you will love to listen to.



By: GospelHubGh

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Celestine Donkor Recounts How Legendary Azumah Nelson Offered Her Educational Scholarship


Gospel artiste, Celestine Donkor has recounted how legendary Ghanaian boxer Azumah Nelson offered her a lifeline to pursue her education years ago.

Speaking in an interview with Stacy Amoateng on “Restoration”, Donkor revealed that she met Azumah Nelson after a song ministration in church

“I was one of the few students who passed with distinction in our district. Because of money, everyone was furthering their education but for me. I wept. My mother also wept. I prayed and asked God why?”

“I prayed to God to take my life. I was young. I was overwhelmed by the challenges I faced, she recalled.

According to the ‘Only You‘ singer, despite her brilliance, her family’s financial status nearly stalled her progress to senior high school until God intervened through the great sportsman, Azuma Nelson.

“I was one of the few students who passed with distinction in our district. Because of money, everyone was furthering their education but for me. I wept. My mother also wept. I prayed and asked God why?”
“My first choice was Labone Secondary School. My name was on the list. We were told how much to pay. My parents tried to raise the money but they couldn’t. After a month, they were able to raise funds but the school said admission was over.”

“I saw an advert on TV about a new school, Insaaniyya Senior High School, so I told my parents to take me there for inquiries. It was a new school with a nice environment and we were the first batch”, Donkor said.

“We were just about going on vacation. I usually sang during morning devotion. My school mother called me and asked me to sing. She said she wanted to take me to her church to go and sing. We went, I sang, people showered money on me. When I was done, a man walked up to me and asked where my parents were.

I said they were home. He said he wanted to give me a scholarship. I didn’t know who he was. It was later that they told me he’s Azumah Nelson, the renowned Ghanaian boxer,” she added.

Celestine Donkor is currently promoting her new song, “ONLY YOU”.



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Joe Mettle And CalledOut Music Partner Truflow Hub For The ‘Gratitude Tour’ In The US


Truflow Hub will partner with award-winning international recording artists Joe Mettle and Calledout Music to bring to the United States an unforgettable worship experience: The Gratitude Tour.

Coming November 2021, the Gratitude Tour will see Mettle to the United States to support his latest album, “The Experience.” Mettle, the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ Artist of the Year, will showcase the rich musical heritage of his native Ghana, along with his blended influence of both African and American Gospel.

Joe Mettle and CalledOut Music partner African and American Gospel.

CalledOut Music, whose name is Samuel Nwachukwu, will join Mettle on the tour. The Nigerian-born UK-based artist was named the Best Gospel Act by the 2020 MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards. In 2021, CalledOut released an EP titled “Roots,” and most recently a single, “Shout to the Lord.”

The tour is scheduled to make stops in Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Houston, where the artists will reconnect with their fans more than a year and a half after the start of the COVID pandemic. The artists will create an experience that reminds the community of the need for fellowship.


Source: worshippersgh

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Diana Hamilton Wins a Hat-trick of Hat-tricks in the Ghana Music Awards Uk 2021



Host: Ghana Music Awards
Event: GMA 2021
Theme: Inspired By Music
Date: 09/10/2021

Join us celebrate this beautiful feat by the reigning VGMA and GMA-USA Artiste of the year wins a hat-trick of hat-tricks. 3 awards

The 3rd being in the just ended Ghana Music Awards UK 2021 held in the UK, on the 9th of October 2021.
She won the following in last night’s award event.

This makes a the 3rd streak of AOTY wins in 2021
1. VGMA 21 Artiste of the year
2. GMA-USA Artiste of the year
3. GMA-UK Artiste of the year

As she said when she received the awards, “If this is not GRACE, then what is”

Diana Hamilton just released her new song “Awurade Ye”, which means “Lord Do It” and God has already began to do it for her.

Diana Hamilton was full of thanks and appreciation for the massive she has been receiving all over the globe. Her husband Dr Joseph Okoi Hamilton was so full of joy standing by his beautiful wife and celebrating her accomplishments.

She gave shout-outs to her beloved #TeamDH who never stop and won’t stop supporting her.


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Invest your money and stop following Sika Gari – Noble Nketiah


Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Noble Nketiah has advised against putting one’s trust in people who promise to double or even triple money through questionable means.

According to him, all those quick money ventures are dangerous and should be avoided.

Speaking on the importance of investment on the Showbiz Xtra show with Doctar Cann, he intimated: “I am putting this across that there is nothing like Sika Gari. Money cannot grow overnight. Don’t believe people who tell you that. If that person had huge sums of money, why would the person need a small amount of your money in the first place? That should tell you that it is a lie”.



He thus advised, “It is better to invest your money than to believe in the lie of Sika Gari”.

The gospel musician shared that during his heyday as a musician, he invested the monies he made out of music and today he is still reaping the benefits.

Today’s edition of Happy FM’s showbiz Xtra show focused on how celebrities can invest their monies for a better future.



Investment experts from EDC Investments Ltd educated the general public and celebrities on investment options available for celebrities and Ghanaians.

Among these options are EDC’s Fixed Income Fund, Money Market Fund, among others.


Source: happyghana

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I personally believe in organic numbers-KODA reveals


Ghanaian Gospel singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Takoradi, Kofi Owusu Dua Anto, known in Showbiz as KODA has expressed, that he prefers gaining true numbers from fans watching his videos on social media.

Talking about artistes who do not take their numbers on social media serious, he advised that it is very important that they start to do so.

In an interview with Nana Kwasi-Wusu (PM) on Y 97.9 FM’s Dryve of Your Lyfe Show, he said, “There are two sides to this and I personally believe in organic numbers. You can choose to put money into it so it doubles up over night but it is not advisable.”

Also, watch this;


He added that there are sites where people can pay about 500dollars and get 5,0000views “and people are going for this.”

According to Koda, he would rather get organic numbers because, “when you start getting invitations to shows and you raise a song which has to say 10,000 views but no one knows the song, people will start asking how come no one knew the song when you started singing it?”

He went on to add that although getting the organic views is quite tough, takes time and effort, he believes it is better. “That way you grow your fan base and they stay with you.”

Also, watch this


Citing an example, he said, “I’ll use somebody like Diana Hamilton as an example. She has a good fan base and good eye balls on her. So when she releases something, within an hour, she’s hitting 35,000 views because 35,000 people were waiting to watch and listen to her.”

He ended by saying, “I think organic reach is difficult but lasts and comes with less complications when gained.”

By: Gyamfuah Owusu-Ackom





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We do not recognise the so-called ‘Table of Men’ – Prince Mckay


Prince Mckay, organizer of the prestigious annual Radio and Television Personality (RTP) awards, stated that the caucus known as ‘Table of Men’ is not a legitimate body in the industry.

McKay made this statement in an interview with Onua FM’s Christian Agyie Frimpong on Anigyie Mere. According to him, this cohort is just a ploy to intimidate and suppress the gospel musician fraternity in Ghana.

Also, watch


He said, “How can different producers come together and call themselves Table of Men? These people created this group just to get power over the gospel musicians here in Ghana.”

According to him, they really don’t know much about artiste management. But yet still they decide for the gospel musicians without their knowledge.



“Table of Men is not relevant to us because each and every producer has a different mindset towards their artiste,” he concluded.

Onua FM||Ghana


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