[Watch Video]”I lost Six Children in one day in A Car Accident” – Rev Eastwood Anaba Shares His Story


In April 2009, the head pastor of the Fountain Gate Chapel Rev Eastwood Anaba lost his children in an accident on the Tamale – Bolgatanga highway. The accident involving a green Toyota SRS four runner on the Eve of Easter claimed the lives of 6 members of the Fountain Gate Chapel who were on their way to the Church’s Easter convention.



The Unfortunate incident is one that the Christian family in Ghana will foreover recount and sympathise with Rev Eastwood Anaba. In a recent preaching message by Rev Eastwood Anaba, He encouraged His church members to face life, fight and stop cowardice. Narrating the tragic story to His congregation, He said ” One day you just wake up and you have lost 6 children, 2 biological, 4 spiritual and all of them were close to me. The Police stood with me in the office and they said unfortunately we couldn’t get any of them, chairman Clement and pastor Eric looked at me and all I said is It is well. Then they asked me how do we tell Mummy, and I told them to leave it to me because she is my wife”

Rev Eastwood Anaba is an example of ”Faith Tested” and he always admonishes believers to remain steadfast, face life, and keep on trusting God.

[Watch Full video here]


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Tragedy on United from Accra to Washington as man dies in flight


Tragedy struck onboard United 997 while in the middle of the Atlantic when a young man of almost 27 died in what is suspected to be a case of pulmonary embolism.

What’s worse, Daniel Junior dies as his father Daniel Toffey Sr. looked on helplessly – in flight.

“He kept saying ‘Daddy I can’t breathe, Daddy I can’t breathe,’” the senior Toffey narrated to DNT in an interview moments ago.

After having sat for a while, the victim was said to have attempted to stand up to go and use the restroom when his movement became shaky, and was soon gasping for air.

One young lady shouted, “we need a doctor, we need a doctor.” At that moment, what appeared to be a sixth sense got the senior father to jump from his business class area and rushed to the scene although the flight crew instructed everyone to remain in their seats.




Unfortunately, with as many as seven doctors on board, and with tools with which those doctors were “impressed” for United Airlines to have on board, Daniel Toffey Junior still suffocated too death in flight.

The flight took off from the Kotoka International Airport around 11pm on Sunday and was scheduled to arrive at Washington Dulles early on Monday.

Bur as a result of the tragic incident, the flight was diverted to Bermuda where all 178 passengers were lodging at Grotto Bay Resort pending their continued travel to Washington.

Jesse Lasuer, a neighbor at business class told DNT how the deceased father was holding up in spite of the monumental loss. “Although he is holding up just fine, you can just see the pain in his eyes,” Lasuer recalled.

Daniel Toffey had come to Ghana with his wife and Gospel Artist son to attend the funeral of an in-law. The wife stayed behind while father and son took the lead home to Pataskala, Ohio – a suburb of Columbus.

The Junior Toffey was scheduled to launch his album on June 4 with Joe Mettle scheduled to attend in Columbus. But now, the mother, at the time of posting this story, was in flight heading home to prepare for the arrival of her husband and the body of their son.

The Toffeys hail from the Jomoro area of Ghana.

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ALEXANDRAH, is an anointed, dynamic, and extremely versatile contemporary gospel vocalist and a minister. Having started music at a very tender age, she made her first public appearance at age four (4) at the National Theatre of Ghana on the KIDAFEST SHOW.
From then till now, ALEXANDRAH is known to always leave her audience undoubtedly BLESSED.



Sharing a brief testimony on the pregnancy journey of baby Alexandrah, the mother of a gospel musician and a vocal power house Alexandrah talked about how most of her siblings asked her to abort baby Alexandrah because of health conditions. The mother described how taking injections was normal in her pregnancy stage with baby Alexandrah.


The mother added that she knew the prophetic word on her daughter so she closed her ears to all medical reports and trusted God till she delivered her daughter on a Monday at korle Bu teaching hospital Accra.


She disclosed on Saturday 21st may 2022 during meet the press organized by Alexandrah music to outdoor the event “RUACH” of Alexandrah.

The mother in tears begged Ghanaians to support her daughter to make this event a success whiles still recounting where she has been and seeing her daughter progress to the next stage of her music career.

RUACH is expected to take place on 24th July 2022,4pm at Revival Restoration center, Assemblies of God. Joining Alexandrah on that night of worship gathering will be Ps Emmit Jim Konadu, Siisi Baido, Joshua Ahenkorah, Kwaku Teye, and few more.

Ruach is expected to be one of the most powerful events to hit Ghana in July 2022.


Jeff Jnr

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ALEXANDRAH, Pastor Emmit and Siisi Baido to Headline Ruach 2022

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-21 at 9.02.26 PM (3)

ALEXANDRAH, is an anointed, dynamic, and extremely versatile contemporary gospel vocalist and a minister. Having started music at a very tender age, she made her first public appearance at age four (4) at the National Theatre of Ghana on the KIDAFEST SHOW.
From then till now, ALEXANDRAH is known to always leave her audience undoubtedly BLESSED.



On Saturday 21st May 2022. ALEXANDRAH outdoor her maiden event dubbed, ”RUACH” during her engagement with the press. A worship gathering slated for Sunday 24th July 2022, 4 pm at restoration Revival Assemblies of God Roman ridge is set to headline ALEXANDRAH, Ps Emmit Jim Konadu and Siisi Baido for the much-anticipated worship gathering Ruach 2022.



RUACH is a Hebrew word that means THE SPIRIT, THE BREATH, and THE WIND of GOD.

Explaining Ruach during the meet the press ALEXANDRAH said “As children of God, we cannot downplay the essence of these three dimensions of God in our lives. We exist by His breath. By His wind, He aligns us with purpose and provisions. And by His Spirit, we can access the SUPERNATURAL. I therefore strongly believe that “RUACH” maybe a day’s gathering but the effects of this REVIVAL will surely outlive just that day.”



Ruach is expected to be one of the most powerful events to hit Ghana in July 2022.


by: Jeff Jnr.


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Kwabena Declares God As Our Strong Tower In New Reggae Vibe “Mabankese”


Ghanaian gospel singer-songwriter, Kwabena Boateng shares the video to his much-talked-about song ‘Mabankese’ (My Strong Tower) right in time for his birthday which fell on Thursday, May 12. ‘Mabankese’ (My Strong Tower) is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

‘Mabankese’ – which translates to “My strong tower” – is Kwabena Boateng’s next step in inspiring greater confidence in God. But beyond its upbeat feel is an accompanying Oluyinka Davids-directed video sure to get your eyes busy and hip is the word. Kwabena Boateng’s new video comes flush with some cool-looking backdrops and lighting that make it fun to look at. There are also lots of faces on set, all of which are delightful in expressing their confidence in God.

Speaking more about his new song, Kwabena Boateng shared: “Mabankese (My Strong Tower) is meant to emphasize how great and dependable our God is. He is always there for us in our times of need which is why we need not look any further when things get rough”.

With Kwabena Boateng increasingly becoming an asset in Ghana’s gospel industry from his abode in the US, fans can without question expect lots of new releases from him with the freshness, quality, and replay value of ‘Mabankese’ (My Strong Tower).


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Ohemaa Mercy wins Best Gospel Song of the Year at VGMA 23


Ghana’s evergreen gospel artiste Ohemaa Mercy has once again bagged the award for best gospel song of the year at the 2022 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards with her hit song ”Ote Me Mu”. Undoubtedly, the song has carved a house hold name for itself and it’s not surprising to see it win an award for the second time after winning the best gospel song at the 2022 edition of 3 Music Awards this year.


With over 800k views on YouTube, the song has impacted lives and circumstances and still counting beyond measure. It has also on other digital spaces received a greater number of streams after it’s release.Not to forget her stunning “Ote Me Mu” Performance with MOG Music which wowed patrons across the globe.

The ”Ote Me Mu”  hitmaker expressed her in-depth gratitude to God for blessing her with this song and it’s impact.

Some pictures from VGMA 23

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Christians should not shy away from politics – OB Nartey


Radio Broadcaster, Kwame OB Nartey, has urged Christians not to shy away from politics.

According to him, the perception that politics is a dangerous venture, therefore, not meant for Christians should be eschewed.

Speaking on Joy FM’The Reason is Jesus, on Sunday, he said: “I’ve heard many theories that Christians should not even involve themselves in politics. But we can’t sit down as Christians and expect unbelievers to rule us.”

“If that’s what we’re saying, then if they allow and legalise certain things that have come from the Western world into our system, we will be affected as well.”

Referring to the recent debates on LGBT+ rights and freedoms in the country, the broadcaster noted that he was uncomfortable with the conversation, but believes that if there were enough Christians in government, the debate would have been shot down long before it became a national conversation.

“In recent times, there has been an argument about lesbianism and gayism, that they were considering legalizing it, or passing whatever it is, and I’m sure you were uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable.

“I’m sure if we had a majority of us in there, we would have the voice to say our country Ghana was founded on the principle of Godly teachings and that is why our national anthem starts ‘God bless our homeland Ghana’,” he said.

In his interaction with host, Fifi Folson, he added that: “We have a stand with morality, we have an agreement with morality, we have a contract with morality and so, we should be able to uphold them as much as we are having a lot of pressure from Western culture, we should be able to preserve our sanity when it comes to some of these things. And I believe that Christians, staunch, hardcore, stubborn Christians should be in there.”


Source: myjoyonline


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‘Why do you name your child Owuo? It’s foolishness, ignorance’ – Duncan-Williams


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said it is “foolishness” for any parent to name their child Owuo, which means death in the Akan language of Ghana.

Preaching on the theme: ‘It is well – keys to overcoming the adversary through activating the word of God’ on Sunday, 1 May 2022, the founder of Action Chapel International said parents must be careful the names they give to their children since the meanings and spirituality associated with those names follow the bearers.

“God said, ‘I’m going to change the name of Abram to Abraham – father of many nations – and as you keep hearing: ‘Father of many nations, father of many nations’, you’ll eventually become a father of many nations. That is the way God operates”, he preached, warning: “That’s why you have to be very careful of even the names you give to your kids”.

Using his family as an example to teach the congregation, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said: “I found out many years ago that I had to do something about some of the names of my kids”.

“I was trying to respect and honour certain personalities in my family, so, I gave them some names”, he said, adding, however: “As time went on and I began to investigate the meaning of the names and I saw certain things that I was struggling within their lives, I realised that I was recalling and reinforcing past situations”.

“I was enforcing a spirit and a curse and an influence”, he explained, adding: “I was recalling shadows of people who had existed in the past”.

“I was bringing back their shadows any time I mentioned their names and I had to disengage and discontinue some things in prayer”, he said.

“It’s not easy. So, it can be very complicated but you have to be very careful [about] the names you give to your kids and you have to also mind the meaning of your name, for Abigail said, ‘His name means a fool’ and so is he”.

“The Bible says, ‘A child is known by his name. What is your name and what meaneth your name? Do you know the meaning of your name because any time you are called by that name, you are invoking something, you are recalling something, you’re enforcing something; so, you must know”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams advised.

“Don’t just take things for granted. We take too many things for granted – the children of light, but we act like children of darkness. It looks like even the children of darkness are better in (sic) understanding than you and [me]. ‘They are wiser’, Jesus said, ‘in their generation than us, the children of light’. You’ve got to find out the meaning of that name”.

He said: “One thing I like about the Nigerians is [that] they don’t just give names. If you check the meaning of their names, every one of them means something good. So, you have to watch names”.

In Ghana, he observed: “I’ve heard people called ‘Owuo’ – Death. Death doesn’t need permission to take you, it’s already looking for you, so, why are you calling death? Why do you call your child ‘Owuo’? Why? It’s foolishness but it’s also ignorance. Today, let your name be changed”.



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Joe Mettle To Embark On Regional Tour With 10th Anniversary Edition Of Praise Reloaded Concert


Gospel artiste, Joe Mettle is set to rock Ghana with the 10th-anniversary edition of his self-anchored Praise Reloaded concert. The concert, organized by Joe Mettle Ministries, has grown over the years to become one of Ghana’s biggest and most looked-forward-to gospel events which brings together many people from and across the world for a worship experience. Praise reloaded is also positioned as a Centre of Excellence in gospel music in Ghana and Africa.

Watch an excerpt from the press launch.

This year’s anniversary edition of the event is themed The Kadosh and will commence with a regional tour across four regions in Ghana starting with Takoradi on the 15th of May at the Breakthrough Family Ministries International(Windy Ridge), then to Koforidua on the 29th of May at the ICGC Jesus Temple(Koforidua Gallaway). The Praise Reloaded train then makes a stop at CCC, Kumasi on the 5th of June, before climaxing with the grand finale in Accra on the 29th of June at the Perez Dome.

THE KADOSH seeks to resound and create an atmosphere of worship to the King of Glory and to celebrate the goodness of God for a successful 10 years of Praise Reloaded.

Artistes billed to minister alongside Joe Mettle during these tours include KODA, SK Frimpong, Luigi Maclean, Soul Winners, Akese Brempong, Ceccy Twum, Bethel Revival Choir, MOG, Ohemaa Mercy, Kofi Peprah, Ntozoko Mbambo, Nathaniel Bassey, Diana Hamilton, and the Love Gift.

Other activities lined up to celebrate the 10th anniversary include an album release (THE KADOSH), a worship and music seminar, school and community outreaches, a walk with Joe Mettle and friends, and a dinner night with patrons and partners of Joe Mettle Ministries.



Ticket information, venues, and dates for these events will be duly communicated.

For more information ,please contact us on +233-204 663 409 or +233-244 371 044,



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Dr. Sonnie Badu Thrills Thousands of Worshippers at Ivory Coast Amidst Heavy Rains.

Ivory Coast’s most anticipated concert with Dr. Sonnie Badu at Abidjan recorded an outstanding number of believers who were geared for an encounter. The night which started off with clear weather suddenly gave birth to heavy rains some few minutes after Sonnie Badu mounted the platform.
Organisers of the event might have skipped a heartbeat due to the distortion by the rain but to the amazement of everyone, Sonnie Badu and his team demonstrated their resilience and unflinching desire to worship as well as making the anticipated event a success.
Dr. Sonnie Badu who has earned the nickname”Rain Man” over time has experienced quite a number of rainfall during his concerts leading patrons to a thrilling concert that saw worshippers carrying their chairs as a shield to show their willingness to worship amidst the heavy rains. News reaching us indicates a breakdown of 3 keyboards coupled with other technical challenges yet the determined Badu and his team matched the rain boot for boot.
The success of the event has dominated news headlines in the Ivory Coast and other continents due to the intensity of the encounter. This will certainly go down in the history books of the Ivory Coast as one of the biggest and most successful events for a long time.
Below are some pictures from the event.
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