Meet James Saah, the Bishop saving and healing souls with his TEACHINGS


Bishop James K. Saah is the Senior Bishop of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) and Action Chapel International Cathedral (ACI) in 1979.

Probably, it was the first charismatic church in Ghana initiating the charismatic movement.
Even more, Action Chapel is now one of Ghana’s largest megachurches with its headquarters on Spintex Road, close to Accra Mall.

Action Chapel International is a global ministry with more than 100 branches worldwide and several affiliate ministries all under the guidance of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams .

James Saah, having served many years in Benin City – Nigeria, we worked as a missionary under the tutelage of the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa he joined ACI in 1989.

Also, he is a bible teacher, a Pastor, and a conference speaker across nations. In Ghana, he preaches and teaches both on television and radio.

Bishop James Kwaku Saah is the Administrative Bishop of Action Chapel International (ACI). He also doubles as the Regional Bishop of ACI Accra North.

He has been under the leadership of the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams for over twenty-five (25) years.

Therefore, God has used him to promote the Thursday Morning JERICHO HOUR prayer meetings at The Prayer Cathedral – Spintex Road-Accra.

Which attracts international attendance with phenomenal supernatural visitations of the Holy Spirit and astonishing testimonies.

Hence, Bishop James Saah holds a Masters program in Governance and Leadership at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and is the author of a number of Books:
• The Finger of God;
• The Road to a The Double Portion;
• The Mystery of Success; and
• Seize your moment.

Periodically, Bishop Saah organizes forums and seminars for Christian Business men and women; the program dubbed ACTION BUSINESS FORUM attracts a large patronage across the nation.

Facebook Page:


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Gospel music sensation Ruth Adjei thrills fans with ‘M3bo’


Ruth Adjei, contemporary gospel sensation, is making waves with a brand new single ‘M3bo’.

She is a multi-talented urban gospel and inspirational music artist and after winning souls for Christ with her 2019 songs ‘Fa me Y?’, ‘Ma me nye de wo’, and an album titled ‘The mercy seat’, she is serving fans again with another spirit-filled song.

She said the ‘M3bo’ song means ‘I’ll proclaim’ after she ponded over Romans 10:13 and Proverbs 18:10 scriptures in the Bible adding that the “spirit of God quickly drew my attention to the song titled ‘M3bo’.

Listening to this remarkable song will strike a chord with worship, Christ has won the victory, she added.

Ruth Adjei, as confessed by music professionals, is an outstanding artist who focuses on her craft and knows the rudiments of her profession.

Watch the video below:

Source: Kojo Emmanuel, Contributor

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How God changed Nigeria’s Nathaniel Bassey’s story in 2017


Nathaniel Bassey is a gospel artiste, born in Lagos in 1978. He is popularly known for his song, “Imela”, “Onise Iyanu” and “Olowogbogboro”.

He is the brain behind the #HallelujahChallenge, where he worships God for an hour, from 12:00 mid-night to 1:00 am. He streams this event on his Instagram page and invites others to join him. In less than a month, the event had over 600,000 viewers. The HallelujahChallenge for 2020 was held from 4 to 24 February.

Bassey started his musical career in the church where he joined the Rhodes Orchestra and played the Trumpet for two years. Bassey was just a trumpeter until he composed a song during the visit to Stella Obasanjo, the late wife of a former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. In 2018, Bassey was one of the leading artistes at Nigeria’s biggest Christian gathering, The Experience.

Few days back, he spoke with popular Lagos Pastor, Tony Rapu, on Instagram live chat and he revealed much about his life and career.

Everyone calls you Nathaniel Blow, how did you get that?

I served in the City of David for a long time (for over 10 years). I served as a trumpet player to my late mentor, Pastor Esko, and he asked us to put together a blast called Trumpet Blast. We would normally close out service with a trumpet blast. He would read the benediction and when he was done, he would say to me Nathaniel Blow and I would just sound the trumpet and that happened for years. People would call me Nathaniel Blow and I thought it was a very prophetic name to hold and there was no need to re-invent the wheel. So, my e-mail is Nathaniel Blow. My Instagram rage is Nathaniel Blow. My Twitter handle is Nathaniel Blow, so I think there is something prophetic about the name, so every time they call me I just have to blow.

Were you in the old Freedom Hall, at all?

No, I joined just immediately City of David started at Lagoon.

Tell us about Halleluyah Challenge: How did you come into it and what happened to make you phenomenon in the world?

Years ago, before Pastor Eskor died, he began a series on Halleluya. He did an extended study on Halleluya, that Halleluya was actually a lifestyle. It was a very interesting study. We would even dress like it literally. Halleluyah means to be foolish before God, and that was years ago. Years came and gone, I went to Isreal in 2017. I normally go to Isreal with some friends every year. We usually worship there morning and night for about 7 to 8 days and then we go on-site visit (tour).

One of those nights, a friend of mine began to prophesy that God was going to move mightily in our lives. Pastor Banjo said God was going to do a new thing, and that the spirit of God was about to change the face of the earth, and then we came back. I remembered that you have to work with every prophetic word; you don’t just let it pass by. So I came back around April and I decided I would breakthrough men. So I organised what I call a Tongue Challenge and I said who was interested to join me and we did that for a couple of hours and that ran for like a month. So, we sometimes had 400-700 people who would join and the very last night, I said why didn’t we gather somewhere in Lekki and pray and worship in spirit, and people came, it was massive. Just as I was celebrating, that we had finished, I just heard the Lord saying. “The whole of June 2017, based on Acts-16, 25 to 26, at midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to Lord, and there was an earthquake and this came as a very strong word and then I announced Halleluya night from Tongue Challenge.

The first night, I was alone in my house, I was dressed casually in white singlet and the light was off and I began to praise and worship God and people started joining me. I had like 2,000 people joining me and the next day would be 7,000 and then 13,000, 15,000.

Then I had a few friends who asked me if they could come over to join me and bring some instruments like keyboards and so on, and that was how it exploded. The rest is history.

I listened to a message you released at a point about the difficulties you went through like you wanted to travel and you couldn’t get a visa, but here you are today. What message could you give to those who are waiting for God to give them big break?

I always use the analogy of a Cedar tree. A cedar tree is a very interesting tree. If you plant a mango tree beside a cedar, free, in a few weeks or months, you will see the signs of growth and in about a year you should be able to harvest. But it would take a cedar tree time to go down and find its roots.

That is my simple analogy. And when people see mango tree, it would be good for example because it would quickly bring fruits, while the cedar tree takes longer time to even let its roots go down and people would be asking the cedar tree “what is going on”?

But the reality is, the lifespan of a mango tree is just very short, but that’s not the case of cedar tree. Some researchers have discovered that some of the cedar trees that existed during the time of Jesus Christ time still exist.

When a cedar tree begins to grow, it grows non-stop, and it uses are numerous. But I thank God because I was able to accept those process. There were times I thought I was ready and my pastor would say, “yes you are gifted, you are anointed but there is no character yet. I came in a season where I enjoyed the process.

There was a time the church said it’s time to travel and I didn’t want to travel again because I was already enjoying the presence of God. I would just stay at home worshipping and weeping. My sister didn’t understand what happened. All these time, I didn’t know what was happening, except a particular day, I was at home playing the piano and I was just weeping before the Lord and I felt something like a blanket, resting on my head at No 12, Obiwunmi Street, Off Fola Agoro, Somolu, Lagos. It rested on my head and I know it was holy. I jumped out of the room and ran away. Later that evening, I was driving to the church and between CMS and Bonny Camp (I was driving in my KIA car) and my 3310 Nokia phone rang and then I picked it up, a man of God from the other side, who had never called before said to me Nathaniel: The Hand of God is upon you from today, conduct yourself accordingly. From then on I began to chase the Lord.

I just kept serving in the church. I would work with the children and I would put together a team. I began to do things outside my job description just to be busy. I would call my friend to pray night after night. So, we just had this fire burning.

And then Pastor Eskos left and I had to move to another parish where I was a music director and then the Pastor-in-Charge called me that I want you to lead the youth church, and just like that the song was born out of prayers like “Onise Iyanu”. When I prayed in the spirit I would hear Onise Iyanu and I would ask what does that means and I turned to an usher to tell me the meaning of Onise Iyanu because I don’t speak Yoruba. Olowogbogboro was during the Halleluya Challenge. Immediately, I look into a guy, I heard something like Olowogbogboro in the spirit. I could not pronounce it and I said it like that and people started typing Olowogbogboro and that was how the phrase just went viral.

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Joshua Ahenkorah set 30th June for “Fa me sie” ( Hide Me )

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-17 at 6.56.58 AM

Joshua Ahenkorah is set to release his 5th single with the title fa me sie … Fa me sie (hide me) is a prayer, it’s a cry to God to hide his people under this troubling and dark world.

Fa me sie is set to be released On the 30th of June 2020. Joshua Ahenkorah is a young gifted songwriter and a worship leader. His passion was driven to music in 2013 when he received the calling of God. With several encounters with the Lord.

He is a product of the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology in Painting and Sculpture. Joshua Ahenkorah has released 4 singles so far, the 5th one is yet to be release


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How I overcome – The Eddy Koomson story


Born and raised in a musical family, Eddy picked his musical senses from his dad who played the organ and led the choir in a Methodist church where he grew up. At the age of four (4), he became the first-ever drummer in the church.

Moving on to high school, Eddy became music director for the School band just in the second year ahead of his seniors. Doubling as Music Director for the Spiritual Union (SU), Editor-In-Chief for the School Magazine team, and Drama Coordinator for the WDDC. It’s safe to say arts lived in him from birth.

He switched between instruments and picked up as a bass player in 2014 under the supervision of his well-known and renowned mentor, Opoku Sanaa now in Dubai.

His love for music is a thrilling one. Music has always been the live wire of his glittering prospects. To him music and art, in general, is but a life, a spiritual facet of his being.

It’s not a surprise that his story as a young lad creates melodies. The detail, therefore, completing the package with lyrics of testimonies to share and stories to tell. He has been instrumental in the music industry as a bass guitarist and music director & worked with great artists such as E.L, Simi (Nigeria), Trigmatic, Timi Dakolo (Nigeria), King Promise, Adina, KingzKid and currently for MOGmusic.

His maiden single which features MOGmusic is set to be released; June 17 which also happens to be his birthday, an amazing piece by all standards.
He also has a gift for us in the package of an EP in July. Comprising of 5 hymns, well arranged and features some of the greatest gospel artistes in the country. Fingers crossed as we await the surprises, he has in store for us.

Working with Eddy has always been amazing. Truly a trailblazer in his field. As a resourceful person, Eddy has created that aura of results, orientation and hard work. Here are a few words testifying to that.

“A hard-working and smart young professional. Always up to the task and creative in his approach to digital marketing and brand management.” – Opoku Sanaa, music enthusiast and entrepreneur said.

“Eddy has grown steadily in his career from my time working with him back in 2014. A brilliant young lad who’s always ready and willing to learn and try new things. He takes calculated risks and ensures all projects are completed on time.” – Stephen Boadi, CEO, Enable Growth Africa said.

Eddy currently works with Samsung Electronics, West Africa as the Digital Marketing Manager for Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon & Gabon.

At just age 22, Eddy became the youngest employee at PZ Cussons GH LTD, an arm of PZ Cussons Intl. with its headquarters in Manchester, UK, he became the Assistant Digital Marketing Manager.

In 2015, he won the best Facebook page at the Ghana Blogging Awards with Cussons Baby Ghana, in the same year he earned a Google Certification to become a certified Google Partner as well as a Hootsuite Academy scholar in 2016.

February 2016, he merited a Global Excellence in Marketing Award for brand building with the brand Cussons Baby Ghana.

In 2017, Eddy joined the global media agency Dentsu Aegis Network when he managed top brands as the Digital Media Planner and Strategist for iProspect. He managed reputable brands such us, Standard Chartered Bank, Mastercard, Biersdorf (Nivea), ABInbev among others.

Source: Eddy Koomson

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Pentecost University College Receives Presidential Charter


Pentecost University College (PUC) has received a Presidential Charter making it a full-fledged University that will now be able to award its own degrees rather than through an affiliate University as required of all private Universities without a charter.

The President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo presented the Charter Certificate to the university on Thursday, May 28, 2020, at a brief presentation ceremony at the Jubilee House.

In his address, President Akufo-Addo commended Pentecost University for the hard work done over the years to merit the status of an independent institution of higher learning.

President Akufo-Addo indicated that Pentecost University has met the stringent requirements under regulation 20, clause 2, of the tertiary institution’s regulations, 2010, LI 1984, “which enjoins the board to consider the following before a charter is granted;

  • a. The length of the period which shall not be less than ten (10) years within which the applicant has successfully operated under the supervision of a mentoring institution,
  • b. The governance structure of the applicant,
  • c. The quality of teaching, research, academic staff and work of the applicant,
  • d. The financial, material and teaching facilities and resources at the disposal of or owned by the applicant and
  • e. Other factors that the board determined to be appropriate.”

He, however, admonished the institution not to rest on its oars but to justify its new status as a Chartered University by maintaining the standards that have elevated it to a full-fledged tertiary institution.

“The University should bear in mind that it will be closely monitored especially in the areas of concern outlined by the National Accreditation Board,” President Akufo-Addo said.


Apostle Dr Daniel Okyere Walker, the Rector of Pentecost University, who received the charter certificate on behalf of the University, thanked the Lord for His faithfulness towards the university and The Church of Pentecost.

He thanked the President and the Minister of Education, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh and the National Accreditation Board and all who made this feat possible.

He also acknowledged the Chancellor of the University and Chairman of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, under whose leadership the university has chalked such a momentous milestone.

The Rector also dedicated the success to all past Chairmen of The Church of Pentecost, past rectors, as well as past and present staff and students of the university whose contributions has helped to propel the university to such a commendable height.

He assured the President that Pentecost University would continue to pursue excellence stating that “The vision of Pentecost University is to become the Number One faith-based university in Africa that will develop transformational leaders for Ghana, Africa and the world at large.”


watch CERSHOW:

Among those present to witness the historic event was the immediate-past Chairman of the church and first Rector of Pentecost University, Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyiah (Rtd.), and Apostle Prof. Peter Ohene Kyei (Rtd.), immediate-past Pentecost University Rector.

Also present were the General Secretary of the church, Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, Vice-Rector of the university, Elder Prof. K. B. Omane Antwi, the Chairperson of University’s Council, Her Ladyship Elizabeth Ankumah, the University’s Registrar, Mr Foster Amoani, and the wife of the Rector, Mrs Irene Walker.

At the same event, the All Nations University College (ANUC), a private institution of higher learning located at Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana, also received a presidential charter.


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Artevangelists Dialogue honour Eugene Zuta


Artevangelists Dialogue is a platform for fraternising and synergising among budding ministers within the Christian arts circles (music, spoken word, choreography, comedy, etc.). The platform periodically hosts seasoned ministers to learn from their life and ministry and to honour them in a session dubbed ‘Fire Lighters’.

A recent edition held for the platform featured God’s servant, Eugene Zuta, known for Spirit-filled and edifying songs for everyday Christian worship. Songs such as “Wo So”, “Fa Me Ye”, and “Okasa”, just to sample a few, are some of his songs music lovers across Ghana and beyond enjoy on a daily basis.

Aaron Sangmor, Convenor for Artevangelists Dialogue, in inviting members of the platform to join the session, explained why the Man of God was chosen as the guest.

He indicated that Eugene Zuta is a seasoned minister driven by intense passion and deep spirituality, both of which, according to Aaron, would contribute immensely to adding fuel to ignite the fire of the platform fraternity.

Below is a summarised Q&A session of the dialogue with Eugene Zuta on Sunday, 24th May 2020. Enjoy the read!

Host: Papa Zuta! We are truly grateful to you and honoured for accepting to be our special guest for this evening’s session. Please accept our warmest welcome.

Papa Zuta: Good evening and thanks for the privilege. The pleasure is mine

Host: Papa Zuta! We have read quite about you and follow a few things regarding your grace-field life. It’s a beautiful story you’ve got there. And we celebrate God’s goodness for your life. Could you please share with us your opening remarks before further ado.

Papa Zuta: Thanks for the kind compliments. I must start by saying I am only playing a part in the divine script God has already written for my life. And I keep asking Him for divine grace to be faithful to His call on my life. I don’t want to be just a good servant. I want to be God’s servant. I am glad as to how far I have come and trusting Him to take me from here.

Host: Inspiring! It’s indeed an honour to have you here with us tonight. Can you please tell us what growing up was like for you? Any fond memories?

Papa Zuta: I sang my first solo in the church in 1993. I was prayed for by the elders of the church to be used in the area of ministry. I have learnt that it takes a whole community to make you so we don’t have to be in isolation. Allow godly people around to counsel and mentor you, especially, people within the church environment could be very helpful. I also remember growing up as a member of Mount Olivet Methodist Church, and as part of the Gospel band from 2000; going from school to school for evangelism, alongside the “Shabo” we used to play at the funeral, wedding and outdooring ceremonies. I did not know the effect of my ministrations on people until they told me and encouraged me to take it seriously. As part of my journey, I have carried speakers, arranged chairs, done dawn broadcasting, etc. for years as a member of Olivet Voices, Echoes of Calvary of GHAFES, UCC. I have many memories, but these come to mind readily.

Host: Interesting memories there. Papa Zuta! In 2012, you officially unveiled the Eugene Zuta Ministries (EZM), with a focus on reaching out to meet the needs of young people spiritually, physically and mentally. Could you kindly tell us briefly the inspiration behind this and the progress thus far?

Papa Zuta: Whiles in UCC from 2001-2005, I was convicted in my heart that apart from my desire to be a teacher, the LORD wanted me to continue with my music as an extension of what I was doing on campus. So, I released my first album in 2008. Then joined EmPraise Incorporated as the first President of that ministry till 2016. In the course of that service, I felt the LORD still wanted me to focus on my personal ministry, So I started EZM. Mainly, it has the mandate to raise a monument of worship in the hearts and lives of many, drawing them to the LORD through music, word and all means possible. So far so good, but there is more space to cover.

Host: EZM is a response to a higher call. Good stuff. Papa Zuta! How challenging has the journey been so far?

Papa Zuta: The challenges have been many.

1. Creating balance in ministry, work and family life 2. Distraction from people who think you should be doing things a certain way to be seen as successful 3. Attacks and schemes from people who do not understand your calling or are not happy with what you are doing 4. Personal insecurities 5. Challenges with funds, etc. However, the LORD has used each to teach me to be a better person which in the end has changed my perspective as to what they are. So these days I count my ‘challenges’ as part of my ministry helpers. Because they are part of the “all things” God is using for my “good” according to Romans 8:28. Smooth seas does not make skilful sailors. They become skilful by navigating the turbulent seas.

Host: Deep insights you’ve shared there about challenges. Papa Zuta! In your over a decade of active ministry, what has been some anchor scriptures that fuel your passion, help you get through challenges and do the exploits we have come to know you for?

Papa Zuta: Quite a number of scriptures;

“Knowing the correct password—saying ‘Master, Master,’ for instance—isn’t going to get you anywhere with me. What is required is serious obedience— doing what my Father wills. I can see it now—at the Final Judgment thousands strutting up to me and saying, ‘Master, we preached the Message, we bashed the demons, our God-sponsored projects had everyone talking.’ And do you know what I am going to say? ‘You missed the boat. All you did was use me to make yourselves important. You don’t impress me one bit. You’re out of here.’” (Matthew 7:21?-?23, Message Bible?)? ? ???

Others include; 2 Timothy 1:6, 1 Timothy 4:12, 2 Timothy 2:20-21

Host: Papa Zuta! Would you kindly share with us what you’d consider a winning formula in your ministry.

Papa Zuta: The Holy Spirit (99.9%) + Me (0.1%) = Godly Success

I kick against anything the LORD has not told me to do. I have looked foolish many times trying to obey Him. I have refrained from using the “usual” strategies; not because they are bad but because I have been asked to do it some other way. Most times it does not end in me being hailed all over. But knowing God is pleased is enough. Success in ministry is not doing things my way but doing it His way for me, which might be different from others. One day I made up my mind I was going to make a wild move to draw some wild attention bi like that. Just when I finished writing it down, someone I had not heard from in a while called. Guess the discussion? Long and short of it; the person said “Keep going the same way you are going. God knows the struggles and He will reward.”

Host: Very touching experience! Papa Zuta! You wrote and composed most of the songs on the ‘Calvary Nnwom’, which had the hit song, ‘Okasa’ on it. Since then, you have, by the grace of God, churned out seasoned worship songs for everyday use, including ‘Wo So’. Could you please tell us about your inspiration for writing and composing such beautiful songs.

Papa Zuta: Somewhere between 1995-1998, I prayed asking the Holy Spirit to grant me the ability to write songs that will draw many to Him. This is because the aim of what I do is not to raise a following for myself, but a following for Him. We are fishers of men but we don’t take the fishes home. We take them to our Master. The LORD granted my prayer request. Based on my meditations, I am able to hear melodies in my heart. These I record and continue to work on as songs. So my inspiration is mainly the Word of God and my fellowship through devotions. There are only a few times I have deliberately set out to compose a song. There are people who have the technical abilities to compose without any inspiration. I am not that blessed.

Host: Papa Zuta! Talking of fishers of men, in what ways does the Master reward the fisherman?

Papa Zuta: He provides their every need. Sometimes He does this by giving them some of the ‘fish’ (but they do not take it themselves). Sometimes He sends others to take care of them. He sometimes also produces gold coin from a fish to take care of them. Some other times, He sends them “manna” from Heaven. He also sometimes gives them other skills to help others to provide for their immediate needs. But in all things, He does not want their pre-occupation to be “to reward” themselves but to be rewarded by Him. He does not want His shepherds to “kill” the sheep they take care of for their reward. He wants them to look to Him for their reward.

Host: You have an amazing insight regarding the things of God. Papa Zuta! Is it mandatory to set up a ministry the moment one starts singing and records a single or an album? At what point does one get really convinced that God has called them into ministry?

Papa Zuta: A ministry in the broad sense is all the ways God has equipped a person to serve His people. And it must be entered into only by conviction as an assignment. Many are just copying a trend but have not been called. For some it’s not an avenue to serve but to be served and get some attention. As you continue to fellowship with the LORD closely, He will give you a personal confirmation. Sometimes you may also have to take a step of faith. I have realised that if it is of God, He knows how to bring it about. Yours is to be available and usable until then.

Host: Well noted Sir. Papa Zuta! Were there times that after your ministrations you felt that your message was not well delivered to the people. If yes, how did you react?

Papa Zuta: Yes! I went back, prayed about it and sought the next opportunity to do it right.

Host: Papa Zuta! There is a wave of passionate budding gospel musicians who are daily thrust onto the scenes. What would be your advice to these budding musicians to ensure that they live up to the demands of their true calling – topmost things to, and not to do?

Papa Zuta: Firstly, I would recommend to learn about what it means to do music ministry. Then, be sure you have been called into the ministry and know your specific assignment and how you are to accomplish it. Also, be right in your mind about issues of money and fame; these are not bad but how they are acquired can make or unmake you. It is necessary to also have ‘accountability’ relationships. Finally, be patient with God and yourself.

Host: Very relevant points there. Thank you. Papa Zuta! Is music a full-time ministry for you? And what would be your advice to any of us here who might have dreams to pursue music as a full-time ministry?

Papa Zuta: It depends on your individual assignment. The ministry of some is such that they will have to dedicate themselves fully. So in that sense full-time is possible. However, given the understanding of music generally in Ghana, I will not advise anyone to do so. Someday when our structures are well placed it will be easy. Even Apostle Paul worked part-time to take care of his needs because he did not want to be a burden to the church.

Host: Papa Zuta! It’s been such an exciting session. You have indeed given us so much to brood over. All too soon we have to draw down the curtains. Kindly could you share your closing remarks.

Papa Zuta: Dear brethren, all I have shared is based on my personal experiences as I have journeyed with the LORD. It by no means represents the whole wisdom of God regarding our ministry. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will further expound matters to each one of us. Do feel free to share with me anything I might have to reconsider so I can also improve on my knowledge. God richly bless us all and thanks for hosting me.

Host: Papa Zuta! Thank you so much. We are truly grateful for your time. It has been an honour having you. We’d keep praying with you and supporting your ministry in any way the LORD allows us to. Blessings!

Another exciting edition of Fire Lighters will come your way in June barring the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The platform will host yet another seasoned minister to share his life and ministry with us. Until then, keep being on fire for the LORD. Blessings!

By: Samuel Laryea

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New Gospel Singer Bernice Bliss Features Kofi Kinaata On Maiden Single ‘None Compared God’


New gospel sensation Bernice Bliss has just released her maiden single that features Ghanaian high-life artist Kofi Kinaata.

A firebrand dedicated to spreading the word of God through music, Bernice who has over the past few years nurtured her talent is out with her debut single None Compared God.

Just like the title (None Compared God), the urban pop song which features Kofi Kinaata, winner of the Hybrid Song of the Year winner at the just ended Ghana National Gospel Music Awards seeks to exalt and glorify God for his unflinching love towards humanity.

With a very catchy hook, Kofi Kinaata adds a touch of excellence with his Fante infused rap style.
Speaking to the press, Bernice Bliss explained the choice of Kofi Kinaata saying; ‘Kofi Kinaata was a perfect fit for the song hence reaching out to him and he didn’t hesitate”

None Compared God was produced by PM Beatz with video direction by Tyroon Philms.

By: Gospelhubgh


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Another Collabo? Yaw Sarpong Features Kofi Kinaata On The Remixed Version Of “Joseph”


It is looking more like a season of secular artist collaboration for the legendary gospel singer Yaw Sarpong who recently released a successful single with Sarkodie titled “Ahobres3”.

Well, this time around, it’s Kofi Kinaata who he has partnered with for the upcoming remix rendition of one of his very popular hit songs ‘Joseph’.

The “Things Fall Apart” singer seemed very excited on the day of the recording as he tweeted this;

“Azaay morro we dey record the remix of Yaw Sarpong’s song “Joseph” (s3 Yehowa hyira wo aa). hope u remember that legendary song. They used to play it at dawn as we are kiddies. This one de3 I meet my meeter. E Dey gives me nightmares sef. Or u ppl say more vim?”

Kofi is catching the eyes of many gospel singers after his inspirational hit single “Things Fall Apart” with a couple of collabo’s to be dropped soon.

The new ‘Joseph’ remix will be one of the major features on Yaw Sarpong & Asomafo’s forthcoming album. Details of this album soon.

by: Gospelhubgh

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Habits Of An Excellent Musician – Delivered By Ps Edwin Dadson And Friends


Pastor Edwin Dadson and Friends (Niiella, Mabongi, and Ps Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye)

Excellence refers to an act beyond satisfaction, has an impact, above ordinary, builds on gift and craft to the best (both spiritually and physically) to be a whole package.

A musician goes beyond having the gift as a musician, one’s character is also key.

You tend to procrastinate when you don’t have a vision. A vision gives you a sense of urgency.

Laziness will cause you to be left behind. Music evolves, strive to learn.

Some things are needful and may not be exciting, but the results, wonderful. The process won’t be sweet, but the outcome will be great.

Habits to be built
1. Train yourself (your voice) to build on the solfas.
2. Learn to sing straight before you try to run (Not every voice can run).
3. Figure out your tone and build on it.
4. Record and listen to yourself when you sing.
5. Breathing tip; when you’re breathing in or out, keep your shoulders and chin down.

Habits to cultivate with riffs and runs
1. Whatever you sing from your mouth, let it pass through your mind first. Make sure it sounds good in your head before you sing it out.
2. Whatever sounds you produce must not be a distraction from your actual message.
3. Think before you sing.
4. Break runs down, take it slow.
5. Learn other scales as well.

Spiritual habits to be cultivated
1. Bible study
2. Prayer life
3. Personal worship life

When you try to deliver what you don’t have, it makes you a thief! Whatever you do on stage shouldn’t be the first time you’re doing it.

Character habits and the gift
1. The Word of God should be centered in you.
2. Don’t let the praise of men get into your head.
3. Be humble.
4. Watch your tongue.
5. Know you’re a Christian before a musician.
6. Have a personal relationship with God.
7. Self-reflection is key.

Morality and the musician
1. Have boundaries, even in your friendships.
2. Set your standards.
3. Dress decently. Your dressing represents who you are, and you’re to reflect Christ.

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