EXCLUSIVE :Chosen YesuBa drops tracklist and release date for his “Last Days” EP


The ‘Last Days’ Extended Play(EP) is a gospel rap project aimed at alerting especially the Christian youth to lead exemplary lives.

The 7-track Gospel rap music piece talks about the present day church, the end times and untoward lifestyles that are morally corrupt; the tracklist are as follows:

  1. The Reality
  2. Christlike Living
  3. Yesu ReBa
  4. Soul Grind
  5. Heaven on my mind
  6. Wana(Who?)
  7. HE is coming

The ‘Last Days’ EP is not your regular praise and worship music compositions but a word of caution to admonish and strengthen the faith of Christian believers.

It is a gospel piece that highlights questionable issues like a hammer on the head of a nail with precision.

by Israel ofori

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The journey, the experiences and the fulfillment – Bernice Offei shares them all


Bernice Offei, a very respected inspirational gospel artiste, who is known for gospel music with content that addresses pressing lives issues with hit songs ‘Life is Short’ and ‘Hold on’ shares her experiences so far regarding her ministry.

She shared her journey right from the time of discovery of her gift and the lessons learnt over the years with members of the Christian Musicians Association Ghana (CMA Ghana) – The Southern Zone.

This is definitely a life’s story worth sharing considering the fact that she has been doing gospel music for a long time with rich experience having recorded 6 albums with over 50 impactful songs. Her last album won her two awards during the 10th edition of the MTN Ghana Music Awards as the Best Vocal Female Performer and the Song Writer of the year.

Brief Background:

Bernice is a Banker by profession and has been working with the Standard Chartered Bank. In 2016, Bernice resigned as a banker to be a full-time gospel musician. she abandoned her job to focus on the work of God after combining banking and her ministry for many years.

Bernice Ofei had her secondary education at Achimota School in Accra, Ghana. She holds an MPhil in crop science from the University of Ghana and an MSc in Information technology from the United Kingdom. She is a wife and a mother of two.


Question: So how did you become a music minister and at what point did you answer the Call vis a vis building your career as a banker?

Bernice: I’ve always loved singing since my teenage years in secondary school, & u would always find me singing in the bathroom and everywhere I could sing. I got very fascinated with the box guitar and really wanted to learn how to play it. After finishing my ‘O’ levels in 1979, when I had a bit of time on my hands, I asked one of my Christian brothers to teach me how to play it. With the few chords that I learnt, I started playing some of the simple gospel songs I knew. It wasn’t too common to see ladies playing the guitar at the time, so very soon, I started receiving invitations to minister at Christian programs.

Question: Please were you discovered and mentored and given platforms or you have single-handedly paved your own path in ministry. The Genesis of your ministry.

Bernice: Rev Owusu-Afriyie of YAFCA became very interested in my ministry and encouraged me to start writing my own songs. He was putting up a recording studio at the time, and he said he would love to sponsor my first album in his studio. By God’s Grace, I was able to write some songs of my own, and in 1991, we came out with my debut album “We are Victors”. This was on cassette as the era of CDs had not yet started.

Question: This certainly means you were fully launched in ministry before careers. What was your consideration in your choice of career as a banker and how has it played out over the years, combining time for songwriting, over 50 songs, ministration, family life, banking? How did you navigate through all these Aunt B.

Bernice: I actually didn’t plan to go into banking. My husband went to the UK to study for his Ph.D., so I had to join him there. When he was almost done, we thought it would be a good idea to do a short cause in IT so I could be computer literate when I return to Ghana to look for a job. Interestingly, that was what God used to get me a job in Stanchart, because it was a little over a year before Y2K ( hope everyone knows what Y2K stands for) so I got a job with a team on a contract to get the bank’s machines compliant.

Question: I read an article where you were quoted saying that we are not called to win awards Is the news report true? If yes kindly elaborate on what you meant and by extension what’s your opinion on the essence of Gospel music and gospel ministers

Bernice: Concerning this issue of being not being called to win awards – I was actually quite surprised when my husband drew my attention to it in one of the newspapers the day after my interview on one of the radio stations. I don’t quite recall the exact way in which the question was put by the radio presenter, but his question seemed to suggest that as Gospel musicians our main focus is to win awards, and I obviously did not agree to that. As u know, the media folks will always report in a way which will draw attention to their reports or newspapers. All they need is to couch their reports in a certain way, and the fact that you can still remember this after all these weeks or months means they succeeded

Question: You write songs that speak to Life Matters, the society, and you blend it beautiful in the message of the great commission. What inspired you to write songs like hold on fast, life is short, the little boy, etc.

Bernice: Hold on fast: whilst working in the bank, I had a colleague who was a Christian and was going through serious marital problems, such that the marriage was almost on the verge of collapse. I started praying for him and encouraging him as much as I could, but somehow things seemed to be getting worse. I didn’t stop praying for that couple though, and to the glory of God, the marriage is still intact and their relationship is doing well now.

Life is short:– When I was much younger I saw my mum trying to read, and I noticed that she was holding the book far away from her eyes. I looked at her for a while, wondering why she was doing that. Not being able to figure it out, I asked her why she was holding the book so far away. She smiled, looked at me, and shook her head, saying in Ga “obaada oba nina” meaning “you will understand it when you grow up to experience it’.

Several years after this when I had grown up with my own kids, I was also reading a book and was holding it far away from my eyes just as my mum did. My little boy who was apparently observing me all this while asked me why I was holding the book so far away. Obviously, I gave him the same answer which my mum gave me years back.

My little boy, looking rather surprised, asked me why I didn’t rather bring the book closer to my eyes if I couldn’t see the writing well. That was when it struck me that this was the same question I asked my mum some years back. I couldn’t believe that the years had passed so quickly and I had already reached the same age as my mum was when I asked her that question. “Wow, I exclaimed, life is short indeed’!

The little boy: After completing a Masters program in the UK several years ago, I got a little anxious about what I would do in terms of a job when I return home. Although I had already done a Masters program in Crop Science before leaving for the UK to join my husband, I ended up doing another Masters in IT. Bcos the use of computers was not that common in Ghana in those days, I thought it would be a good idea to take a short course in Computer science so I could at least be computer literate when we return. Somehow, by the time I was to start the course, I was expecting our second baby, so I couldn’t take the course.

My husband, however, managed to convince me to do a Masters in IT, altho I wasn’t very convinced initially that I could do it. When I was finally done and was returning home, I got rather anxious about how I would get a job with not much practical knowledge of IT. One morning while having my devotion with the “Our Daily bread” booklet, the illustration was about a little boy who was walking with his dad and jumping happily along. A stranger meets them on the way and asks the little boy where he’s going. His reply was “I don’t know where I’m going. All I know is that I’m going with my daddy”. That illustration was what I needed, and it ministered so powerfully to me. To cut a long story short, I finally returned to Ghana, keeping my hand in my daddy’s hand, and I got a job at the first place I took my CV to – Standard Chartered Bank. The rest, as they say, is history. To God be all the glory!!

“Odo a wodo me nti” as the lyrics say, was an expression of my gratitude to God for His great love for me – something that always amazes me because I have done nothing to deserve it.



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portrait of mature woman of African descent with thoughtful expression

In your trying times, avoid blame

In your trying times, stay positive

In your trying times, control anger

In your trying times, don’t lose focus

In your trying times, start rebuilding

In your trying times, practice patience

In your trying times, remain optimistic

In your trying times, see the big picture

In your trying times, prioritize self-care

In your trying times, know who to trust

In your trying times, don’t be influenced

In your trying times, have faith in yourself

In your trying times, stay as calm as possible

In your trying times, don’t act on desperation

In your trying times, learn to laugh at yourself

In your trying times, set goals to solve problems

In your trying times, limit time with toxic people

In your trying times, try to see past the hardship

In your trying times, keep your expectations realistic

In your trying times, evaluate situations before you respond

In your trying times, look at your problem like an obstacle that you need to overcome

Life has so many options on how one can progress, stay at a particular destination for long or even retrogress.

Living a successful life is hailed by a section in society whilst others question your swift progress.

For those who have remained unproductive for long time do have few well-wishers encouraging them of a better day ahead but they are not left the hook by the critics who will tag them as individuals who are valueless in the society.

For those who keep declining have a similar share of the cake as the intermediates. They live a miserable life in society because they feel lonely and unloved.

Tough time makes you very strong both internally and externally. Hard times are like a washing machine, they twist, turn and knock us around, but in the end, we come out cleaner, brighter & stronger than before.

In such a hard moment, meditation or prayer, visualize handing those items over to your higher power and letting them go. Then focus on what you can control, like your self-care, your words, your actions and your decisions.

If you reflect on this for a moment, what you will typically find is that the vast majority of these reasons are actually based on your perspective of the situation. In other words, you are actually aggravating your feelings by thinking a certain way about the situation.

People will at times say and do things that will hurt you. However, often these things have nothing to do with you but are rather based on people’s own insecurities and personal problems.

Given this, it’s imperative that you don’t take things personally, and instead practice detaching yourself from these emotional experiences.


Eddy Acquah is a Broadcast Journalist with EIB Network (Kasapafmonline, Starr FM, Kasapa FM, Live FM).

Contact – 0541159191
Facebook – @Eddy Acquah
IG – DigitalpromoGh
Twitter – @Digitalpromogh
Youtube – DigitapromoGh
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PROFILE: Diana Antwi Hamilton


Diana Hamilton, a powerful, multi-octave and gifted artiste is leading the way to the new generation of Africa gospel music.

About Diana Hamilton

Gospel music in Africa is currently led by Diana Hamilton, who is a gifted artist winning the “Best Artiste Europe at the Africa Gospel Awards” in 2011.

Diana is the third of eight children and was born to Apostle Felix Antwi and Mrs Comfort Antwi who was heading the Church of Pentecost in the Takoradi area. Attending the Morning Star School in Accra, she continued her studies in Ghana National College Cape Coast completing her higher education.

Diana took interest in nursing to be a part of selfless social service and help people in distress. Six years ago she married Dr. Joseph Hamilton and she recently gave birth to twins.

Diana believes that reaching out to people in the name of God will help her lead them through their difficult times and inculcate spiritual intimacy into their minds; it will help them realize the awe-inspiring presence of God.

She is of the opinion that as a musician who is spreading the gospels of Christianity, people should be able to recognize her role as someone who can take the common citizen closer to the supreme power.

Songs by Diana Hamilton urge us to keep faith on the Almighty as he is the one who will guide us to ultimate success and happiness. In addition to this, she would also like to set inspiration for other gospel musicians so that in future her works can be taken as a reference point and build a constructive narrative which will blend religion and music.

It not only will make people aware of the teachings of Church but make them understand the value of humanity in years to come.

Music Journey

Born in Kumasi, Ghana, she started off in mainstream music working as a backing vocalist with Francis Agyei in most of his albums and live shows with Reverend Jesse Dickson. Being extremely talented with a unique style of musical rendition, she had the privilege to work with the leading musicians across the world.

Diana Hamilton songs please our soul as soon as we hear them. She hosted the OHTV (SKY 199) “Africa Rising” program and has been performing on Christian Networks.

She was the music director of ‘Vibrations’, which was a band from the Kumasi Nursing Training College. Diana Hamilton has also worked as the Music director of Royal Priesthood.

She once served as a resident of Pentecost Church in the UK where she was in the Choir. A sensitive and powerful voice, blended with unique lyrics, Diana Hamilton took the Ghana music industry by storm with her debut album, ‘Osoro bekasa’.

The album was nominated for the Gospel Song of the year and for the Best Female Vocal Performance in the Ghana Music Awards, 2008.

Carrying on with her success, the second album ‘Ensi Wo Yie’ gave her further recognition and became one of the prominent faces in the Ghana music industry.

The single ‘Ensi Wo Yie’ was nominated for the Gospel song of the year 2010 at the Ghana Music Awards. She herself was nominated for Best Female artiste at the Africa Gospel Awards 2011 and this album created a niche fan base who acknowledge her success even today.

Diana enjoys designing and cooking. Along with this, she mentors a lot of gospel musicians as well as spends time in church, helping local youths to learn and develop a passion for music.

She is also looking to start a charity for the underprivileged kids in Africa and reach closer to divinity by helping the deprived across the continent.

Songs by Diana Hamilton

Work in progress

Eye Woa Worship Medley

Yehowah Behwe

Papa Reigns


Wani Ku Me Ho

It’s All About You

Ayeyie Nwom

Most High God

Edin/the Name Worship

Otumfour Nyankopon

Onyame Ye

I’ve Got This Chance

I’m So Proud

Le Bonheur

Back To The Island Intro


Ensi Wo Yie

Osoro Bekasa

I Believe

Mo Ne Yo

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PHOTOS: Gospel Musician Lady Prempeh goes blonde with her new short hair

Lady Prempeh

Award-winning Ghanaian gospel songstress, Lady Prempeh after disappearing from the music scene for years released a single titled ‘Aseda’ on the 25th November 2018 and set to release a new one with a different look which has got the attention of music lovers.

The 2005 VGMA New Gospel Artiste of the Year is currently trending on social media with fans complaining about her looks in her yet to be released video titled ‘enka ho da’

The single ‘enka ho da ’ produced by Peewezel of Cue studios has fans talking about it already.

According to sources, and videos shared by Lady Prempeh on her official social media platforms recently, fans and music lovers were shocked she could dress that way, most especially her hair

The ‘Odo yi Wohe’ hitmaker has her hair dyed white.

Lady Prempeh looks poised to take her place again in the ever-changing Ghanaian gospel music fraternity with a list of refreshing new songs on her yet to be released album.


Dan Lartey

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Meet Ghanaian-German gospel artiste Annisstar


How will you describe your self to a fan? Annisstar is a young music minister who is passionate about what she does. I always put God First and I never rush anything. I believe that what is meant to be is going to be. It is very important to trust God and the process tell me about your early life? I was born in Germany where I spent most of my adolescent life.

While living in Germany my parents and I frequently travelled to Ghana where my love for African rhythms was established. How did music start for you?I have been writing since the age of six and professionally singing since the age of fifteen.

I was a worship leader in Kenya at Nairobi Chapel under the leadership of Pastor Nikko Ochieng from 2013 to 2016. I am currently a worship leader at Freedom Church in Philadelphia.Was it your dream to be a musician?My dream as a musician is to continue to make an impact every time I Minister. I want to continue to put God’s agenda before my own.

How has the journey been since you stepped in? I have been blessed on my journey to have met many legendary musicians and music ministers who have made themselves available for me to seek advice and mentorship.

What are you planning to change in the music scene? My prayer is to get proper training to young talented people in Africa who have a passion for Christ.

Ministering Gospel Music globally on different platforms to win souls for Christ.What has been your memorable time in the studio?

My memorable times in the Studio always happen when everyone in the room gets connected to the song and it becomes a Worship encounter. How many songs do you have and who produced it? I have nine songs released, the first six songs on my first album produced in Kenya by Jaaz Odongo. Josiah Morgan produced one song from my first album. I was featured on  two songs with Nairobi Chapel Quest “Sifa” album produced by Gideon Kimanzi.“Calling You “ was co-produced with Johnson Omoninje.“Rise up” was produced by Noah Mauymar

Who do you look up to in the music scene?I look up to musicians from the past and present. 

All the Legendary female musicians have inspired me in many ways with their professional and personal lives. What inspires your song? I have the ability to sit down and write a song if I get the inspiration, but most of my songs come to me with all of the sounds put together through the Holy Spirit.  What I receive is what I deliver to the people of God.

In five years where do you want to be? I should complete my Masters Degree and ready to be in ministry full time. I want to start working with young people in Africa who have gifts and talents with a passion for Christ.

Who is your competition in the music scene? And why? I don’t do what I do to compete with anyone. When the message that God gave me to minister is delivered and people receive it and live it God is honoured.

As a music minister I am all about winning souls for Christ and not competing with anyone. There should be no competition in Kingdom business, we are all on the same team. #teamJesus

What advice will you give to anyone who looks up to you? I would advise to seek a relationship with God for answers when they find themselves in difficult situations.

Never give up on your dreams, keep working hard to perfect your craft and leave the rest to God. What is your new song about about“Rise Up” is a song about the power of God’s Love.

Whether it’s traumatic experiences, abuse, mental health issues PTSD , you can always invite Jesus into any situation, and rise up.  ? is for the people oppressed, and people on the path of Redemption which isn’t a clear cut road. This is for those dealing with depression, dealing with anxiety and dealing with pain of the past.

This is for those living in Fear. For the people battling addiction or PTSD. This is for the victors of abuse and traumatic experiences.

This is for the flawed humans who have dealt with or are still dealing with Mental Health issues.

Invite God into any situation. Freedom is yours through Christ Jesus. We go through different seasons in our lives; when we experience pain, set back, regret, or stress. During these seasons our state of mind may shift into dark spaces.  The Great news is you never have to be alone, we can rely on God to comfort and protect us in any season/ transition in our lives. Through God’s love, we will #RiseUp!



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Artistes shouldn’t manage other artistes – Nacee


Popular sound engineer, Nana Kwaku Osei, known in showbiz circles as Nacee is a man of many parts. Apart from being a beat maker, he is also a singer, producer and sometimes manager, having formed the No Tribe Band and the Skulfuo group.

And it is perhaps from his experiences that he says artistes should not be managing their fellow artistes.

According to Nacee, there are so many things that go wrong when artistes manage their colleagues and a number of examples attest to this.

“First, there will be competition among the manager and his signees. Imagine Richie of Lynx Entertainment was still singing and making hits all over, how would he have been able to get KiDi, Kuami Eugene and MzVee to where they are?

“When there are gigs to be played, the top artiste will think of his interest first before his signee because they are competing,” he said.

He explained that unless the manager puts his music career on hold and focuses on just managing it will be difficult for his signees to become successful.

“I don’t want to mention names but most A-List musicians who signed other artistes failed them and the best solution is for them to stop managing them,” Nacee stated.

Known for songs such as Yewo Nyame Yewo Adze, Efatawo, Elavanyo, E Be God, Fire Burn You and Time With Go, the award-winning sound engineer has been around for more than a decade giving Ghanaians good music.

He has produced and featured most of the A-list musicians in Ghana including Ohemaa Mercy, SP Sarpong, Ernest Opoku, Joe Mettle, OJ, Ceccy Twum, Cwesi Oteng, Guru among others.

Nacee who has been off the music radar for some time now released a new single Afehyia Pa which he describes as his Christmas gift to Ghanaians on Wednesday, December 5.


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I’m dangerously wealthy, receives booty from no government – Oyedepo boasts


The Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel, Dr David Oyedepo has said that he has never received or shared any booty from any government in Nigeria.

He boasted of God’s blessings on his life and that he has a clear conscience.

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” the Bishop said.

Oyedepo stated this at the opening session of Shiloh 2018, the annual gathering of the members of the Living Faith Church tagged “Dominion” at its International Headquarters, Canaan Land, Ota in Ogun State.

The Bishop warned those he called ‘political gladiators’ to understand that authority is now domiciled in the church, saying, “If the church says you are going nowhere, there is nothing you can do.”

Speaking on “Heralding the Dominion Era of the Church,” he declared that the authority that enthroned the church was from heaven and not man-made. “It is not something that we organise; it is by the hand of God. You can be upset, it won’t change anything,” he added.

He told the congregation, which included 4,512 delegates from 43 nations of the world that God would be confirming in these last days that heavens rules in the affairs of men. “If the church comes against any arrogant, puffing fellows, they shall be messed up,” he affirmed.

Oyedepo noted that for anyone to dominate his world, he has to first dominate the issues of his life. “Until one is rescued, he cannot rescue others. We must remove the beam in our eyes before we can remove the mote in other people’s eyes,” he urged.

The event, which will end with a thanksgiving service on Sunday, December 9, 2018, is the 20th edition of the annual programme that features prayers, special ministrations, instant testimonies and encounter nights.



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Lord Kenya celebrates 8 years of being born again

Lord kenya

When Lord Kenya became born-again at the height of his career, many were those who thought it was going to be a nine-day wonder but he has proven his critics wrong and held on strongly all these years.

This month is exactly eight years since he gave his life to Christ and the Man of God says it’s been a very humbling experience for him.

“It hasn’t been easy, every week there is something new coming up. It has never been smooth but God has been with me and that makes it humbling,” he told Showbiz on Tuesday, October 16.

According to Lord Kenya, there are always going to be challenges but after all is said and done, God has been very faithful.

“When you are born-again, your spirit is born-again but your soul is not born-again and that comes with its own challenges but in all of this we give thanks to God,” he said.

To celebrate his eighth anniversary, Lord Kenya has put together a programme dubbed, “Eight Years in Eight Days” and it kicks off on Saturday, October 20 with a float through the principal streets of Kumasi in the morning.

The anniversary will be officially launched on Sunday, October 21 during church service at the Face of Grace Covenant Temple, near Ahodwo Melcom, Kumasi.

The youth will not be left out of the celebration as there will be a Youth Inter-Community Quiz on Monday, October 22, among the churches in the area at the Face of Grace Convenant Temple at 5pm.

Women Fellowship Day comes off at the church’s premises on Tuesday, October 23 at 5pm, then there is Word Explosion on Wednesday and Thursday at 5pm sharp.

Grace Praise with Prayer, which is an all night service will take place on Friday, October 26 from 9pm to 4am. On Sunday, October 28, there will be church service at 8am and the climax in the evening at 5pm.

Speakers at the event will be Bishop O.A. Bernard of the Praise Valley Temple from Holland, Pastor Lawyer William Kusi of Dominion Chambers and the host, Reverend Evangelist Lord Kenya.

There will be song ministration from the likes of Cindy Thompson, Noble Nketsia, Jack Alolome, Paa Boateng, Reverend Enoch Akwaboah, Face of Grace Minstrels among others.

Lord Kenya encouraged everyone to be part of the celebration. “I urge everyone to be part of this blessing-filled celebration, nobody should be left out, come and be blessed.”



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GPCC Honours Apostle Prof Opoku Onyinah

Opoku Onyinah

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has organised a special ceremony in Accra to honour the immediate past President, Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah (Retd.).

The ceremony which coincided with the induction of the new President, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong-Manso, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, took place last Sunday, September 30, 2018 at the Roman Ridge Assemblies of God Church. It was attended by government officials, heads of churches, and para-church organisations.

Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah who assumed leadership of the GPCC seven years ago (2011-2018), has transformed the council through his management prowess.

In a testimony, the National Executive Council (NEC) of the GPCC, described Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah as “a true man of God and real gem who is a blessing to the body of Christ.”

According to the NEC, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah is an embodiment of selfless and faithful Christian steward that the current generation and generation yet unborn will forever boast and learn from.

“[He is] a disciplinarian, a man of integrity, and a caring father. He is a very versatile man filled with the wisdom of God, always ready to let the will of God prevail and defend the church and body of Christ rather than to please man.

“Apostle Opoku Onyinah served the Lord and Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) with delight, tirelessness, faithfulness, and with great passion for the growth of the organisation.

“We love this man of God for his humility and servant leadership style as well as his passion for missions,” it said.

It further stated: “Your [Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah] investment in the member churches under GPCC has truly made a difference; you offered hope and inspiration to many.

The GPCC NEC admired the music ministry of the outgone President, saying, “One thing you can’t take away from the Apostle is his love for the spirit filled Pentecostal songs.”

“As you go on retirement, we pray that God will give you strength and enjoy the fruit of your labour. May God keep you from wicked men. May God protect you, and may you continue to be a blessing to the body of Christ,” it concluded.


Pentecost News

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