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Diana Hopeson To Launch New Album “Hope Vol. 1” On September 27 – Pre-Order Now


Ghanaian gospel singer Diana Hopeson will on September 27, launch her very latest project “Hope Vol. 1” as part of activities laid out in commemorating her golden jubilee celebration. The venue for the launch is Megleant Hotel at Pantang Junction in Accra.

The album titled ‘Hope Vol 1’ which will be distributed digitally with the help of Ghanaian music streaming service, Aftown is currently available for PRE-ORDER HERE.

Diana’s Golden Jubilee celebration started on ​​​​​Sunday, August 30, 2020, when she turned fifty (50). On the same day,  activities for the celebration were launched.

After the album launch on Sunday, September 27, 2020, there shall also be the launch of an autobiography on Diana Hopeson​​​ on Sunday, October 25, 2020.​

The Golden Jubilee activities include industry seminars​​​​ and a Christmas Pageant​​​​​.

The celebration continues next year with activities such as Epiphany​​​​​​, Valentine Special​​​​​, GHMusic Publishing Artistes on Parade​​.

The climax of it all will be the Women in Creative Arts Honors​​​ scheduled for Friday, July 23, 2020.

Diana, who is a former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) is known for gospel songs such as ‘Winner’, ‘Nyame Ye Odomfo’, ‘Jesus Says Yes’, ‘Egbe Na Momo’, among others.


Credit: Citinewsroom

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Play with your husband’s potbelly and stop craving six-packs – Counselor Oduro


Renowned marriage counselor, Rev. Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has advised husbands to be content with their wives and vice versa.

In her interview on ‘Restoration With Stacy’, the counselor underscored the need to marry based on character instead of mere physical appearance, stressing that beauty will wither as changes in the body is inevitable.

“As we all grow together, some of the men, their bellies get big. When we met them, they had six-packs. Six-packs can never be there forever. It’ll change. When the belly comes, what do you do? You play with it as a mature woman. So if me too my belly comes, play with it as a mature man,” she advised.

The counselor further said: “If I have to give birth, I’ll change after childbirth. I have three kids; my husband shouldn’t expect me to have the same breasts. I can’t be the same; I’m growing and changing. So if the man is not mature, that is when she starts comparing you to one university girl who doesn’t know anything.”

Although she is not against glamorous weddings, Mrs. Oduro said it should not define what a successful marriage is. According to her, extravagant weddings only projects the flashy side of marriage. The union, she emphasized, requires two mature human beings than toddlers who only aim at making merry.

She said: “Marriage is not a party. It’s not just about having ten bridesmaids… Those things are just a fallacy, excuse my language. It’s not about your wedding; it’s about how you ended the marriage. How can the woman stand as the helpmate when she enters and the man doesn’t have the money anymore?

“If you’re going to marry a woman because she is beautiful, she has shape, when it goes down, you need to live with somebody who’s got a good character. Can she stand with you when nothing is working? That is what we call marriage.”

Source; ghanaweb

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Akesse Brempong Releases “Incense” – A New Prayerful Spontaneous Medley


“Blessed” singer Akesse Brempong has released yet another pentecostal spontaneous medley of Ghanian prayer songs titled “Incense”, ready to usher you into a time of prayer.

He shares this new medley after his very famous Spontaneous Worship 1 and 2 and this was recorded at the Heal Our Land virtual concert earlier this year when the world desperately needed the move and healing of God over the nations from the deadly COVID-19.

The new medley also comes in two parts (Incense 1 and Incense 2), just as we saw with the Spontaneous Worship and it comes in handy to create an atmosphere of prayer.

Incense is available now on iTunes and all online digital music stores for streaming and download.




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Jekalyn Carr Earns Fourth Billboard #1 Spot With New Single “Changing Your Story”


America’s renowned gospel singer and prolific songwriter Jekalyn Carr has earned for the fourth time the #1 spot on Billboard’s gospel chart for her prophetic single “Changing Your Story

Undoubtedly one of this generation’s most celebrated young talents, Carr, has amassed a lot of

successes at her young age.

This historic accomplishment marks Carr’s 4th #1 song by the young age of 23, and “Changing Your Story” is her 6th Top 10 radio single.

The high-powered and deeply personal song, “Changing Your Story,” is signature Jekalyn Carr. The music is vibrant and spirited while Carr’s well-known vocals, depth, and fullness bring it to life. “This song is a personal testimony,” said Carr. “It hit home for me, knowing how God has turned my story around. But I wanted this to be something — a push or a reminder that God has changed your story, and He will do it again.”

Carr, a 4x Grammy nominee, multiple Stellar Award winner, and Dove Award winner, is prepping for her fifth full-length album, CHANGING YOUR STORY, which is due October 23. Recorded live last October, at the famous festival “Praise In The Park” in Atlanta, CHANGING YOUR STORY captures all the energy, excitement, and power, making this one of the most anticipated gospel albums of 2020.

watch video below

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Video: Joyce Blessing in tears as ex husband sabotages her career


The once enviable love and business relationship that existed between gospel musician Joyce Blessing and her husband has now turned sour as the musician describes the husband’s action after their failed marriage as disruptive to her career.

During the Thursday edition of Peace Fm’s Entertainment review show hosted by Kwasi Aboagye, Joyce Blessing explained during the show, why she feels her old management, Davejoy Production headed by her “ex-husband” is sabotaging her career.

A teary Joyce Blessing said she does not know why a part of her recently held virtual concert, would be uploaded by her former management on her old Youtube channel so that whenever she uploads the recorded version of the concert on her new channel, she would be striked by Youtube, and eventually it was done and was served a notice to that effect.

However, the estranged “ex-husband” of the “I swerve” hitmaker when called on the show to get his side of the whole issue said, there are things to be discussed for proper understanding to prevail but that not withstanding, he promises on the show that coming Tuesday, 8th September, 2020 all issues will be resolved and hopefully, the “unbreakable” lady will get her old social media handles back.

Joyce Blessing later on during the show was given a hug and consoled by Kwasi Aboagye to be hopeful in the coming days for an amicable solution to the impasse between herself and former manager (husband) to enable her continue

Watch video below:

Source: sammykayMedia

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I didn’t demand Ghc30k for release of Joyce Blessing’s old account -Former Publicist


My attention has been drawn to a video of Akosua Twene popularly known as Joyce Blessing circulating on social media attributing me (Jullie Jay-Kanz) of having her YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages. She has previously associated my name and brand to her broken marital home, fabricated fake stories of me trying to blackmail her
and others. With regard to the above subject matter, I would want to make clarifications by stating the following: Akosua Twene (Joyce Blessing) and her husband/manager David Adu- Gyamfi (DaveJoy) engaged my services as a social media manager on March 2017.

We agreed on an amount to be paid to me monthly for the services. She didn’t have social media pages at that time and so I had to create new pages and work proceeded. 1 year later, we came to another agreement that I will be given 10% of any revenue netted from Joyce Blessing’s brand. This was because I was begged by Joyce Blessing and Her husband/manager Dave Joy to take up other tasks (publicist, brand manager, (Secretary for their private companies), Road Manager, and Personal assistant) to help promote her brand and ministry and to support them with their private businesses.

I considered the love I have for Joyce and her family and agreed to support her brand and ministry with the agreement we previously had in mind. I worked more than hard to support a sister’s brand and ministry and with astonishing speed. The results have been evident within these few years. During these times I was never paid any salary for all the
strenuous tasks because Joyce Blessing and her husband made me understand that they are financially Unstable and would fulfill their promises when things get better.

We Were able to gather some money and in addition to what we earned from a record deal, we again agreed we would use that to purchase a house so they could move from their residence which they had rented. I didn’t take any percentage from that money because Joyce was pregnant at that period and needed a sound mind. They then asked me
to move from where I stayed to live with them in their new house for the reason that theoretically, my money was involved. Early last year, Joyce started making mention of divorce in most of her conversations so I advised her as a little sister to have a second thought about her decision to divorce her husband considering how it was going to adversely affect her brand as a gospel musician. According to Joyce, she said she was fed up with marriage and didn’t love her husband anymore.

I have had several misunderstandings with her concerning her decision because I was scared it was going to have a dent on her brand but she wouldn’t listen. If she would speak the truth, she would testify the number of times I have shed tears because of her divorce plans. November last year, she finally divorced her husband and told us to work as a team so no one would notice it. We were still the best of friends. Fast forward, in March 2020, she came to my room one evening to accuse me of feeding our maid with her secrets about one gym trainer guy she was dating. The interesting thing is that she didn’t know that all this while everyone in the house was aware of her relationship with the guy.

The maid is a friend to the gym trainer’s girlfriend so she was receiving complaints from her. Out of shame, she had to pour her anger on me and her husband that we betrayed her. The maid kept fabricating stories about me to complicate issues I knew nothing about. I remember how Joyce removed her bathroom slippers and threw it at me when I tried defending myself in one of the instances. Joyce asked me to leave the house and agreed to compensate me with an amount of money for the sacrificial work I did for her, including monies she had borrowed from me
after divorce, but later called me when I had left that she was not going to pay anything.

She asked bloggers to come and fabricate stories about me that I snatched her husband from her to tarnish my image knowing very well that she was actually the one who divorced him. She asked me for her social media handles on 17th May 2020 and told me she had parted ways with me. I considered the love I have for her and handed over the logins to her and her husband and even called her to meet me so I help her log in. She refused to show up. She had seized my belongings and prevented me from picking them from her house since March 2020. She only allowed me to pick them just last  Wednesday,26th August. The nasty scene that happened when I went to pick up my belongings from her house is another chapter I would not even want to talk about.
I currently do not have access to any of her social media pages as she has alleged.

I would entreat her to settle issues with her husband to retrieve her pages and leave me out of their troubles. I would want to also state that there’s no truth in a story that circulated that I wanted to blackmail her with an amount of GHC 30,000. I did not also leak any videos of Joyce Blessing in a fight with her sister in law. I wasn’t even at the scene when she visited the house to fight them. Joyce Blessing has always been a sister and considering this, I advised myself not to say much to complicate issues but it looks as if she’s taking advantage of my calm
demeanor and its unfortunate things are happening this way. I am always available and she can count on me for support with regards to her music and ministry. I wish her all the
best in her musical journey.


see below;



Jullie Jay-Kanz


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All roads this weekend leads to the Maiden edition of WORSHIP REVOLUTION slated for 5th  September 2020 at 6 PM at Ultimate Charismatic Centre at Ohemaa Plaza at East Legon in Accra.

Minister Abraham blessing Aryee, who goes by the stage name “ABBA Praize” is a worship leader at Ultimate Charismatic Centre under the Leadership of Prophet Dr Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh who has mentored him over the years a worship leader for our generation.

Minister ABBA Praize during his 13 years as a worship minister has shared various platforms with the great Ministers the likes of Nii Okai, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Tagoe Sisters , Paul Avery, Joe Mettle, Israel Ofori, Cynthia McCauley, Willie and Mike, Francis Amo, Eugene Zuta, Pastor Isaiah Fosu-Kwarkye, Oheneba Clement, Osei Kumi, Royal Chris just to mention few.

WORSHIP REVOLUTION is expected to be spirit-filled, exciting and a memorable experience with God.

Minister ABBA Praize will be supported by seasoned gospel artistes including  Wille and Mike P. Life, Ultimate Choir, among others.

The event powered by EventCool is scheduled for a 6 pm commencement, with live streaming on Facebook @ Ultimate Charismatic Centre and @ABBA Praize

This event is proudly supported by Gospelhubgh, E Gat Designers, Gospel Billboard, Abdel Consult, Xclusive Bridals, DDM Klothing, Vision1 93.5FM, Akwaaba Photography, FootPrint TV, Soul Impact Family Productions

Note: All social distance protocol will be strictly adhered to according to the Ghana health service guidelines.



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The Untold Story Of Bishop Charles Agyin Asare And Wife As They Renew Their Marital Vows (Pictures)


It is the kind of epic love story you might find in a Christian literature or movie. A man meets a woman prior to a crusade. His heart melts like an ice block placed in the sun. He prays about it and more than three decades later, they are celebrating 35 years of marital bliss.

The beginning was not on a silver platter. Although she initially agreed to his proposal, she later changed her mind but he was so resolute to the extent of giving her the date and the time of getting married to her. It paid off.


“All these years with you feels blissful with you by my side. I remember this day like it was yesterday when we celebrated our 25th anniversary (10 years ago). I love you more each passing day.” – He wrote on Social Media”

Thirty-five years on and a pearl anniversary, the preacher is still married to the teacher and two became one – working together in the Lord’s Vineyard – touching and transforming lives. And on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of their marriage, they melted the hearts of many as they walk down the aisle again to renew their marriage vows

That is the story of Bishop Charles Agyinasare and Rev Mrs Vivian Agyinasare, Founders of the Perez Chapel, formerly known as the World Miracle Church International.

Childhood, education, and calling

The soft-spoken Bishop Charles Agyinasare was born on March 22, 1962 at Achiase in the Eastern Region to a soldier, Staff Sergent Andrews Asare (a Fante and Akyem), and Madam Elizabeth Arthur (an Nzema). He is therefore partly Fante, Akyem, and Nzema.

He cut his academic teeth in the Garrison Basic School before going to St Martin’s Secondary School.

He later got his A’ Levels at the Workers College, now the University of Ghana City Campus. His impressive CV also has All Nations for Christ Bible Institute in Benin City in Nigeria, Vision International University in the United States, an LLB at the University of London, and the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). He also holds a Ph.D. in Theology from the Vision University in the United States.

He had his share of vices in marijuana, women, and truancy before he was arrested by the Holy Spirit in 1980.

When he was saved in 1980, he said he sensed two weeks later that he was called to preach. So he started working towards it by studying the Bible and immersing himself in prayer. By 1983, he was ready for full-time Ministry.

“When I was a kid, anytime we played, I used to act as a priest. I acted as a preacher and burying people. Later on, when I obeyed the call, then I had an encounter that made me hear a voice, which said I will heal the sick, raise the dead, and preach the kingdom.”

The televangelist said if he had not been called, his childhood dream was to become a lawyer.

Asked why he wanted to be a lawyer, he laughed for almost 45 seconds and said “let’s leave it there”. But when pushed he replied with a clasped hands,  “I wanted to speak for people. I always felt that I couldn’t stand watching while people are taken advantage of.”

From Proposal to Marriage

Marriage life started at an age many in Ghana would consider quiet young—23— for the itinerant preacher who interestingly met his wife to be in 1984 in Akim Oda in the Eastern Region, prior to a crusade.

“In 1984 as part of the advance team of Ghana Evangelical Society Crusade, I was chatting with her friends and she walked in. When I saw her, it hit me that this is it. She was somebody I just mellowed for,” he recalled with a smile.

Thereafter, his proposal came.  She told him two proposals were under consideration but she asked for time to think and pray about it. With time, she said yes and changed her mind again because she was a few years older than him.

But the confident young evangelist did not give up, as he put it, “I was confident I was going to win the election.”

“I wrote back to her telling her I will win the election and I’m coming on a particular date to finalise things. She felt that I may not be able to take care of her, but I had to reassure her that I would be able to do it.”


Today, the walls of tribalism that hindered inter-ethnic marriages in the past are gradually breaking down but in those days, Miss Vivian Dogbe was apprehensive because earlier, her parents had refused to give her hands to even people from her ethnic group.

“She wasn’t sure how her dad would take it. I am a Fante/Akyem/Nzema and she is an Ewe but surprisingly, he just accepted me without even seeing me. The day the dad met me, he said, ‘I don’t know you but I just like you’.”

Young and with not much to his name, Bishop Agyinasare’s biggest breakthrough in the Ministry came in Asamankese in the Eastern Region where a congregation of scores became thousands within a week.

Coincidentally, the daughter of a Mirror Reporter was healed on one of the days–the news made it into the newspaper and the name Agyinasare spread like wildfire.

When they got married in 1985, the man moved to his wife’s house. But four months later, the preacher was on the move to Bible School in faraway Nigeria to study crusade planning.

It is an episode in his marital life that he said he regretted and given the chance, he would rewrite that part of the script because it was tough for him and his beloved ‘Vivi’ as he affectionately calls the pillar behind him.


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IYES 2020 (Breaking Limit Edition) To Host Sonnie Badu, Diana Hamilton And More


Undoubtedly the biggest Youth Empowerment Summit in Ghana, IYES is one of the much-anticipated events in Ghana every year. The annual Youth empowerment Summit has shaped and transformed individuals for the past years since its inception.

Over the years, IYES has served as a platform to educate, inspire, and motivate the youth to embrace their potentials and break the status quo. The annual event which is spearheaded by Ps. Brian Amoateng has hosted diverse personalities from society to share their experience and success story.

The 2020 edition of IYES has been scheduled to kick start from 27th August through to 29th August. Amidst the global Pandemic COVID 19, Ps Brian Amoateng has announced that this year’s edition of IYES is going to be held virtually.

This year’s edition which is dubbed ” Breaking Limits” is set to host renowned speakers in the persons of Dr. Sonnie Badu, Prophet Kusi Boateng, Joyce Aryee, Paul Kofi Mante, Chief Dele Momodu, Frank Owusu Appiah and Patricia Obo Nai.

The Breaking limits edition promises to be a seasoned one as two of Ghana’s worshippers Dr. Sonnie Badu and Diana Hamilton have been announced as speakers. With two slated sessions, the morning sessions start at 10:30 am while the evening session begins at 6:00 pm.


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New Single-Eugene Zuta To Release ‘PaPa’ (My Father) Ahead Of His ‘God Factor’ Album


Ghana’s Prolific songwriter, worship leader, and gospel singer Eugene Zuta is set to release his brand new single ‘PaPa’ ahead of his latest project ‘God Factor’ also scheduled for release soon.

The ‘Woso’ and ‘Okasa’ crooner is ready to share this great song with the world in testifying to the Love of God through which we came to identify with Him as our Father.

PaPa (My Father) is part of the number of songs recorded live during minister Eugene’s ‘The God Factor’ project recording in Takoradi earlier this year. The song is expected to be released in September and immediately followed by the release of the whole ‘The God Factor’ project in late October.

OKASA, a part of the upcoming project, was released earlier in April this year to remind all of the power in the Name of the Lord Jesus. It came exactly at the point where the world was experiencing chaos and hopelessness as a result of COVID-19.

“God our Father stood at the gates of heaven and looked into eternity with a desire to have His beloved firstborn on a mission to bring his brethren home – a task he has completed; a mission well fulfilled. Unlike other gods who cannot be known in any personal way, God our Father went out of His way to draw us into a personal, intimate relationship with Him” – Eugene shares.

Contrary to some opinions that this song is riding on the popularity of a recent political term ‘Papa No’, Eugene Zuta explained that ‘PaPa (My Father)’, was initially written and recorded in late 2019 but was not released as a result of some unforeseen circumstances. The subsequent live recording of this song in T’adi was done earlier this year. Therefore, it has nothing to do with any term or whatsoever.





BY: gospelhubgh

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