Wendy Shay ministers at church and finally sings ‘Ancient of Days’ correctly


Wendy Shay has finally learnt the lyrics of ‘Ancient of Days” and she has sung it to the glory of God.

The singer became the subject of trolls a few weeks ago for mistakenly ‘messing’ the lyrics of the gospel song during her performance at a Christian show.

Wendy was heard singing the song as “ancient of days how old that you are” instead of “ancient of days as old as you are”.

The excerpt of her singing the song wrongly went viral and the “Uber Driver” singer is now proving to her fans that she has now learned from her mistake and singing the song right.

Wendy over the weekend was at a Christian show and she decided to sing the song again.

She shared a video of herself and she wrote “Ancient of days As old as you are I am glad I got this right @kaywabeatz ur reaction killed me ”

See the post below.


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I lived many years worrying about people and what they will say or think. They will say I’m useless so let them do this. They will think I’m lazy so let me do that. They will make fun of me so let me keep up appearances. They will speculate so let me pretend and look happy. I almost died from depression and nobody knew it.
Then just one incident changed my life.
I had a rethink and decided. Human beings can never be pleased. Give him what he wants from Monday to Saturday, you have never done anything cos you didn’t add Sunday.
You can be keeping someone’s secret and look bad infront of people in the process but the same person will go round spreading lies about you.
I got to a breakdown point. Only grace sustained and saved me. I cried out of pain and bitterness, shame and sadness, hunger and despair. And God gave me back “ME”. That happy, bold, funny, carefree, conscience-driven, heaven-minded lady.
My new “ME” had obstacles to fight. Because I didn’t bother about what people said and thought, so long as my conscience was clean and heaven smiled.
Those who were used to my enslaved “ME” could not deal with my new “ME” but it wasn’t a bother.
Now I’m no longer weak and depressed but bold and happy. “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but boldness, sound mind..”
What made the difference?
My acceptance that I needed help.
My surrendering to God for help.
The spirit of peace from God
And the spirit of boldness and sound mind from his word.

I encourage you to seek help from God if you are like this weak and depressed enslaved”ME”. Find a true child of God to talk. You may end up talking to wrong people and realise you made a mistake but don’t loose it, because it happened to me. I talked to wrong people and it was everywhere. Keep on praying. God will lead you by his Spirit. And if you need someone to talk to, I will be here to just listen and encourage you by the Spirit of God. Just call me Ewura Abena and I will listen.
God bless you.

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I’m the first senior police officer to have a successful music career – Kofi Sarpong


Celebrated Police Officer and Gospel musician, SP Kofi Sarpong, put up a sterling performance at the launch of his new single titled ‘Messiah’ of his upcoming.

The Media Excel Production signee who is known for his hit songs like ‘African  Borborbor’, ‘Agyenkwa’ and many more is preparing a special album package to be released soon and this happens to be the first single released from the album.

In an interview with SVTV Africa at the launch of his new single, Kofi Sarpong revealed that, even though there are some police officers who double as musicians, he is the first senior police officer to have a successful music career and paving way for other police officers to follow.

“I’ve heard names like Ewurama Badu among others but she was part of a band. But as senior police officer, I’m the first to have done music commercially and have a successful music career, and also paving ways for other police officers to follow.” He added.

Commenting on his new song, he pointed out that, he had the inspiration to this song after God sustain and saved him from an accident he had two years.
“Yeah, I wrote this song myself. I got the inspiration after God delivered from me an accident I had two years ago also He sustaining me in this industry for the past ten years.”

Kofi Sarpong’s new song simply confers all authority on the Lord Jesus Christ who becomes a rock of salvation to anyone who comes to him. It is a thanksgiving to the Lord for his protection and being the Messiah (The Saviour) to the righteous.


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“I declare Ghana a Holy Ghost, Christian nation”, Benny Hinn

images (1)

Televangelist Benny Hinn has prophetically declared Ghana to be a Holy Ghost-led Christian nation.

At Day 7 of the 2019 edition of the Experience Conference currently going on in Ghana at the Maker’s House Chapel International on the theme: ‘The same Jesus’, which started on Sunday, 6 October 2019, Pastor Hinn led the congregation in prayer thus: “Lord, I declare Ghana belongs to you. I declare Ghana belongs to Jesus the son of the almighty God. I declare Ghana to be a Christian nation and remain a Christian nation”.

“And Lord, we cover the heavens over Ghana with your blood”, the Israeli man of God continued.

“No foreign spirit will ever have dominion over Ghana. No demonic power will ever have dominion over Ghana. No foreign de”, Past Hinn declared.

“I declare this nation a Holy Ghost nation. I declare this nation a Holy Ghost nation. And I repeat: I declare Ghana a Holy Ghost nation. And Father, under the anointing, I also declare that every power that is not of you; break it, destroy it, drive it out that your people will be free in this land. Free to worship, free to preach your word, free to declare your name; that Ghana will influence all of Africa”, he prayed.


Pastor Hinn then led the congregation in prayer for President Nana Akufo-Addo.

“In the mighty name of Jesus, I declare that the President of Ghana, the leaders of Ghana, will be led by the Holy Spirit. Lord I pray You place in your way, in your time, a man over this nation, who will declare your name to this nation: a man full of the Holy Spirit, a man who knows you intimately.

“And I pray for the present President: clothe him with wisdom, clothe him with your power, reveal yourself to him day and night”.

“In the name of Jesus, let this nation be a lighthouse to Africa. And I thank you Lord that our declaration will be established in the heavenlies. And I tell you now Satan, you will never have Ghana, you will never have the people of Ghana, you will never have the future of Ghana, it belongs to Jesus and his Kingdom”, he prayed.


Source: ClassFm

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Gospel songstress Gifty Akutek releases new song ‘My Redeemer’


GIFTY AKUTEK as known in the showbiz arena is a great Gospel Singer, Songwriter, and a Financial Risk Analyst.

She started her Secondary Education at Nigritian Senior Secondary School in the Ashanti Region and obtained a Diploma in Basic Education with the Gbewaa College of Education in Upper East Region.

She is truly a devoted trained teacher who exhibited passion in her field of teaching. After teaching for a number of years, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from the University of Cape Coast and University of Ghana Business School, Legon respectively. Now she works as a financial risk analyst and gospel artiste.

From a humble beginning, she started writing songs during her Secondary school days but Gifty Akutek Ministries fully saw a light in 2016 when her maiden Album “I HAVE A FRIEND” was launched.

“I HAVE A FRIEND” was produced by NACEE MUSIC, one of the finest producers in the country.

Once again, the amazing songstress has released a powerful song with great visuals. The song was written and composed by Gifty Akutek and was produced by Nacee of Nacee Music.

The video was however shot by one the nation’s powerful directors, Mcwillies.

“MY Redeemer” is a single track which comes off her yet to be released album in early 2020.


Watch Video below and subscribe to her YouTube Channel;

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Various Govt’s Collapsing Private Ghanaian-owned Businesses To Favour Foreigners – Duncan Williams


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has expressed sadness about how various Ghanaian governments deliberately target, hound and kill flourishing Ghanaian-owned private business in favor of foreigners.

During his first sermon on Sunday, 1 September 2019 at Action Chapel International, the preacher told his congregation that: “The level of insecurity, envy, and jealousy in this country is amazing”.

“And if you look at our political system, the way it’s designed, it enhances jealousy and envy”, he observed, adding: “It empowers envy and jealousy”.

“So, it has become a vicious cycle where we have become a society of bringing down one another”, he noted.

Buttressing his assertion with a caveated example, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said: “And I don’t want to be political, but if you look at people like Zoomlion and others, Zoomlion is a Ghanaian but every government that has come will go after Zoomlion because they don’t understand why a Ghanaian should make it that big”.

In his view, Ghanaian governments “prefer to cut deals with foreigners and let foreigners come in, take our inheritance, and give us crumbs and peanuts rather than to make deals with a Ghanaian”.

“So”, he continued, “Any government that comes, they’ll tell them that: ‘This man is NPP, or this man is NDC; he’s an enemy of our party, he’s an enemy of state, he’s an enemy of the nation, pull him down, bring him down’”.

“And we’ll take away everything he has and give it to foreigners, so, sometimes when you’re traveling on the Spintex Road, you’ll see shops, [on which it’s written]: ‘Thank you Ghana’. And another will say: ‘I love Ghana. Ghana is good’”, he said.

A stoic Duncan-Williams then told his congregations: “There’s no name they haven’t named me, so, I’m not worried anymore about talking because whether I talk or not, there are people who believe I’m NDC and there are people who believe I’m NPP and there are others who believe I don’t belong anywhere and there are those who also believe that I’ve lost my way and some also believe I don’t know where I’m going or where I belong. You can think whatever you think, you’re entitled to your opinion”.

“And we’ll take away everything he has and give it to foreigners, so, sometimes when you’re traveling on the Spintex Road, you’ll see shops, [on which it’s written]: ‘Thank you Ghana’. And another will say: ‘I love Ghana. Ghana is good’”, he said.

Sunday 2nd Service | 1st September, 2019

Posted by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams on Sunday, September 1, 2019

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Diana Hamilton 1

Award-winning gospel musician, Diana Hamilton is out with another single titled ‘OSEY’ [Joyful Noise].

As a befitting start to Diana’s ‘Experience’ Concert (2019) which was recorded live at the Calvary Temple (ICGC Sakumono) Auditorium Accra (Ghana), Diana and her team entreat a congregation of worshippers to live out Psalm 100 to ” Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, to worship the Lord with gladness and to come before him with joyful songs.”

Join in this exuberant celebration of joy and victory over the enemy and be blessed as you watch.

Watch below.

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Video: Joyce Blessing – Spontaneous Worship


Gospel minstrel Joyce Blessing has unleashed another worship video dubbed Spontaneous Worship. The singer in the video was spotted ministering at the Cross Over Prayer Ministry in Accra.

The Repent hit maker soulfully sang some of the songs on her Blessings in Worship album . Joyce Blessing is one of the powerful worshipers Africa can boast of and she clearly displays that in this video.

Stream Blessings in Worship Album



By: Julie Jay-Kanz

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VIDEO: Ohemaa Mercy calls Joe Mettle to a dance challenge

Joe-Mettle Ohemaa Mercy

Award-winning gospel artiste Joe Mettle is in a comfortable lead after calling for a dance challenge with colleague gospel artistes.

Gospel artistes, Eugene Zuta, Akesse Brempong, Ohemaa Mercy, Jeshurun Okyere, Calvis Hammond, others have replied Joe Mettle.

Joe Mettle commended the likes of MoG and Francis Amoo as gospel artistes he cannot compete with in the dance challenge.

Reacting to Joe Mettle’s dance battle claim, gospel songstress, Ohemaa Mercy has called him for a showdown at this year’s Tehilla Experience.

In your opinion, between Ohemaa Mercy and Joe Mettle, who will win the dance battle?

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Gospel Music is ministry and business – Jayana


Emerging Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Jemima Annor Yeboah known in showbiz as Jayana has said that gospel music is a calling and business, urging fellow musicians to learn both sides of the business.

Speaking on The Late Nite Celebrity Show with Foster Romanus on e.TVGhana, the “Victory” song composer said “Gospel music is Ministry and Business. It is Ministry because it is a calling from God and it is a Business because you get money from it”.

According to her, although it is a calling from GOD to do Gospel Music but she needs to take money for her performance for her upkeep.

“Though it is a ministry but I need to take money; if not, how do i fuel my car, travel for shows, and even get money to pay for my music to be played on TV” Jayana added.

She said some people criticized her for the Nigerian accent and costumes used in her victory song video but she did not target only Ghanaians for that song.

“Some people complained about the Costumes and accent used in my victory song and music but I make the song for the whole Africa”.

She, however, said Ghanaians should watch out for her next song.

Watch the full video below:


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